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I tried to only eat a light meal because dinner wasn’t too far away, but Chii’s cooking was so amazing that it was hard to limit myself. After that, I looked online for tips on how to crossdress. Though the words I was reading were definitely Korean, it felt as though I were trying to decipher how x1=ay1 and x2=ay2 become y1=logax1 and y2=logax2. Pyeii then gave me a ten minute long course she called, ‘A dress so easy to put on even an idiot could do it,’ but my subconscious refused to accept the lesson.

[Can’t you read Korean?]

“…Wearing women’s clothing for the first time in your life isn’t as easy as it sounds—I mean, reads.”

[I’m sure you’ve taken off lots of dresses.]

“That’s libel.”

[I’m saying you must be popular.]

If I were to become popular with the girls I like because of a reason like that … I would be disgusted by myself to the extreme. While I was busy thinking about that, Pyeii continued to write.

[Either that or a criminal.]

She wasn’t giving me a single break.

“Having to read your explanation is hard. Can’t you find a video or draw me up one?”

[On your computer.]

Why would there be a video on putting on a dress in my computer…wait. I realized what she meant by that.

“Yes, I have videos like that, but what good would they be?! They only show how to take them off!”

[Pervert. You just admitted it.]

Let one who has never seen a dirty picture or video cast the first stone and call me a pervert. Because if I said cast the first stone, I didn’t doubt that someone really would lob one at my head.

“No, that’s not important.”

[Chii, Sunghoon watches lewd videos.]

I moved at superhuman speed to dispel those smoky letters before they could fly to the kitchen where Chii was.


Pyeii was surprised by my speed.

[Hysterical speed in life-and-death situation?]

It’s normally called hysterical strength.

“Don’t say weird things to Chii.”

[Chii probably already knows.]

…I know that, too.

“I still don’t want her to know for a fact.”

[Not something to be embarrassed of. Proclaim it for the world to know.]

“It may not be something to be embarrassed of, but it’s still not something to boast about.”

When did the conversation make it all the way here? It was hard talking with Pyeii, because every time, we end up somewhere unrecognizable.

“Then what’re you going to do?”

[Your fault for not understanding.]

“And it’s your fault that I have to crossdress.”

[Adults shouldn’t blame others.]

“It’s the truth.”

[Also the truth that you’re not much to look at.]

I stopped myself from pulling Pyeii’s twintails towards the ceiling. After all, patience and perseverance can make even Saehee look cute. Stay strong, me.

“Then write it for me again. I’ll keep reading until I get it.”

[Waste of time, waste of resources, waste of magic, waste of money.]

I had no idea that you needed so much to write letters out of smoke.

“Do you have a better idea?”

[I’ll dress you.]

“…Beg your pardon?”

[With that decided.]

Pyeii was perfectly calm and collected as usual when she wrote:


…Something was off. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but something was definitely wrong here. Actually, why the hell did I have to strip in the first place?! Aren’t I stripping a bit too often in front of people and phantoms? So what the hell?! All of a sudden, it felt as though I could hear Saehee’s voice.

It is my fetish.

…Maybe I really have lost it.



That’s how I somehow ended up standing in front of two little girls while dressed in nothing but my underwear. I thanked the heavens that I was wearing boxers, because if I’d been wearing briefs, I’d have been in huge trouble. Wait,

[You were hiding a lot of fat.]

“Shove it,” I said reproachfully.

I wanted to exercise, but sweet Narae-nim forbade it. That’s why I have this pathetic body.

“Awooo…is that true?”

Chii had her hands over her eyes, but she was still getting a good look at me through the gaps between her fingers. Meanwhile, Pyeii had her chin resting on her hand as she took in the whole sight unabashedly. Hey, hey! This is embarrassing, so stop staring so obviously.

“Hurry up and dress me already.”

[You want to crossdress?]

Since when did we agree to do humiliation play?

“As if I would.”

[Public humiliation-loving pervert.]


“Pyeii, Big Brother isn’t a public humiliation-loving pervert. I think.”

In a time like this, just say that I’m not a public humiliation-loving pervert, period!

[Then he’s just a pervert.]

