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Listening to the One-Eyed Dragon speak, Qin Feng was completely furious. Green Snake also felt enraged by these words, but as hard as she tried to twist her body, she was unable to escape the ropes that bound her. In response, one of the guards hit her in the face with the butt of his gun, knocking her against the guardrail of the terrace.

Qin Feng exploded, wrenching his wrists apart until the handcuffs holding him broke. In a moment, he had crossed ten meters to stand in front of the One-Eyed Dragon and was shouting, "Damn you! I will crush you!"

However, he didn't expect that the One-Eyed Dragon would have anticipated his move, and he had pointed his pistol straight at Green Snake's head.

"One step closer, and I'll shoot her," the One-Eyed Dragon said calmly. Around the two men, more than 20 mercenaries were pointing their guns at either Qin Feng or Green Snake. One wrong move, and Qin Feng and Green Snake would likely be riddled with bullets.

Qin Feng thought carefully. He wanted nothing more than to see the One-Eyed Dragon skinned alive, but he knew that that wasn't an option. He stood there, picturing Xiao He being chopped to bits and fed to dogs in a foreign country.

Was there anything worse than this moment?

Qin Feng was regretful about leaving Xiao He's body behind. After he'd been ambushed, he had jumped into the river and the current had carried him away from the mercenaries and their guns. He had had no way to return.

Seeing that Qin Feng dared not move, several mercenaries came behind him and with the butts of their guns hit him in the back of his head, shoulders, knees, hips and ribs. Qin Feng didn't fight back, but he still didn't fall.

Although Green Snake couldn't speak or move, she could not stand watching Qin Feng being struck like this. She shook her head helplessly and tried to yell out, but the mercenaries began beating her again as well.

Suddenly a tall soldier directly hit Qin Feng between the eyes and he finally came close to falling over. However, he again stayed standing, and a moment layer the One-Eyed Dragon called to his men:


One-Eyed Dragon spoke in a clear voice, saying, "Get back and train your guns on him. If he dares to try anything, you have permission to open fire."

Qin Feng stood still, seething with anger but knowing there was nothing he could do to avenge Xiao He or save Green Dragon. He looked up at the sky, sighing, and then slowly knelt while facing the southwest. Liquid dripped from the corner of his eye, but it was hard to tell whether it was tear or blood. Then he spoke.

"Brother, Xiao He. I'm so sorry. How could I leave you there alone? I really deserve to die."

After he spoke, he balled his hand into a fist and directly hit the wooden floor, breaking the beams beneath him.

Watching him, Green Snake also shed tears. She had had an incredibly strong friendship with Xiao He, and to think of his ending and to see Qin Feng like this now was more than she could bear.

Qin Feng felt powerless for the first time during this whole situation. In the past, he was always able to change things in his favor, no matter how strong his enemies were. However, he'd seen his comrades defeated and disbanded. Because of that list, everything had changed.

Suddenly the One-Eyed Dragon let out a boisterous laugh and then settled into a smug smile. He walked up to Qin Feng and said, "Remember your teammate? Truthfully, his fighting was just as good as yours. We had to use hundreds of people to kill him. If not for him, you would have died. In fact, I was aiming for you. So was the sniper. But Xiao He suddenly took your place.

You are a coward. You watched us kill him, then fled the scene and jumped into the river. I admire your teammate, but you? Could you even say you admire yourself?

Now, I am the only one who is responsible for what happens. You took away the list the boss needs, so now there's no longer a manuscript for us to follow."
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