Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor's Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 480 part2

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Chapter 480 "Who's the Real King of the Forest? (p2)"

“That may not be the case, she at least has us with her.” Rushing out of their hiding spots following this announcement, it was Ling Yue and her friends the He Lao brothers who jumped out.

This didn't sit well with the boy at all. Dispersing the arrogance from his face, Chen Minzhi's attitude instantly made a three-sixty as he shot a signaling arrow into the sky. Sadly, there's no way his attempt at calling for help would work when his enemies came so well prepared.

“Mister young lord over there, are you trying to summon your men? Shame though, they're way too busy to even help themselves so you can ditch that idea." Fiddling the arrow in her hands, Ling Yue's very act was a taunt to her foe and a indication that she's in charge.

This time it was Chen Minzhi's turn to panic. From those words alone, he could already tell his men are tied up in battle back outside, which was absolutely true. The old monster and the battle alchemists are currently fighting the soldiers from the Kai Jiang Manor feverously so there's not going to be any help coming.

“Fine then, it would seem I've underestimated your abilities. I only intended to take the powers of inheritance for myself and that's it, but you've pushed me and now I'm forced to kill you all for good. A'bone, this is your own fault so don't blame me." Getting up from the elephant's back that he was riding on, the man issues out a sky piercing howl to reverberate across the entire jungle.

There's no way A'bone wouldn't know what the man was trying to do. Sure enough, almost at the same time as she thought this, Chen Minzhi's aura instantly skyrocketed, followed by a series of strange noises across the landscape.

At first the sound was still far away, but with each passing second it only grew louder and louder until even the grounds were trembling.


Kill these invaders who dare trespass into the ancient forest.

kill! kill!

Kill the invaders who wants to plunder the secrets of the Beastial Sect.

kill! kill! kill!

“That's the ultimate power of the Beastial Sect, Beast Roar!" They simply never expected Chen Minzhi to muster up something of such high level using merely half a month of time.

Compared to the full force of the entire ancient forest, Ling Yue and her peers are hardly a match. In fact, they are no better than ants in front of a horde of rampaging spirit beasts.

“A'bone, for the sake of our past relationship, I will have Purple here send you along to the afterlife as an act of mercy." There's not an ounce of human left in those eyes of the boy, only the bloodthirsty light of an animal waiting to pounce.

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