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Chapter 2 - Academy of Hierarchy


Combatant Z made a smirk when he returned to the Balanka-squad's waiting room. He never imagined to see that man in a place like this.

(The lowest-rank guy would always be a lowest-rank guy no matter where he goes. I won't be bored for a while.)

More than that—he was more concerned about that enormous breast service-staff No.29.

(Balanka-sama has quite the obsession towards her. But those enormous breasts are also something I love. I don't know what her face looks like due to her butterfly glasses but she must be beautiful.)

Combatant Z loved women with enormous breasts. That was why he was at the Rina Akimoto's autograph session.

(That idiot wasn't able to get her autograph but I did and also was able to shake her hand. Just how much I wanted to hug her on the spot.)

(I want to make both that blonde and Rina Akimoto mine…!)


In front of the Breast Cloud Temple. When she sat on the passenger's seat of the silver RX-8 which came to pick her up the car left while making an engine noise like that of a sports car. The engine went up to 7000rpm immediately and caught up to the car which was driving ahead.

No.29 thought today was the worst day ever.

(That dark knight called Balanka. He truly was the worst. I could even puke right now just thinking about him. I wonder why there are such ruffians in Demonia. They were more like thugs. Only difference is that the thug happened to be a dark knight with a huge body.)

(That giant will also try to talk to me tomorrow. And I would definitely be caught up in another trouble again.)

No.29 thought why she ended up joining Demonia PPO. If she knew what she was getting herself into then she definitely would have not joined. Even if she had a certain reason to join…

No.29 wanted to get away from him quickly as she could.

(For that to happen I need to promote to a combatant. And wait for that chance to come…)


The sky on the west side was changing from purple to deep blue. Twilights— the time when it changed from evening to night time.

A strange shadow was climbing by kicking between the sides of the two buildings which was right next to each other.

Eventually that shadow reached the roof of the Holy Mother's building which was eight floors tall.

The shadow was in fact a woman.

The sexy red American girl's school uniform was barely holding her breast. The length of the uniform was unusually short. The crop top—was cut just till her abdomen so you could see the lower part of her breast. You couldn't see her face which was hidden by a mask.

She held a hand launcher in one of her hand. The ZERO-G bullet which could turn the area where it was shot at to become zero gravity area. She had just defeated Infinia-squad.

The woman entered the building from the rooftop. She walked down the stairs and entered the office located in the eighth floor of the Holy Mother Church.

The ones who were waiting for her inside the office were two women that were also wearing a similar kind of costume.

One of them wore a pink sleeveless jacket which came only up to her abdomen which she wore over a silver bikini top. She wore a pink mini skirt as well as cap which had a big silver star badge on it which would catch your attention. It looked as if an American police woman changed into a sexier outfit.

The other woman wore a glittering metallic blue bodycon dress. The area around her breast was cut in a shape of a heart so her big cleavage was visible from there.

These two also wore a mask. And these two also had a large breast. Their magnificent breasts were either lifted upwards by the American police costume or the bodycon dress.

These three weren't a cosplayer or a fashion model. They were allies of justice— the Saint Agents.

"How is the electronic transmission?"

Rose Scholar— the girl wearing the sexy school girl outfit asked the other two.

"It went well. The two of us were watching you. You defeated the enemies quite easily."

Rose Scholar smiled at the words of the pink police girl, Pink Police.

"I was really focused so…"

"They sure were all weak. Maybe there are only grunts here? Let's take them down right away."

"The final boss usually are lurking within the deepest part of the base."

Blue Gorgeous— the girl wearing a metallic blue bodycon-dress warned them.

"The woman with the glasses we fought previously was strong. There may be other strong enemies. Besides, it would be too dangerous to charge at them when we don't know the layout of their base."


"We can just search about it."

Pink Police said that with an unpleasant tone.

"In order to do that we need to locate the entrance. It's possible that the Demonia wants us to think that they are weak. That may be the reason why they sent such weak enemies this time."

