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Chapter 92 Nine Yang Divine Skill

Zhou Qian leaped off the walls and floated in the air like a goddess a beautiful posture. Closing a distance of several hundred meters in one leap, she arrived before Ao Tianjiao and stabbed with her sword.

She was using the superior Emei sword art Alluring Stab.

Its form is graceful and extremely beautiful. However, it resembled a thorny rose, and its beauty was coupled with a power which should not be underestimated.

"Devil, time to die!"

Ao Tianjiao laughed and shouted: "Little Beauty, are you finally willing to come down?" Immediately, he laughed and attacked with his palms.

The sound of the wind created by his palms thundered in her ears, and Zhou Qian's expression froze. Before she came into contact with it, she could already feel the power of his palm strike, and she was surprised by his formidability.

As the top heavenly talent, his ability of comprehension was astounding.

Their martial arts were no longer constrained by the moves of the martial arts they learned, but instead, each of them has created their own style. Although it cannot be said that they have created a new martial art, each move was filled with their personal style of fighting.

This style is related to personality.

Even an ordinary palm strike from Ao Tianjiao is filled with a staunch and domineering aura as if it contained the power to vanquish a dragon.

Zhou Qian's swordsmanship is vicious and every move is precise and direct.

The two of them were evenly matched, and Zhou Qian's angry shouts could be heard from time to time. She was angered by the fact that she was unable to do anything to Ao Tianjiao.

On the city walls, the four heavenly talents looked at each other. Instead of a trap, the demonic faction's army had emptied out an open space for the two to fight and retreated hundreds of meters away.

"It seems that there is no trap." Priest Qiankun uttered.

"Although this Ao Tianjiao is an insidious and cunning devil, he is also extremely arrogant. He will not set an ambush for challenging us." Linghu Feng said.

"Does that mean Ao Tianjiao really wants to fight the five of us by himself? How is he so confident as to dare to challenge the five of us!" Li Donglin replied in anger. After all, he was a heavenly talent, and it irked him to be belittled by others.

"This little devil is looking for death so let's send him on his way. How dare he look down on us!" Monk Juexing was also angered from being belittled.

Although everyone admits that Ao Tianjiao was the top heavenly talent, they were also pretty strong themselves.

All of them were second-rate experts at the peak of the class and they were existences who had completely cleared their twelve meridians.

How could they possibly be afraid of Ao Tianjiao?

With this in mind, everyone responded to Monk Juexing's call and leaped off the walls, going straight for Ao Tianjiao.

Before he even got close, Li Donglin threw a hidden weapon straight at Ao Tianjiao.

Monk Juexing channeled his internal strength and roared at Ao Tianjiao using Lion's Roar.

Priest Qiankun stepped in the air as if he was stepping on the ground, displaying Wudang's superior lightness art Stairs of Clouds and making all kinds of incredible movements as he attacked with his sword.

Linghu Feng resembled a sword, sharp and savage, as he stabbed with his sword.

"Good timing!" Seeing the five heavenly talents attacking him at the same time, Ao Tianjiao laughed and faced them head-on.

With incredible speed, he left afterimages wherever he went. Under the siege of five people, he was unharmed.

The ferocity of Ao Tianjiao shocked everyone.

"Isn't this Ao Tianjiao too strong? Even though he is attacked by the five heavenly talents at the same time, it does not seem like he is disadvantaged at all!" Yu Zecheng said as his face was filled with shock.

Lin Yi smiled, his eyes full of playfulness: "Take a good look. This is a fight between the most talented people in the world. The opportunity might not come by again in the future."

"That's true, we can't miss it!" Yu Zecheng nodded and focused on watching the six people fighting. Seeing the various martial arts moves on display, he enjoyed himself immensely.

Lin Yi smiled and focused on watching the fight as well.

A fight between six heavenly talents, it was the best time for him to closely observe their strength.

With the experience of a peak expert, he could understand more than anyone, the martial arts moves used by the six heavenly talents.

These six people have already trained their superior martial arts to the second stage of perfection stage.

That is to say, every move made by them contains the power of superior martial arts. It can thus be seen that these six people are worthy of being called heavenly talents as they are much more powerful than ordinary geniuses.

While ordinary geniuses use the techniques of superior martial arts as killer moves, these heavenly talents could already use any move as killer moves. How could ordinary geniuses be a match for them?

Of course, Lin Yi is not included among ordinary geniuses.

He has already trained his superior sword art to the point where he can unleash the supreme power comparable to peerless martial arts, an even higher level than these heavenly talents

From a technical point of view, Lin Yi is superior to them.

