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Chapter 4: Divorce Papers

“Drive!!!” Shi Feng kicked the horse’s belly, and with a painful neigh, it rushed forward along the mountain road blowing dust into the air. The hills of Xiuling Mountain was lush and green, and the scenery on the mountain was stunningly beautiful. This mountain was also named for its beauty.

There was a village at the foot of Xiuling Mountain, called Xiuling Village.

Most of the people in the village live on farming, working from sunrise till sunset.

At this moment, the sun was falling, and the sky was filled with the blooming colors of a red sunset, mixed with natural colors of dusk.

Shi Feng looked at the low-rise houses in front of him. On the road, there were three or four returning farmers and a group of children that were running and playing in the street or in the houses.

There was a little fatty of eight or nine years old. He bullied Shi Ling a while ago so when Shi Ling saw the little fatty, she spit out her little tongue and made a face to the little fatty.

When Shi Feng saw Shi Ling’s playful appearance, he touched her little head with affection.

“Hey? Isn’t that the boy and girl from the Shi Family? How come they are riding a great horse?” A farmer with a hoe smeared the sweat on his forehead and asked the people around him.

“They are indeed the children of the Shi Family. How can they have a horse in the first place? Shouldn’t they do anything but crow like a cock and steal like a dog?” Another said.

“This is a big matter. People who possess horses are not ordinary. Those bastardly children did a shameless thing once again. This will hurt our whole village. We must tell the village chief about this. .”

“Well, you are right. Still so small but already capable of doing this dastardly deed, imagine the devils they would unleash when they grow up. We have to do this.”

The three said as they quietly went towards the village chief’s house.

Shi Feng naturally didn’t know about these things. As he glanced at the people in the village, they also looked at the siblings with amazement. Shi Feng was too lazy to pay attention to them and urged the dark horses to go home.

After going out for a day, their mother must be worried.

It was she who gave him a new life, it was she who gave him the opportunity to be reborn again, and it was she who raised himself in difficult times and hardships. Shi Feng regarded this person in his memory as his true mother without any rejection.

A low-dilapitated wooden house gradually appeared in his eyes. This was the home of Shi Feng for fifteen years. In front of the house was a small courtyard surrounded by a fence.

Shi Feng jumped off the dark horse, carried Shi Ling down, and took the black horse into the small courtyard where he tied it to a stone pier.

Just then, there was a heart-rending tearful cry in the house: “Please! Don’t!”

“Mother?” Hearing the screaming sound, Shi Feng’s face sank and quickly rushed to the house. He raise his right foot kicked the door. With a loud thud, the wooden door was slammed open by Shi Feng.

Within the shabby, dim house, their mother was wearing coarse cloth, her hair was dishevelled with a very sorry figure. Her face was pale, her eyes were red, and her face was wet of tears.

She was kneeling on the ground and her hands were tightly holding a white robe man’s right leg. Her body trembled slightly.

In front of her was a man. The man looked in his thirties. He was nearly 2 meters tall. His forehead was full, his eyebrows was star-shaped, and his face was as sharp as a knife.

The man’s face was cold, his hands were behind him, standing there. His whole body was like a sword with a scabbard.

“Martial Monarch?” Shi Feng saw the cultivation of this person at a glance.

“Who are you?” Shi Feng shouted. His heart was billowing in anger as power began to gather in his hands.

At this time the man also looked at him.

“Feng’er, do not be rude aah. He is … he’s your father.” Mother looked at Shi Feng and said to him in a flutter.

“Huh?" Shi Feng's brow wrinkled. His face became more and more gloomy, and some memories gradually emerged in his mind.

“Mother, why does everyone has a father. Why don’t I have a father aah.” Shi Feng was still five years old at that time as he asked his mother in ignorance.

Mother touched Shi Feng's head in a loving manner and smiled, "That’s because, our Feng’er’s father is not as simple as other children’s father. Our Feng’er father is a big hero. For our country, Feng’er’s father is now in the battlefield killing our enemies.”

When he was seven years old that year, “Mother, that San Pang yelled at me for being a rude child. He said I have no father, wuuuwuuu.”

“Feng’er don’t listen to them. Feng’er is not a rude child, and Feng’er’s father is a big hero.”

When he was eight years old that year, “Mother, why hasn’t father come back to us? Does father not want us anymore?”

“Why does father not want us? Mother believes that one day, Feng’er’s father will ride on a big horse and pick us up. I believe that day will not be far away.”

Later, as Shi Feng grew up, he became very sensible and rarely asked about his father anymore. But Shi Feng knew that his mother had been looking forward for his return. Hoping that one day, the man in her heart would come pick her up above a great horse.

But Shi Feng did not expect that he really came back today. But what he saw was such a heart breaking scene.

“Mother.” At this time, Shi Ling also rushed to the house and ran to her mother.

“Hehe.” When the man saw Shi Ling, a cold smile appeared on his cold face. “Bai Yueyue, you said that you have been waiting for me for fifteen years. Is this what you call painfully waiting?” The man said while pointing his finger at Shi Ling.

“Jintian, ​​it’s not what you think. Linger, she… Linger, she is the child I saw abandoned in the mountains seven years ago.” Shi Feng’s mother, Bai Yueyue, was full of bitterness and explained to him.