"Maybe you are just overthinking the situation? They are quite the idiots."

Pink Police responded back.

"Perhaps they are leading us to find the dummy entrances. The real entrance might be elsewhere and if we go there the true strong enemies may be awaiting us."

"I think they simply lack strong people."

"I am cautious kind of person. So let's do a bit more research first."

Blue Gorgeous suggested it in a calmly manner.



The morning sunlight shined on the old three story building which was made from woods. The funded dormitory where the funded-students' lived in.

Yoh flipped the label which read "Yoh Nigorikawa" and then left the dormitory. Yoh put his bag inside the rusty basket of his bicycle and sat on the saddle. The ones around Yoh were also funded-students that wore an ash colored long sleeve shirt and an ash colored trouser. All of them looked like laborer that belonged elsewhere. They didn't look like high school students at all.

The third year left first and Yoh followed after him. His body was sore all over the places due to being hit with a bamboo stick yesterday.

However, he didn't feel bad. When he remembered about what happened yesterday he could feel his groin become hot.

(It felt so good.)

Yoh thought about it as he rode his bicycle.

(It feels like a dream even now. The thing about hitting the target by luck and the thing about touching Aizenaha's breast… I never knew woman would orgasm like that. Her breast must be sensitive…)

(I wanted to see her bare breast if I could but she didn't allow me. Will I be able to suck her breast if I become her breast-fondler? Will I be able to get her to give me a titty-fuck if I become one?)

Yoh reached Globaria International Academy in fifteen minutes. He parked his bicycle in the bicycle shed which had no rooftop. He then proceeded to line up in the special-students exclusive carriage porch.

There were 18 people here. All of them were dressed up like a laborer just like Yoh. Yoh thought they looked terrible in them but he couldn't complain.

7:45am. The first vehicle to arrive was a white Celsior. The one who came out of the car was Shizuru Shinnouji from class 2-Platinum. Her black hair which waved to the back was beautiful. On top of that her breast which was sticking forward from beneath her royal blue blazer.

She wasn't gigantically big breasted but was well big breasted. Though the only one who could touch them would most likely be someone who was also raised in a rich family.

A small built funded-student took her luggage and the two of them passed through the special-student exclusive entrance. Right after that a black limousine parked. The third year student sprinted towards the vehicle and opened the door right away.

A brown haired man who had set up his hair like a handsome celebrity threw his bag at him. To the funded-student who missed the catch,

"What are you doing, loser."

The brown haired student spat and entered the special-student exclusive entrance. The third year funded-student picked up the bag and followed after him.

Yoh then turned around at the sudden sound of a powerful engine noise which was approaching. The front which made you think of an F1 car—a red Enzo Ferrari, parked into the carriage porch while making a loud sound with its engine.

The one who was sitting on the passenger seat of the luxury sports car was a girl with an enormous breast. Her blouse was sticking forward like a rocket. It seemed as though she had two rugby balls or two melons sticking out so much from her chest almost vertically.

It was such an overwhelming and provoking breast. Due to how intense and huge her breast was it felt as though it was pulling her blouse down and the buttons was about to come off. You could see a bit of her skin from between her shirt.

(I saw it today as well.)

Yoh made a victory pose and then proceeded to open the butterfly door of the Enzo Ferrari. He had a hard time when he done this for the first time since he couldn't find the door knob.

The door lifted up just like a gullwing door. A blonde girl came out from the vehicle. She was a genuine blonde. On top of that she was a beauty.

It wasn't a cold and solid kind of beauty you felt from her. She had a beautiful blue eyes and a beautifully shaped nose which looked graceful. She had a very pretty face which made her look like a kind girl. She looked like she was around twenty years old even though she was the same age as Yoh. The phrase for her being weirdly beautiful suited her since she was releasing so much charm like that of a mature woman.

