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Chapter 281 We'll see

After exchanging a blow with the Yama Minamiya Sect's leader, it was Shen Dong who suffered a loss and was sent flying.

As for Qin Chao, he stood there like a demon god, unmoving.

However, blood began to flow out from the corners of his mouth, his nostrils and his ears.

It seemed that this time, he himself was not lightly injured.

The Yama Minamiya Banner in Shen Dong's hand was really strange. Not only did Xie Wang's Half Moon Kill injure the Yama Minamiya, it also injured him.

"Good boy!" Shen Dong flipped himself over and jumped up from the spot he landed on. He furiously said, "You dare to harm this seat C. Good, you must die today!"

After saying that, Shen Dong made a hand seal. And suddenly, Qin Chao felt a sudden gust of wind behind their ears. Su Ji was loudly reminding him as well.

"Be careful!"

To be honest, the true essence in the body of Qin Chao was seriously damaged. He took out a Returning Energy Pill and stuffed it into his mouth while lowering his head.

The Returning Energy Pill entered his body and turned into threads of Yuan Qi, nourishing his Qi Sea.

And above his head, a black shadow flew by, it was the one controlled by Hu Ke.

The power of this female zombie, even if she made a move, could not be underestimated. She was on the same level as a middle stage cultivator's spell. After being controlled by Shen Dong, she reached the end of the spell stage.

Qin Chao pulled back and gave Hu Ke a palm, wanting to force the female zombie to retreat.

Who would have thought that instead, it was his own palm that hurt, causing him to retreat several steps.

This Hu Ke's body was originally that of a zombie, but now it was as if he had absorbed the corpse aura, and his body was as tough as steel.

At the same time, the other disciples of Yama Minamiya also controlled another wave of corpse men, which replenished their auras, and encircled those righteous cultivators.

For the first time, Qin Chao felt powerless.

"Kid, as Rakshasi Sect's successor, is that all you have?" Seeing that victory was within his grasp, Shen Dong could not help but laugh out loud. "When I kill you, I will use the Art of Soul Search to find your Nine Netherpassage Technique and the cultivation method of the Vajra Scripture!" At that time, I will be the number one person in all of history! "At that time, he will dominate the world, hahaha!"

Qin Chao was furious in his heart. This Yan Luo Sect's leader was too ambitious. To rule the world, those who had such thoughts didn't seem to have a good ending.

"There is another way to reverse the situation in Qin Chao!"

Just when Qin Chao had no idea, a voice suddenly sounded in their ears.

The voice was familiar. It was Li Baishan!

Qin Chao looked around, but did not find Li Baishan!

It seemed that he had used some sort of secret technique to transmit his voice to his ears.

Good heavens, it seems like this Li Baishan is also extraordinary!

"The sword in your hand, if I'm not wrong, should be the Evil King Sword." Li Baishan's voice sounded calm, but there was also a hint of surprise in it, "This sword caused a bloodbath a thousand years ago. It was said that it had long since disappeared, but who would have thought that it would appear in your hands."

What does the reversal of the situation have to do with the Evil King Sword in my hands? Qin Chao did not understand.

"This treasured sword of yours has both a normal and super form. Super form, it was the Scarlet Emperor Evil King Sword. The Scarlet Emperor Evil King Sword was the nemesis of all evil. As long as you use the Scarlet Emperor Evil King Sword to the limit, pierce into the ground and scare away the Zombie King. Those Corpse Kings that had lost the support of the corpse aura became trash. "Yama Minamiya, that's all you got."

Qin Chao's eyes lit up. So there was such a method. It seemed that the heavens would never give up.

"However, this method is very dangerous. If the Crimson Emperor Evil Emperor Sword isn't in its peak state and goes to scare the Zombie King, I'm afraid that if it can't be scared, it will anger it. Everyone on scene might be killed by it."

Li Baishan reminded.

But no matter how difficult the method was, Qin Chao was willing to give it a try.

While dodging the attacks of Hu Ke, he circulated the Vajra Scripture in his body and temporarily used the Nine Hell Technique to block the attack.

His eyes suddenly turned golden as the Evil King Sword in his hand was gilded. The Scarlet Emperor Evil King Sword once again appeared in front of everyone.

"Roar!" As soon as the Scarlet Emperor Evil King Sword appeared, golden light flourished. Hu Ke couldn't bear it any longer and took two steps back.

"Scarlet Emperor Evil King Sword, I'll leave it to you!" Qin Chao poured all the power in their body into the Evil King Sword.

The golden blade became even brighter.

In this place, it was as if a small sun was rising.

All the Corpse Kings on the field were frightened as they wailed together.

"What kind of sword is this, to have such power!" Yama Minamiya's Sect Leader Shen Dong was also panicking as he stared at the Scarlet Demon King Sword in Qin Chao's hands.

"That's not enough, the Evil King Sword is not enough …" Qin Chao would never forget that in his minor dimension, the Scarlet Emperor Evil King Sword had transformed into the appearance of a huge golden-red light sword.

Even though his current appearance was very strong, he definitely couldn't scare off the Zombie King!

"Give me some more strength!" "Evil King Sword!" Qin Chao circulated all the true energy in his body and sent it into the Evil King Sword. However, the light on the Evil King Sword seemed to have reached its limit and there would not be any more changes.