“That would be true.”

If I really were just a pervert, then I’d make you two undress and…Dear Lord in heaven. What’s wrong with me? Have I truly gone insane? I was suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to slam my head repeatedly against a wall and beg my psyche to go back to its innocent former self.

[Gross looking at that, so this first.]

Pyeii brushed her hands together, and a corset appeared. It was the apparel that women once wore in the west to make it look like they had a better figure. I know this, because…that’s a secret. Seriously, a secret. I’ll just say that my middle school age-curiosity made me look it up on a search engine and leave it at that.

“…I heard that those things are really uncomfortable.”

[Belly. Bulging.]

…We’re still talking about my belly?

“Awoo, Big Brother’s belly isn’t that … big….

Don’t trail your words halfway through! Have some conviction in what you say! But if I had to keep my figure in line, then the answer was clear: I put on the corset. It wasn’t even tightened yet, but the small constricting pressure felt surprisingly … I can’t help but feel like I said this yesterday, as well.

What followed next was a blur of movement. Pyeii tightened the corset with hands she’d made of smoke, then she put on a garter belt, over the knee socks, prosthetics on my chest, a bra, white gloves, and even clip-on earrings. All of this in what felt like an instant. She even clipped my bangs out of the way so that she could apply makeup on my face for the first time in my life, before putting a wig on my head. Pyeii also put on the same headband that she wears, and only then did she rest her hands.


Chii, who had looked surprised throughout the entire process, flapped her hair furiously at the end and she said:

“Y-you look really pretty, Big Sister!”

“…I’m not your big sister.”

[Ah, I forgot.]

Pyeii seemed to realize something after she heard my voice, and she wrapped a frilly cloth around my neck. At this point, I don’t care what you do, but don’t get so close to me. Your breasts are so big that when you bend down like…I can feel them make contact with my own chest.


[Really finished.]

A pleased smile once again spread across Pyeii’s face. I touched the cloth that was wrapped around my neck and asked:

“What’s this…huh?”

The moment I heard my own voice, I nearly jumped in surprise. My voice had changed. My voice had disappeared and was replaced with the melodic tones of a cute girl!

“What happened?!”

[Voice changing magic.]

Whatever phantom developed this magic needs to reevaluate his or her life choices. What possible application would this magic have?!

“Awooo, please look in a mirror first.”

Chii was blushing and seemed excited for some reason when she handed me a hand mirror with a pretty floral design on it. I didn’t want to look in the mirror, but my curiosity about how I looked while crossdressing eventually won out.


Who was that? Was that me? Looking back at me from the mirror was a woman. I moved the mirror around. The reflection changed correspondingly, indicating that I really was looking at my face. When I changed my expression, the reflection changed as well. That really was me. Had makeup truly developed this far? Did all that thick make up really make my face look like a woman’s?

“It’s amazing,” I said, stunned.

“You look beautiful.”

I wished I could hear I was handsome, instead.

[Took a lot of effort.]

Pyeii made a contented face, as if she had just succeeded in finding a solution to a particularly difficult problem. I could understand her feeling of accomplishment at transforming me with her own hands, but I couldn’t help but wish that she would make that face after doing other things as well. Like after more constructive activities than this.

[Time for a photo.]

Pyeii took a digital camera out from between her breasts, and began taking pictures of me in rapid succession. Despite the great skill of the makeup and crossdressing, the best smile I could make was markedly forced. Pyeii didn’t seem to like that fact.


“This forced smile also counts as a smile.”

[I won’t accept it.]

What a praiseworthy brat. I tried to smile as naturally as I could, but it was impossible. Trying to smile naturally is a fool’s errand, after all. It wasn’t like I’d ever gotten acting lessons, either.


“Why so unhappy?”

[If you don’t do it right, then I won’t go.]

“So you’re just gonna accept aid then shoot missiles at me, is that it?” (tn: Reference to Kim Jong-un.)

[My choice.]

We had no need for dictators in this house. However, it’d be laughable if I went through this whole process just to have Pyeii refuse to go outside. I shouldn’t do anything to tick her off. That was why I decided to think about Narae. Uhuhuhuhu.

