Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor's Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 474 part2

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Chapter 474 "The Phoenix Lord's Doting Behavior (p2)"

“Chief, you mean you want to develop this stretch of jungle terrain?"

When A'bone became informed of the news, the wild girl was quite taken aback by the proposal, as was with Lan Caier and Jin Wu Monster as well.

Ye Ling Yue wasn't some sort of absolute loyalist of the kingdom. It's true Da Xia was her motherland, but after the repeated snubbing by the king and the constant pressure of other political factors, she's had it already and its time she made arrangements for the future.

Led by none other than A'bone herself, Ling Yue's party soon deviated from the main road and headed for the ancient forest where their animal friends should already be waiting.

This wasn't prearranged to be clear. The wild girl originally became worried that her animal friends wouldn't be comfortable living so close to the human settlements, hence the reason why she would task the giant elephant to lead the pack back into the forest first.

Very soon, after three days of traveling off road, Ling Yue and her friends could finally see the first signs of the lush jungle up ahead.

As the dividing line between North Qing and Da Xia, this vast stretch of greenery was one of the oldest forests in the entire Qing Continent, making it the ideal paradise for the wildlife.

Understanding this much, Ling Yue simply couldn't resist calling her friends out from the Red Mist Sky as well. The little fellas been cooped up in there for quite some time already so it couldn't be good to continue that practice.

Watching this from the ground, both Ling Yue and Lan Caier were both very happy for their friend. They know, A'bone may have tried desperately to mingle in with everyone else at Moon City, but the natural part of her character couldn't be brushed aside no matter how she tries to hide it. That part has already been infused into the girl's blood and they all knew it.

“Weird, how come Flower and Roar isn't coming out to greet us?" The wild girl began to wonder as a gush of powerful wind hit their faces.

Now that instantly caused a series of frowns across everyone because they could clearly pick up the scent blood in the air.

“Not good!” Falling into a panic, A'bone's first instinct was to rush into the forest at lightning speed.

“Chief?” Looking for the order to give chase, JIn Wu Monster and Lan Caier were both quite worried as well.

“No, the both of you stay here in the outer perimeter to keep an eye out for anything unexpected. I will go ahead to see what's happening first." That said, Ling Yue immediately tasked Little Crow to locate A'bone's location from the sky.

This wasn't the first time the wild girl had left the ancient forest; however, this was undoubtedly the longest though. For this reason, A'bone's expression only grew uglier the further in she went for the ominous sensation in her heart only got worse with every jump.


A'bone was ready to spew fire from her eyes at the thought. She did not expect that her absence would create such a outcome.

But anger was still anger, she's not so foolish enough to completely lose herself just yet. The girl understands full well that the scale of this hunt must be huge, something far beyond anything in the past that she has encountered.

With a frightened and complicated mood, A'bone began to follow the traces of horses and vehicles on the ground. And very soon, the looming sight of a camp had come before her view up ahead.

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