However, Lin Yi's current state of internal strength is still vastly inferior.

Internal strength is the foundation of all martial artists. No matter how much one trains their martial arts, without sufficient internal strength to support it, the power will be greatly diminished.

Lin Yi's sword move which contains the supreme power is not much stronger than a move made by the six heavenly talents.

Only when his internal strength has reached the realm of a second-rate expert will he be able to possess an advantage and triumph over the heavenly talents.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi sighed slightly: "My internal strength is still lacking!"

He became even more determined to raise his internal strength as soon as possible.

Only after becoming a second-rate expert will he be able to defeat Linghu Feng and become one of the top heavenly talents in Jianghu. Also, he needs to do it fast.

This is because the other heavenly talents are also constantly improving at a great pace.

If they became first-rate experts, Lin Yi would not be a match for them even if he became a second-rate expert. In particular, he needs to become a second-rate expert before Linghu Feng advances to a first-rate expert. Only then can he defeat the Linghu Feng and acquire the position of chief disciple.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi felt the urgency of time and a great pressure.

However, Lin Yi was not depressed at all. Instead, a surge of fighting spirit arose in his heart.

That is the kind of person Lin Yi is. The greater pressure he is under, the more excited he gets.

While Lin Yi was thinking of his own issues, the six heavenly talents have already exchanged more than a hundred moves.

Relying on his lightness art, Ao Tianjiao was able to place himself in an undefeatable position.

Even if the five heavenly talents are attacking him at the same time, he is not disadvantaged at all. He could even counterattack from time to time using his superior speed.

"Ao Tianjiao, why have you turned into a coward. If you are capable, don't run!" Li Donglin was angry and panting. Even though the five of them were only attacking one person, he was still getting exhausted. The speed of Ao Tianjiao is too fast, and it was easy to fall prey to his moves.

"Ao Tianjiao, aren't you the one who wants the five of us to fight with you? Why? Now that we are fighting with you, you become so cowardly? This is not in line with your name of Tianjiao! Shouldn't you be superior to heavenly talents? How can you be so weak!" Zhou Qian also started cursing angrily.

"Ao Tianjiao, stop dodging and receive my sword attack!" Linghu Feng coldly shouted.

"Ao Tianjiao, receive my palm strike if you are capable of doing so!" Priest Qiankun was agitated.

"Ao Tianjiao, come on and fight me properly!" Monk Juexing was similarly agitated.

The five heavenly talents started taunting him but Ao Tianjiao simply smiled coldly and did not respond. He continued to do as he pleased and wove himself among the five of them, dodging their attacks.

The five heavenly talents were greatly angered and one of them yelled: "This Ao Tianjiao is insidious and cunning, let's not hold back. We shall see how much internal strength he has. Hmph, when his internal strength is exhausted, it will be the time to kill him!"

Listening to this idea of the five heavenly talents, the sneer on Ao Tianjiao's face grew even more intense, with a hint of disdain.

Time passed quietly.

Two hundred moves.

Three hundred moves.

Four hundred moves.

Five hundred moves.


Seven hundred moves.

Eight hundred moves.

Nine hundred moves.

A thousand moves.

The five heavenly talents did not hold back and constantly used their strongest moves on Ao Tianjiao.

There were also times where Ao Tianjiao was tired and made mistakes, and wounds began to appear on his body.

Although the five heavenly talents were also very tired, their eyes got brighter and brighter as they seem to have seen the light of victory as well as the demise of the top heavenly talent from the demonic faction.

However, time continued passing by.

After two thousand moves, the movements of the five heavenly talents became slower and slower.

Every one of them was exhausted and sweating profusely.

Many of their exquisite moves were now full of openings and flaws.

It was all due to fatigue.

Ao Tianjiao's smiling face was unchanged, and his smile grew colder.

Suddenly, with a shake of his body, his demeanor changed.

There was not much fatigue on his face. Instead, he looked much more refreshed than the five heavenly talents.

"How is it possible?!" The crowd exclaimed in shock.

"How could he not be fatigued? Isn't he tired at all?"

"This makes no sense, he has been constantly dodging. Logically speaking, he should be more tired than me."

"How is it that the one who is being attacked by multiple people more relaxed than the attackers?"

"There is only one reason to explain this..."

The five heavenly talents were shocked and their expressions changed greatly. Pointing at Ao Tianjiao with a look of incredulity: "You...have you learned that?"

"Ha ha ha!" Ao Tianjiao laughed aloud and his face was full of pride. Staring at the five heavenly talents with an amused expression in his eyes, he replied: "You guessed it correctly, I have managed to learn Nine Yang Divine Skill successfully!"

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