“Oh.” Shi Jintian still sneered on his face and said: “Even if she was born from your affair with another man, I still don’t give a shit. This is for you.” Shi Jintian said, handing a piece of paper and gave it to Bai Yueyue

Bai Yueyue bit her lip, shaking her hands in pain. She begged, “Jintian, please don’t. Do you still remember that when we experienced hardships and difficulties, I gave up everything for you so we can be together?”

“Do you still remember your promise that you will love me, and protect me forever. Do you still remember that when we were separated from each other on the day you departed with the army, you said that you will come back to have me live a good life. And I said that I will wait for you forever? Jintian, ​​have you forgotten these? "

Bai Yueyue looked up and looked at Shi Jintian's unrequited face with tears.

“Get lost!” Shi Jintian did not move at all and shouted.

Shi Feng finally couldn’t stand it. He went forward and grabbed the white paper from the hands of Bai Jintian.

Above the paper, the word “Devorce Paper” at the front was the most eye-catching.

“Ha ha ha, good, really good!” Shi Feng faced Shi Jintian and laughed loudly.

“Feng’er you…” Bai Yueyue was at a loss.

Shi Feng didn’t pay attention to Bai Yueyue, facing Shi Jintian, he shouted, “When you were away for fifteen years, my mother has been painfully waiting for 15 years for your cruel and unscrupulous face. So bastard, why the fuck did you come back here?”

“Impudent!” Shi Jintian screamed. He raised his hand and slammed it towards Shi Feng’s head.

When the Martial Monarch attacked, the air around seemed to solidify. Shi Feng only felt a mountain crushing his body. Under this attack, he can’t resist at all, and even moving a single finger was difficult.

“No!” Bai Yueyue screamed. She was always weak and was bedridden all year round. She didn’t know where the strength came from but she immediately loosened Shi Jintian’s right leg, stood up and hugged Shi Feng, pressed Shi Feng’s body to herself. Her back facing Shi Jintian.

“Nooo!” This time, it was Shi Feng's turn to turn insane with his eyes becoming red.

As the palm of a Martial Monarch was about to fall, Bai Yueyue weak body did not move. But on her face was a sweet, comforting smile of a loving mother.

“Humph!” Shi Jintian screamed coldly and suddenly stopped his palm strike. But there was still a force overflowing from his palm that slammed at the back of Bai Yueyue.

Shi Feng only felt her warm body trembled while a bright red liquid spilled from the corner of his mother’s mouth.

Looking at this pale face full of heart-rending sadness, Shi Feng felt his heart twitching violently.

“Feng’er…” Bai Yueyue gently caressed Shi Feng’s face with her right hand and looked at him. She suddenly smiled in pain, “Mother… Dies… You…after… … well… well…take care of yourself… take care of it… Ling’er…”

“Mother!” Shi Ling took the corner of Bai Yueyue’s clothes and wept.

“Ling’er… oh…” Bai Yuexiao smiled and touched Shi Ling’s face.

“Uwaaaaa!” A bright red blood spurted out from her mouth, as her body fell to the ground in unconsciousness.

Shi Feng quickly clutched Bai Yueyue not letting her fall.

“Stupid!” Shi Jintian tossed a cold sneer and turned away.

When he walked to the door, Shi Feng looked at this figure and bit his teeth in anger, “Shi! Jin! Tian!”

Three words emerged from Shi Feng’s teeth.

Shi Jintian's foot stopped as he turned around. He still had a cold face and not even the slightest emotion can be seen on his face.

“My mother has suffered for so many years. The pain she suffered today, I will repay back thousands of times!” Shi Feng screamed coldly. His eyes were full of murderous intent. At this moment, he could not wait to throw this bastardly lunatic in his Netherworld Hell and torment him forever by tens of thousands of demons and devils.

“Hmmph.” Shi Jintian snorted and sneered at the corner of his mouth. “Ignorant fool.”

After finishing this sentence, Shi Jintian went out without stopping and disappeared into the horizon.

“Hey…mother…mother…” Shi Ling was still sobbing, and the little girl’s face was full of tears.

Watching Shi Ling cry like a cute little cat, the suffocation on the face of Shi Feng gradually receded.

Not long after she was born, her biological parents abandoned this little girl. When her mother went up the mountain to pick some wild fruits, she found her with a cyan jade pendant on her chest. On the jade was engraved the word “Ling (Spirit)”. And thus, Bai Yueyue named Shi Ling.

When the little girl was still small, she was very easily embarrassed, and she was more sensible than other children of her age. Over the years, as the body of their mother began to deteriorate, the little girl helped with the cooking, making medicine for mother, washing the dishes, cleaning the body of mother.

The little girl is like his own little tail, wherever he goes, she will follow.

She was his beloved little sister.

Shi Feng lovingly touched Shi Ling's small head.  “Ling’er don’t worry. With your brother here, you and mother will not want anything."

Shi Ling looked up, tearful eyed. A pitiful look stared back at Shi Feng.

“Don’t cry, look at your little face.” Shi Feng gently wiped the tears on Shi Ling’s face with his clothes.

“Hey, go help brother boil a pot of hot water.” Shi Feng said as he gently patted Shi Ling’s small head.

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