She was Yoh's master, Clarissa Rosewell. She wore a royal blue jacket which could only be worn by special-students. It wasn't a sky blue color or deep blue color. A brilliant blue color like that of a Mediterranean sea. A blue color which even made the purple uniform for the scholarship-students looked dull. On the chest region of her uniform there was a symbol made from a scarlet and a gold color.

There was a gold stitching on both the blazer and the skirt of her uniform in order to avoid the uniform from simply appearing as a blue color.

Including her shoes, all of her clothing was order made from a famous fashion brand. The total cost of her clothing would easily surpass two million yen. The rumor was that her family had donated more than fifty million yen to this academy.

The special-students—were the royals and nobles of this academy. They reached their hands to the funded-students who couldn't advance to high school due to their family circumstances. The prestigious people who had paid all of the school fees and living expenses for them.

Noblesse oblige.

The duty of those from high borns.

It was known as a duty of the high borns which they had to burden since the olden times in Europe. Those who had succeeded in society needed to share their fortunes to the weak ones of the society.

Each special-students took care of one funded-student. And for that funded-student the special-student that were helping them were their master.

Clarissa who had come out of the Enzo Ferrari gave her bag to Yoh. She went through the special-student exclusive entrance as her blonde hair waved back due to the wind.

When Yoh followed behind her he found her sitting on the chair and was putting her legs towards him.

She was telling him to change her shoes without saying a word. Yoh got down and removed her shoes. This shoes must also be custom made. So it must had cost more than one hundred thousand yen.

Clarissa stood up and started to walk ahead immediately when Yoh made her wear an indoor shoes. Yoh followed after her like her servant while carrying her luggage.

The regular-students and the scholarship-students were staring at Yoh and other funded-students. Ah, these guys must be a funded-students. That was what their eyes were saying.

On his way to the class Yoh walked past the fat student who had come from the same middle school as him. The one who was also at the autograph session. He was making such a lecherous smirk at Yoh.

"Yo, luggage boy."

He said that with a despised tone followed by his very loud laughter.

Clarissa stood in front of the classroom door. Yoh opened the door of the class 1-Bronze for her. Clarissa entered first and Yoh followed after her.

The seating area of the classroom was separated into three blocks where the further back you go the higher the floor became. The front seating area had the three-people tables. The ones that sat there were students that had checkered pattern skirts or trousers— the regular-students.

Behind them was the middle seating area where there was a table for each person where the table was 80cm wide and 60cm long. The ones that sat there were students that wore purple colored sailor uniforms for girls or purple colored jackets and trousers for boys. —The scholarship-students. They were the students that either were in top 5 for the entrance exams or had a parent that donated more than five million yens to the academy.

And last of all at the very back of the class where the floor was at the highest in the class had two L-shaped tables that appeared to have a width of roughly 2 meters. Obviously the table came with a LAN modern for the PC. The chairs were Aeron chairs that would cost more than hundred thousand yen per chair.

It was the seat for the special-student.

You could see next to the special-student's table that there was a folding table which had been folded. There was also a foldable chair which had no back to lean on besides it.

These were the tables used by Yoh and the other funded-students. There was a rank of hierarchy even in the chairs and the tables they used. If the special-students were the royals and nobles then the scholarship-students were those who were related to a religion. The regular-students would be the commoners. And the funded-students would be the slaves.

The funded-students were positioned in the lowest rank of the hierarchy of this school. Cleaning the blackboard and the classroom were the duties of the funded-students. None of the regular-students, scholarship-students, or the special-students needed to do such duties. On top of that the funded-students weren't allowed to use the canteen. Every day they would be eating at the corridor or the yard quietly during lunch time.

The scholarship-students and the regular-students were all looking at Yoh. Ah, this guy is in the lowest rank of the hierarchy. Their eyes were giving such vibe in regards to the ranks of this school.

(So I'm at the bottom of hierarchy at both the academy and the organization huh. Though there's more chances of having a better time at the Demonia PPO and there's also a future for me there.)

