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Title: Mulan Has No Elder Brother

Author: Qi Dao Jun 祈祷君

Tags: Time travel, Historical, Military, HE

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Adventure, Action, Gender Bender

Total Chapters:  489


Ever since He Mulan, a 28 year old forensic investigator, transmigrated into the post-army civilian Hua Mulan's body, she’s been under a lot of pressure. Unlike the folktale ending, there are no flowers or applause to be found here. After leaving the army and returning to her hometown, word by the countryside has painted the now 32 year old Hua Mulan as a homicidal maniac, an old hag, and a freak of nature, among other nasty things. Between piecing together Hua Mulan's scattered memories, grappling with her fellow villagers' prejudice against her, and fending off Mrs Hua's attempts to match make her, He Mulan has her hands full. All He Mulan wants to do is protect Hua Mulan's body till her soul comes back, but fate has other plans…


TL’s comments:

Sooo the 1st chapter of Mulan Has No Elder Brother 木兰无长兄 is here.

Note: It focuses more on Mulan’s exploits and doesn’t dwell on romance. Romance is mainly limited to subtext, though the MC is paired up with somebody at the very end.

Those that prefer to go in blind should skip to the

While those that would like to have a spoilery overview of the story should continue scrolling down.

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As mentioned before, I haven’t gotten very far with the raws, so the comments below are based on the little I've read + the spoilers I've come across.

A spoilery overview of sorts:

This is one of those rare stories where the MC transmigrates more than once, though it takes a long time to get to the 2nd transmigration (around 100 chapters, if I’m not mistaken). The 1st part of the novel covers Hua Mulan's post-army life, as experienced by the transmigrator He Mulan. After the transmigration, He Mulan only has fragments of Hua Mulan's memories, but as a series of events occur and Hua Mulan's ex-comrades/acquaintances start visiting her one after another, Hua Mulan's memories are gradually unlocked and He Mulan gains a better understanding of what the heroine Hua Mulan was like as a person. He Mulan eventually seeks out the rest of Hua Mulan's old pals to piece together the rest of the memories.

Various things happen and she transmigrates again, this time to the pre-army Hua Mulan. This brings us to the 2nd part of the novel, where He Mulan—informed by her modern sensibilities + the knowledge she gained about Hua Mulan & comrades following her 1st transmigration—relives Hua Mulan's army life and basically chooses to act very differently from the original Mulan, thereby changing the fates of her comrades in the process.

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