[…That’s not a face a girl would make.]

“You look like you’re about to do something nasty”

…Maybe I should have thought about Rangii instead.

I followed all of Pyeii’s demands. From smiling to looking angry while in a weird pose, I did exactly as the photographer commanded. When the photoshoot was finished and Chii went back to her room for a bit, I belatedly realized something.

“Hey. If you’re just going to upload this to that site, then you only needed a picture or two. I didn’t even need to pose.”

[Album of pictures gets a high score.]

“There’s a scoring system?!”

[Of course not.]

I needed to keep my temper in check. Because now, it was my turn to take the lead. This is why I went through all those shameful acts in the first place.

“I did everything you wanted, so now you need to keep your promise.”

[I recall nothing of the sort.]

“Do you think this is a hearing or something?”

[No idea what you’re talking about.]

Pyeii looked away from me, as though everything of beauty in this world were across from me. In response, I grabbed her cheeks and pulled them towards me.


Pyeii smacked a couple of times on the top of the head with a club she’d made of smoke, but I had Rangii’s tooth. Though her hits hurt, the pain was bearable.

“Lying’s bad, or do you not know that?”

[I never lied.]

“You made a promise.”

[What promise?]

“So you’re starting from there?”

[If I did—and that’s a big if—then show me proof.]

“How about a witness?”

Pyeii pouted when I brought up Chii.


That was exactly what someone who got caught in her own trap looked like.


I also noticed that Pyeii is weak to anything involving Chii. Though that thought only lasted for a moment.

[Then let’s go. Right now.]


“Hey, wait. You have to give me the time to change.”

[No time.]

Why the hell are you always saying no to everything I say?!

[If it’s not now, then I won’t go. Your choice.]

Pyeii crossed her arms and tossed her head to the side, signaling that she’d written all she was going to write. …Goodness. So she’s giving me an ultimatum? Fine. That’s just fine. If we’re playing a game of chicken, then I’m all in.

“Let’s go.”


I felt an oddly sad sense of superiority at her shock.

“Right now, let’s get going.”

[…You want to bring me outside that bad?]

Pyeii’s face paled slightly as she asked me that. I got the feeling that she needed reminding of my intentions, so I gave her an honest answer.

“I do.”

Pyeii said she wanted to change, and I wanted to help her do that. That was truly my intention. However, Pyeii looked even more unhappy. Why was that?

[Do you hate the way I am right now?]

She reverted those words to smoke right after she made them.

“What do you mean?”

[Nothing, a mistake. If you want to go, then get Chii.]

When I saw Pyeii make the same sullen face she normally does, I figured nothing was wrong and knocked on Chii’s door.


Chii opened the door. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, as if she were flustered by something, and only peeked her head out from beside the door.

“Awooo, what is it?”

“Let’s go.”

“Awooo? Right now?”

“That’s right.”

I swung the door open and pulled on Chii’s hand.

“Kyawooo? Please wait, Big Brother! Let me get dressed first!”

Dressed? But she was already dressed. Ah, I understood. You don’t normally see people wearing hanboks in the city, so she must’ve been worried about attracting attention. But I had to wonder if Chii knew that old saying: a drowning man will drag his savior down with him. With an evil grin on my face, I looked at Chii who was standing awkwardly with her legs at an angle behind the door.

“Oh dear. Your big sister is dressed like this, so you should keep her company, wouldn’t you agree?”

“B-Big Brother?”

Let me make this clear right now. I haven’t suddenly found some kink that had been lying dormant all this time. Chii is just so adorable when she’s all confused like this, so I wanted to tease her a little. The problem was that, with my voice transformed as well, she thought that I was being serious. But, for some reason, Chii had on her face a terribly tragic expression, as if she were about to be sent to the frontlines of a war. What was wrong?

“I-I understand. Big Sister. If you have resolved yourself to this course of action, then I must follow you.”

“…I’m not your Big Sister.”

“Kyawooo! I know that! Did you think I wouldn’t know that, Big Brother?”

When I saw her flapping her hair, I realized that I may have made mistake. After all, a person’s appearance is important.

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