When Yoh walked up towards the back of the room—


A girl with a medium length hair who wore a white blouse and a checkered pattern skirt was smiling at Yoh with a bit of a nervous expression. She was trying to put on a good smile but her face says that she couldn't make a good smile as she hoped for.

Lumina Hijiri, a regular-student.

Her body proportions was so good that you couldn't take your eyes of her. You could see her healthy thighs peeking from the slit of her skirt. She also had a small waist. And her white shirt was pointing forward so much. Perhaps the shirt was too small for her. So the shirt looked like it was being stretched out and the buttons on her shirt felt as though it was about to come off. The mass of her chest which was so rich in size was pointing forward.

(It sure is huge…perhaps she has a G-cup…)

Lumina Hijiri went to the same middle school as him. Since then her huge breast had been really famous. Yoh couldn't remember the number of times he took a peek every time he walked passed her in the corridor.

Every year since the first year of middle school. Lumina's breast had continued to grow every year. He was in the same class as her last year. But he only spoke to her less than a dozen time. Obviously he didn't ask the size of her breast back then. Though he couldn't remember how many times he had stripped her naked within his mind…

"L-Looks like we have PE today."

"Looks like it."

"I-It seems like the boys and the girls would be doing it together."

Lumina looked a bit red.

(Does she have a crush on me?)

That passed his mind for a moment. But Yoh remembered what his senior had told him.

Several years ago one of the funded-students fell in love with a regular-student and confessed. The girl replied to him that she couldn't date him because he was a funded-student. Perhaps Lumina Hijiri might be the same.

When Yoh reached the end of the classroom he pulled the Aeron chair. Clarissa sat on the chair as if this was natural. Then Yoh unfolded the folded table.

"Who said you could sit on the chair?"

The fat student who said "Yo, luggage boy!" just earlier was glaring at Yoh. He looked like he was born as a pig rather than a human.

Ton Tonno. What he wore was a checkered pattern trouser. —He was a regular-student.

"A funded-student aren't allowed to sit unless authorized. Did you know that?"

He said it in a tone where he was making a fool out of Yoh.

"I don't mind."

Clarissa stroked her hair as she put on a confident smile. Her blonde hair reflected the sunlight as it floated within the air lightly.

Europeans had thin hairs. The thickness of their hair was two-third of a Japanese persons' black hair. Unlike dyed hair her hair was very light and elegant.

"You shouldn't spoil him. You need to make him know his place. Lowly folks gets too ahead of themselves when they get special treatment."


Clarissa simply looked at Tonno once. Tonno was taking a good look at Clarissa. It seemed like he was someone who loved breasts.

Tonno approached Clarissa.

"You know that I am saying this for your own safety? You don't know much about Japan right? You should depend on me more."

When he was trying to sweet talk her—

"I certainly need to make a clear difference in our ranks. A lowly folk like you certainly does get too ahead of themselves."

Tonno was beaten with Clarissa's words. Yoh was about to laugh. The one with the highest authority here was Clarissa. He probably wanted to get on her good side and if he was lucky he wanted to touch her breast if he had the chance…that was what he was most likely thinking. And she wasn't someone who would take him seriously at all.

When Yoh was about to sit—

"No one approved you to sit yet."

Tonno started to harass Yoh due to the frustration of being embarrassed by Clarissa.

"You aren't my master."

"Don't you dare talk back to me. You are just a pest who couldn't come to school if it wasn't for your master's help."

The classroom became quiet for a moment. Tonno put on an intimidating eyes.

"Are you paying all of the school fees on your own then?"

When Yoh retaliated Tonno became speechless. His face becomes distorted with anger. He then glared at Yoh with eyes full of hatred. Tonno brought his face closer to Yoh's and then whispered a strange thing to him.

"Say that when you learn how to throw the numb-balls properly, No.28"

Yoh looked at Tonno in shock.

(Why the heck does…he know about me…!)


At the gymnasium, Yoh ignored what the PE teacher was saying and simply looked at Tonno. Tonno was being fascinated with Lumina Hijiri and Clarissa's breasts.

