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Hi Everyone,

I am back posting for Nidome no Yuusha this week.

Thank you for all the awesome creative comments from last week. Pink Tea will take a look and decide on what he wishes to do with the naming 😉 This novel does have quite a tricky naming convention in some of the spells and abilities at times. But we won't give up!

As some of you may know, I am managing most of the novels on the site. I've joined LNT for about 3 months now, and have been extremely busy since then. But boy, don't I just L-O-V-E this site. Yep, I am pretty starstruck. 🤩

So, when I say we won't give up on this novel I mean it. I've heard stories about how this novel has been dropped a few times in the past and changed hands from one translator group to the next. Well, this is it folks, this novel will stay with us —— because no matter how hard a chapter is, we will keep going and decipher it, whatever it takes..!

I know some of you asked me about the novel's schedule. I am thankful for all your patience so far, I am trying my best to get this novel going with a consistent schedule, opening up donations bar, as well as adding this for all our Patrons (so if you are one of our Patron and love this novel, be on the lookout as it's one of my top priority to add this novel to the list). If you haven't check it out yet, please do check our . In a gist, our Patreon offers our members access to read advanced chapters. Our aim is to always have minimum 4 novels in the list, and so far we have 7. Of course, this number will fluctuate as a novel reach it's ending, they will get taken off the list naturally, but we will keep adding more novels in there as we go.

Once we get our foot on the ground we will be releasing 2 chapters a week for this novel. We are going to hire a few translators dedicated just on this project to ensure this is going to happen. Hiring a few people will ensure that there is 100% consistency and 0% downtime: when someone is busy / away / on holiday / fall sick (anything can happen, you name it) But this way *fingers crossed* the novel schedule will not get affected. You have met Pink Tea, in addition, we are going to have Suzuran, Ranzan and Jay_Samuel. We are also fortunate to have JackOFallTrades as editor for this novel. I will personally be overseeing the project to make sure it all comes together smoothly. So that's 6 people working on this novel alone, I think that's a pretty damn amazing effort.

Without further ado, please enjoy reading this chapter~

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