It was different from the lesser dimension. In the real world, if the realm of Qin Chao was not sufficient, one would not be able to summon the true form of the Evil King Sword.

"Benefactor, I am here to lend you a hand!" The Dharma Idol suddenly formed a Seal, the Six Armed Wisdom Seal. It sealed all of the mana in its body within the huge handprint before attacking Qin Chao.

"Bang!" With a loud sound, the huge palm hit the back of Qin Chao.

Qin Chao did not dodge. He knew that the Dharma Idol would not lie.

Sure enough, after the huge palm exploded on his back, Qin Chao felt the power in their body enter a peak state. Then, the door to the final level of the Foundation Establishment Stage, suddenly seemed to be pushed by someone, entering the sacred art in an instant.

When the power reached its peak, Qin Chao gained their own understanding of magic.

Everything was natural …

Whether it was demonic techniques or buddhist techniques, when one cultivated to the end, the results would be the same.

In truth, divine abilities and divine abilities weren't meant to fight at all. They were a method to fight against the Heaven's Might. Once he stepped into the thunder tribulation, the heavenly might would descend.

At that time, he would have no choice but to rely on his magic tools and divine abilities to resist the Heaven's Might.

With the help of the Dharma Idol, the external force of the Nascent Soul Stage, the Quintessential Essence in Qin Chao was like a surging river as it gushed into the Evil King Sword.

On the Evil King Sword, the golden light seemed to have finally reached its limit and began to condense.

Finally, a huge golden-red sword appeared in the hands of Qin Chao.

This was the extraordinary shape of the Scarlet Emperor Evil King Sword, an existence that could scare away the Zombie King.

"Evil King Sword, go!"

Seeing this sword, Qin Chao rejoiced, the body of the sword stabbed into the ground.

Just like cutting tofu, the treasured sword easily entered the soil.

The previously calm ground suddenly began to tremble. A voice was faintly discernable as it wailed again.

At the same time, all the King Corpse, including Hu Ke, also started wailing.

They all seemed to be suffering the same pain.

And on the earth, there was an extremely terrifying power that was fighting against Qin Chao.

Qin Chao knew that this was the Zombie King who was about to awaken.

"Evil King Sword!" "Kill him for me!" Qin Chao was quite angry with this Zombie King, you should just sleep well, get up and do whatever you want! Not only were there so many innocent people dead, they were even taken advantage of by Yama Minamiya!

The Evil King Sword suddenly disappeared from Qin Chao's hands and instantly sank into the ground.

Through the Evil King Sword, Qin Chao seemed to see a black figure looking at them with eyes as cold as ice.

With just that one glance, Qin Chao's entire body went cold!

What level of power was that! This was definitely not something he could deal with right now!

Qin Chao secretly bit his tongue, letting the pain stimulate his body no longer stiff.

He controlled the Evil King Sword and continued to chase after the black figure.

"Kid, how dare you disturb my sleep!"

The black shadow actually sent him a message.

"When I come out, it will be your death!"

With that, the black shadow suddenly ran into the soil and disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

And because of the Zombie King's departure, the black gas that had been enveloping the academy started to dissipate.

Without the support of the corpse aura, the movement of the King Corpse became very slow. Some cultivators had actually chopped off their heads with a wave of their swords.

"The corpse energy has disappeared!"

"That's great, the Zombie King seems to have run away!"

"Oh my god, it's that demonic path devil Luo, it's actually saving us!"

Everyone could not believe this fact, but it was indeed Qin Chao that saved them. Not only that, in order to save them, Qin had even offended that terrifying Zombie King.

Zombie Kings, all of them were at the Golden Body Realm. As long as they stepped into the thunder tribulation, they were invincible existences.

As for Qin Chao, they had just stepped through the threshold of the sacred art. If it wasn't for the Evil King Sword, the Nine Netherpassage Technique and the unique magic items and divine abilities, his cultivation level wouldn't even be worth mentioning.

However, no matter what, after cultivating for less than a year, he went from a mortal to a sacred cultivation world. The speed of Qin Chao's growth left everyone dumbstruck.

The credit for this was not only due to his innate demonic body.

"Qin Chao, the good deed you did!" Seeing that the situation had already passed, Shen Dong angrily shouted, "We'll see, I will definitely take revenge for this!"

With that, his body turned into a sinister black smoke, as if he was about to lead his disciples and flee.

"Where do you think you're going!" Qin Chao immediately brandished the outstanding form of the Evil King Sword that had yet to recover. As for Shen Dong and the others, they fled even faster. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared from the sports field.

The treasured sword of Qin Chao only had enough time to cut a small piece of black smoke.

Even though the other party had escaped, no matter what, the scheme by Yama Minamiya this time could be considered a failure.

Seeing Shen Dong and the rest escape, the power within Qin Chao also dissipated. Leaning on his sword, he almost sat on the ground.

He had expended too much energy today, and his injuries were severe as well. There were many places where the wound had been left. For a short period of time, he could not even deal with them by relying on his healing powers.

The consumption of true essence was enormous, so his recovery ability was naturally reduced by a lot.

"Daoist Master Qin, although the two of you are opposing, I still want to thank you today."

Jiang Yifan sheathed his sword and clasped his fists towards Qin Chao.

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