(How did he know that I am No.28?)

That was the only thing in his mind right now.

Only the members of Demonia PPO knew about Yoh being service-staff No.28. So that must mean Tonno was also a member of Demonia PPO.

Maybe he was a combatant? That was what Yoh thought.

(The combatant who continued to hit me with the bamboo sword yesterday? Or is he a dark knight? Balanka…no, their body size is different. Either way this is something I can't be happy about.)

His classmates were standing up. It was finally time for the boys and the girls to learn how to do steps for the formal dancing.

The boys and the girls lined up in pairs. They were all wearing the same PE uniform. Thanks to that Yoh felt like he was the same as the rest of the class. Even so, Clarissa was the only one whose PE uniform was made from a different material. It must be a special order made clothing from an oversea sports brand.

And Clarissa was Yoh's partner. Even from her white PE uniform the size of her breast was very clear. Yoh couldn't help but think about the Dark Knight Aizenaha.

(If I can do the same thing as Clarissa…man, I'm dreaming too much about it.)

"Do you know how to dance?"

That was what she asked Yoh first when they faced each other.

"I do know the dances of the poor people."

Clarissa tilted her head.

"It just means tapping on the floor."

"So you mean you don't know."

That was a blunt response.

First, the teacher made a signal then the boys and the girls took a distance from each other and resumed the practice from the previous class. One, two, three. One, two, three. The students made waltz step at the teacher's clap.

(I did a natural turn step after building a three step pace within myself and then did the outside change turn. We then did a 90 degree turn and did another step. One, two, three. One, two, three. Yup, I think I'm getting the hang of it.)

Tonno was taking too long to get the hang of it even though he had no partner. He was good at insulting and teasing others. But it appeared he was bad at these sort of things.

The practice from the previous class ended. Now the students were facing their partner. Finally they would begin practicing their steps by getting closer to their partner.

Clarissa reached her arm to Yoh. Yoh grabbed her hand and lifted it up. Clarissa brought her body closer. Her breast was drawing near.

(If I get closer even a bit then I can touch them…!)

(It must be a meaty boob. If it hits me by accident… I can't stop myself from hoping that to happen.)

"Then let's begin! One, two, three! One, two, three!"

The teacher clapped started clapping. They started doing clap at the teacher's rhythm. Suddenly Yoh's step became off the rhythm.

Yoh had to move forward for the first three step. Then Yoh had to move back for the next three step. However, he ended up moving forward for the next three step. Their body was about to collide because of it.

Clarissa twitched her eyebrows.

(Oh crap. I need to fix my rhythm.)

That was what Yoh thought. But once the rhythm breaks it wouldn't get corrected. He was supposed to do a turn naturally while moving forward. Instead he simply moved forward. He also turned from the different direction when he was stepping back.

Clarissa's face became even more serious.

Yoh forgot to do a change when he was supposed to do another 90 degree outside change. Clarissa was trying to move to the right but ended up crashing into her because he moved forward.

Clarissa made an angry expression.

"I would allow your rudeness to dance with your master. But simply colliding onto me means you are an incompetent person."

Clarissa raised her hand and called the teacher.

"Change my partner. I don't want to dance with someone so incompetent."

She said that by getting to the point.

The teacher hesitated for a moment but at the end listened to what Clarissa said. This time the boy who was ranked the highest academically became Clarissa's partner. On the other hand Lumina Hijiri became Yoh's partner.

"Sorry if I step on your feet."

Lumina Hijiri acted a bit shy.

(Maybe I'm in luck now.)

Yoh brought his body closer to Lumina Hijiri's and took her hands.

One, two, three. One, two, three. They started taking steps at the teacher's clap. When Yoh tried to go forward so did Lumina. So her breast collided with his chest.


It was a wonderful moment.

(S-So huge…!)

He was waiting for this kind of situation.

"I-I'm sorry."

"Ah, it's alright…let's continue."

