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September 16, 2018

Translated & Edited by Ery

Hearing that Yun Sheng had wanted to make her own medicine, all of the villagers – except for a few and village grandpa – didn't believe it.

For this period of time, because Yun Sheng had become the temple's assistant and adding on the fact that she had competed against Ding Lei, her reputation in the village had considerably improved.

But at the end of the day, she still is only a six year old child. Even if she was talented in medicine, it didn't meant that she was good at making them.

Not to mention that she can make it just by smelling the hemostatic pills.

To make medicine, even the most basic ones such as hemostatic pills must be made from a pharmacist or a specialized magician pharmacist in order for it to be successful.

On the Wuji Mainland, medicine is divided into herbal and patent medicine. Herbal medicine refers to all unprocessed herbs while patent medicine referred to ancient and magical medicine.

Herbs like hemostatic flowers and moonlight grass are the most basic herbs that needed to be refined before they are made into magical or ancient medicine.

According to the regulations of Wuji Mainland, only pharmacists who are recognized by the the the temple or by the royal medical court can be qualified to be pharmacists.

Yun Sheng at most was just a basic assistant, not even a basic medicine tester. It is no wonder that the villagers would doubt her.

Although Yun Sheng had repeatedly assured them that she would be able to make the medicine, the villagers didn't believe her at all. On the village chief grandpa was silent, sitting on the ox-cart.

The time was fleeting. Even till sunset, the villagers still weren't able to sell the hemostatic flower. All of the expressions were stern.

Hemostatic flowers for Jiao Ye Village is the biggest economic source. If they can't sell the flower, that would mean the village's economic source would be cut off.

Seeing the carts full of hemostatic flowers, the villagers refused to return to the village.

All of this was the result of the efforts from the last few months. No one would like to see getting nothing in return. Their families were all waiting for them to return home too.

Everyone's heart became heavy. The village chief grandpa sat in the back of the cart smoking quietly.

"Village chief, why don't we just sell the hemostatic flowers? Five copper coins, just five copper coins then. At least we'll be able to keep it at the basic price point. Our family's pot at home are all almost out of rice," all the anxious red eyed villagers couldn't help but complain.

Yun Sheng looked at the impatient crowd. She decided that even if the other villagers sold the hemostatic flowers, she would still want to keep her own batch of first class hemostatic flowers.

She still had the money as an assistant and could go through this period for a while.

As for the hemostatic pill, she'll definitely successfully make them.

The tobacco in the village grandpa's hand would occasionally light up then dim and so on. He suddenly breathed out the last smoke and said "Pull them back! Pull all of them back to make hemostatic medicine. No one is allowed to sell these flowers. You must know that what we're selling isn't money but our village's reputation. Huo Yan village wants to suppress us, then we'll fight back. Our Jiao Ye Village's people won't be that easy to be bullied!

The village grandpa hadn't been like this for a long time. No wonder he was the magician of an army before. Even if he is in a small mountain village due to his old age, today's shame had activated his whole body's blood.

The village chief's words were just like the sound of thunder, bursting into the ears of every villagers. Those who intended to compromise with the shops suddenly all woke up, coming to their senses.

Although they didn't believe in Yun Sheng's words, they definitely believed in the village chief's.

Since the village chief had said that Yun Sheng was capable, then she'll definitely be able to do it.

The villagers all swallowed their anger and rode the ox-cart back to Jiao Ye Village.

That night, the whole Jiao Ye Village was at unease. No one knew what their future would look like now that they're not able to sell the hemostatic flowers.

The next morning, Yun Sheng went to the temple and told Magician Yang what had happened on the day before.

Making medicine, just using that tools that Yun Sheng had on hand was clearly not enough.

The temple is the place where the village had the largest variety of herbs, tools, and sanitary conditions.

The village grandpa had greeted Yang Magician earlier on about Yun Sheng making Hemostatic Pills. Magician Yang wasn't all that interested in it. He was a magician. Even if it was refining, then it must be magical pills. Ancient pills in his eyes were just some inferior medicine to treat headaches and overheating.

For villages in the village, Magician Yang would definitely not intervene in this matter. THe temple had never interfered with politics or affairs between countries and different regions.

On the premise that Yun Sheng wouldn't delay the affairs of the temple, Magician Yang agreed that Yun Sheng could borrow the pharmacy for four hours a night. However, the medicine that she uses will be deducted from her monthly salary.

Yun Sheng didn't object this at all. That night after finishing the housework at home, Yun Sheng wore her assistant clothing and went into the pharmacy in the temple.

As night fell, the temple's bright pine oil lamp lit up the pharmacy.

She selected more than a dozen fresh hemostatic flowers.

Recalling the smell of the hemostatic pill at the herb shop yesterday, she opened different drawers in the pharmacy.

"The raw material is the hemostatic flower, in addition also consist of hong qiao, wu hua, zhu hu (herbs that i have no idea what they are and won't bother to translate them because it's too difficult for me to translate eastern medicine name into an English version), and missing another material.

Born from the Shennong family, Yun Sheng ever since childhood can be described as growing up in a medical pot. Her tongue and nose compared to her eyes consisting the Shennong pupil was slightly worse.

Any herb that she has ever sniffed, even if she didn't recognize its name, can clearly discern it the next time she smells it.

Except, after grinding the herbs, she found that there seemed to be something missing in the potion.

But somehow she couldn't remember what it was.

The lamp wick had all melted. Four hours had quickly passed.

Yun Sheng still wasn't able to find that last missing ingredient.

The amount of time that she had agreed on with Magician Yang had arrived. Yun Sheng had to extinguish the oil lamp and left the temple.

When she went out of the temple, a small shadow sprang up ahead.

Xiao Hei fearlessly darted out and sprang up in front of Yun Sheng.

Although it had already become a member of Yun Family, but Xiao Hei seemed to fear Yun Canghai. When Yun Sheng wasn't at home, most of the time it would be strolling outside until it was almost time for Yun Sheng to go back home. Then it will be at the temple gate to pick her up.

A dog and a person, two hazy small shadow was walking along the ridge in Jiao Ye Village.

Small insect sounds filled the air and Xiao Hei was running along. Suddenly from the side a small vole had jumped up. Without warning, Xiao Hei pounced.

This pounce splashed and spread out the fresh and moist smell of dew.

Yun Sheng from being splashed by the cold water suddenly remembered.

She finally know what her hemostatic pill was missing.

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