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Chapter 286 Followed"Who do you think you are to call them?" Li Qiang exhaled a breath of smoke, "You still want them to buy a car here? You're bragging too much, hur hur." "Exactly." The beauty that he brought along also echoed him, "I've seen many men like him. They don't have money or ability, and they still act pretentious in front of women." "Please don't be angry." The clerk added, "Some customers love face more. Let's just take it as a joke." Hearing their cold ridicule, Li Mingwei felt embarrassed. "Sir, I'm sorry, but it's all because of me that I've made things difficult for you." "It doesn't matter." Qin Chao waved his hand, "Let them laugh. They will cry later." Just as he said that, the fence on the garage door suddenly opened and a familiar Land Cruiser slowly drove in. "Ahhh!" The employee was shocked, "This is Miss Long's car!" When he cried out in alarm, everyone's gazes immediately shot towards him. A pretty girl wearing jeans, a cotton waistcoat, and a pair of oxhide boots jumped out of the car. "Long Bei'er!" Li Qiang naturally knew this person. His father, Li Fumin, had a lot of private dealings with Long Tianzheng. The Heavenly Dragon Corporation was cleaned, that old fellow, Long Tianzheng, had left all the business to his own son. However, his influence was also extremely profound. Sometimes, Li Fuming still had to rely on Long Tianzheng to help him with things that he couldn't solve. If Long Bei'er wasn't gay, then Li Qiang wanted to court this little girl. However, the first reason was that she was gay, and the second reason was that her temper was too explosive. She really couldn't take it anymore. What surprised him was that this Long Bei'er was actually here! "Oh, Qin Chao, do you fancy the little girl in our shop?" Long Bei'er waved to Qin Chao and shouted loudly. "Your shop?" Qin had raised an eyebrow. "That's right. This 4s is also an industry of our Heavenly Dragon Corporation. Don't you know?" "Ha ha-ha, stupid." Long Bei'er laughed coquettishly, provoking Qin Chao to rub their noses. F * ck, your Heavenly Dragon Corporation is so big, who knows what you guys are up to? Li Qiang and the employee were dumbfounded. They thought that the three phone calls from Qin Chao were bragging, but who would have thought that Long Bei'er actually came! "Eh, did you buy a car?" Long Bei'er curiously asked when he saw that Mazda 6. "No, I came with my boss to buy a car." Qin Chao pointed at the sitting car Li Xue and introduced. "I'm poor, how could I buy a car?" "Boss?" When Long Bei'er saw Li Xue sitting in the car, her eyes flashed with a strange light. It seemed that she was somewhat sour as she said, "Oh, my boss is quite pretty." "Miss Long, how are you? I'm Li Xue, the manager of the Heavenly Eagle Company's business division." Li Xue knew that Long Bei'er's identity wasn't ordinary, so she walked out of the car and extended her hand towards her with a smile. "Hello, my name is Long Bei'er, the boss of the West Field." Long Bei'er gently pinched Li Xue's small hand and said: "In the future, if you need anything, just come and find me." Qin Chao knows my phone number. " Seeing Long Bei'er pinching and pinching Li Xue's hand, Qin Chao's heart trembled with fear. F * ck, this Long Bei'er is lesiban! Did she really think that she was harassing him? However, Li Xue didn't know that Long Bei'er was lesbian. She only felt that the other party was a little girl, and it was a little strange that she extended a finger to scratch her palm. Embarrassed, she withdrew her hand. Qin Chao quickly came out and said, "Longbai'er, this female shop assistant is not bad, you decide." He pointed at Li Mingwei and said to Long Bei'er. "Oh, that's simple." Long Bei'er said directly to Li Mingwei, "Li Mingwei, right? From now on, you're the shop manager of this shop." "Do it well." "Ah …" "Yes!" Li Mingwei was surprised for a moment, he clearly didn't have the time to react from this sudden surprise. Who the hell was this guy? With just a phone call, he had become the shop manager? The employee's face was extremely ugly to behold. He was on the verge of crying. If she becomes the shop manager, then what should I do? Originally, his results were the best, and he was going to be promoted to manager by the end of the year. Alright, I've lost everything this time. It was all because of that man. It was only a call from him! "How about I send you a car?" Long Bei'er was lying on the Mazda 6. The curves of her body flowed out as she said to Qin Chao with a beaming smile. "No need, I don't want it." Qin Chao waved his hand. "I have my own car." "You're not talking about your broken bicycle, are you?" she asked, raising her chin. In Dongchuan City, everyone knew that Master Qin's bicycle was a permanent 28 "bicycle. Hmm, the front of the car is even equipped with a GPS navigation system. He knew a bit about the matter when Long Bei'er was mixed up in Su Nan City."Broken bicycle?" As soon as Qin Chao heard someone question their permanent 28, they were immediately enraged, "My bicycle, it won the road race over the Cayenne! The city race had caught up with the BMW! With such outstanding results, how can it be called a lousy bicycle!? " "Good, good, good! It won't break until it's broken!" Although Long Bei'er didn't