Yoh took a step forward again and so did Lumina. Her breast hits him again. Boin.

(It really is big…!)

"I'm sorry…"

Lumina turned red.

"Let's bring our pace together. I will go forward and you go back."


Yoh took the lead and they started doing natural turns. Yoh went forward and Lumina went back. Yoh did a back step and Lumina came forward. When Yoh tried to do the outside change Lumina tried to go back.

She made a mistake again.

(She's just like me when I was with Clarissa.)

"I'm sorry."

"I did the same before and was told off by her as well."

They started doing waltz step once they got their pace together. He took three steps forward then three steps back. Three step forward and three steps back. Then a 90 degree turn to the right. Then an outside change.

Lumina's face was going red.

(Maybe we got the hang of this.)

He went forward again. Then back. When they repeated this procedure they heard the teacher's voice. By that time someone clashed onto Yoh's back.

Yoh's body tilted at the impact he didn't predict. So did Lumina and she collapsed towards Yoh. Her big breast falls onto Yoh's chest.


At the same time a dull sound hit Yoh from behind the back of his head.


When he turned around his gaze crossed path with Clarissa's. Yoh and Lumina had collided with the Clarissa and the nerd pair.


After school—

Yoh handed Clarissa her bag who was sitting on a red seat. The red butterfly door closed. Clarissa left off with the Enzo Ferrari without saying a word to him. It seemed like she was quite angry.

"You shouldn't do a waltz dance again."

(What she had said after PE before the class began came back to my mind. I thought I danced quite well…)

That was what Yoh thought as he scratched his head.

(She might be an experienced dancer. But this was my second time in my life. But it seems like she doesn't realize it. Maybe it's because she's a rich girl. Or maybe because she's a foreigner.)

Yoh's eyes met with a third year who was his senior.

"There aren't that much master that would talk to you. They are still spoiled kids after all."

What awaited Yoh who had come back to the classroom was a blackboard which had a big graffiti on them with red, white, yellow, and blue chalk. Tonno and his gang were located in the classroom making smirks at Yoh. It seemed like they went to all that trouble to make Yoh do extra work.

Yoh cleaned the blackboard silently and proceeded to clean the floor. He mopped the floor carefully. A mop boy in the Demonia PPO and a mop boy in the Globaria academy. Apparently Yoh's life was all about cleaning.

When he finished mopping he started wiping the window. He started sweating. He then proceeded to clean the desks. A group desk which belonged to the regular-students. An individual desk which belonged to the scholarship-students. And finally the special-student's desk. You could tell how large it was from cleaning it. The material used was very different. It wasn't made from a plywood but a single board. When Yoh lifted his head when he heard some laughs there were more graffiti on the blackboard.

Yoh was instead impressed that Tonno was able to write his full name without spelling it wrong.

No. It must have been the other guy besides Tonno. He was not good at writing and spelling. Even so, he had some good taste for copying the phrase from the manga "Captain Tsubasa". Yoh then started cleaning the blackboard without a word.

"We know. That your parents ran away."

Tonno spoke to him.

"The cafeteria your family did went bankrupt after all. The coffee you served there tasted crap after all."

Yoh didn't answer.

"Hey, at least say something. I'm giving you the privilege of being talked to."

"Are you a little girl who wants attention?"

"What was that!?"

Tonno was about to grab Yoh by his collar.

(Will it be his fist? He won't kick me if he is in this position. What should I do? Should I do the first strike? But if a funded-student causes trouble then they would get expelled without mercy.)

When he was thinking of what to do there was a ringtone on both Yoh and Tonno's phone which signified they had received mail.

(A summon!?)

Yoh looked at his mobile phone while Tonno looked at his smart phone. Both their expression changed at the same time.

Looked like it was a labor work at the underground factory today. Another work without any pay.

When Yoh closed his mobile phone Tonno had also put his smartphone in his pocket.

"I will let you go for today."

"Were you summoned too?"

"None of your business."

Tonno left the classroom with his friends after saying that.

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