believe that she could win against a Cayenne BMW or anything like that, she couldn't afford to lose her temper against Qin Chao. To think that this demonic and god-like man had actually brought down an entire pub full of people! Even his subordinate, who had practiced Muay Thai Fist, had been defeated by him with a single move. If such a man were to really have a temper, then what kind of terrifying appearance would he have?! Perhaps even his own father wouldn't be able to withstand such rage. However, he cared too much about his bicycle. Why did it sound like he was talking about his wife? "Miss Long!" At this time, Li Qiang also walked forward and said to Long Bei'er, "Long time no see, you are still so lively and adorable." "Eh, isn't this someone from the Li family? Why are you here as well?" Only then did Long Bei'er seem to realize something, and she said to Li Qiang in surprise. Li Qiang's expression was unsightly. No matter what he said, he was a member of the Li family. But this Long Bei'er seemed to only have eyes for Qin Chao, completely ignoring him. "I bought a car. I didn't expect to meet Miss Long so coincidentally." No matter what, the two families were related, Li Qiang politely said to Long Bei'er. "So that's how it is." Long Bei'er saw the mink skinned beauty sitting in the car with a glance, then she saw the fur on Li Qiang's body. She covered her mouth and laughed, "You're still wearing clothes without any taste at all." "…" Li Qiang was speechless for a long time. "Director Li, no matter what, it's fate that we meet. How about we have lunch together?" After Long Bei'er finished speaking, she no longer paid attention to Li Qiang. Instead, she turned her gaze to the cold beauty beside her. "Alright." Since the other p arty was a young girl, Li Xue's wariness was lowered by quite a bit, and she agreed the moment she opened her mouth. Qin Chao in the heart cry, oh buy a god, ah President Li, why did you agree so quickly! Didn't he just escape from the tiger's den and fall into the wolf's den again? "Alright, I know there's a pretty good barbecue nearby. I'll take your car and go with you." As Long Bei'er spoke, she pulled Li Xue into the car and said to Qin Chao. "You drive!" "Alright!" Qin Chao rubbed his nose. This time, he was the driver. He helplessly got into the driver's seat, but Li Xue asked after him. "Do you have a driver's license?" "What driver's license do you want!" Before Qin Chao could speak, Long Bei'er pressed Li Xue's shoulder, pushing her back onto the seat. "Don't worry, Qin Chao won't be willing to knock us down." Qin Chao sweated at the waterfall ahead. Li Mingwei bowed towards Qin Chao and said. "Thank you, sir." "No need to thank me." Qin Chao leaned on the window and smiled. "You deserve all this." Even the average customer is God. It's the basic principle of a good shop, and you know better than I do. " After saying this, Qin Chao waved to Li Mingwei, then activated the Mazda 6 and sped off. Everyone watched as the red car gradually disappeared, each with their own thoughts. Many thoughts flashed through Li Qiang's heart in an instant. This man was extraordinary; he actually knew Long Bei'er. What exactly is his identity? I must investigate it properly when I go back. The Li Xue beside him, he must obtain it! No one can stop me, Young Master Li. Qin did not know that he had completely offended Li Qiang. But even if he knew, he wouldn't care. He had offended many people before. Li Qiang could be considered a godly horse. If even the Zombie King offended him, what was there to be afraid of? The two beauties behind him were conversing. Qin Chao glanced through the car mirror and immediately frowned. "Sit down in the back. Someone is targeting us." "Aye!" Long Bei'er waved his hand. "It might be one of my men!" "Your subordinates all drive Ivico?" Qin Chao's thumb over his shoulder, pointed behind, said. Long Bei'er and Li Xue both turned around at the same time, only to see a few white Ivico following far behind them. "Qin Chao, aren't you overthinking it?" "Those cars are so far away, how could they be following us?" "He's indeed following us, and he's been following us for a long time." "They have been following us ever since we left the garage." "Could he be my enemy?" Long Bei'er also frowned. "In Su Nan City, there doesn't seem to be any major power that dares to attack me." "I don't think it was meant for you." "I try to shake them off, no matter who it is," he said as he continued to drive. Li Xue's eyes widened somewhat nervously as she leaned against the car seat. It seemed that following Qin Chao would always result in something as exciting as this happening. At this time, Li Xue's own phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and heard a familiar voice over the phone. "Miss Li, you've already been targeted by our people." It was a stiff voice that did not seem to be Chinese. "You have only two choices." First, sell us the stock. "Second, go to hell." "Yamamoto Michio!" Li Xue gritted her teeth. "After them are your people!" "What do you want to do?!" "Miss Li is very powerful. She actually noticed that our people are following behind her." Yamamoto's voice revealed a hint of pride, "However, if you don't agree, those people will send you to hell."
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