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"...Are you seriously saying that you give me this stone from the monster you've defeated..."

I nodded.

Truth be told, I would like to give an explanation, but sadly... my body is not yet able to speak so well.

"I think I understand why you're giving me this ... I told you about my circumstances, and... you and I know that getting that amount is not possible for weak adventurers like me."

 Certainly, that is exactly the case.

 Well, if I told you that I am strong, well, the truth is I'm the strongest I ever been now.. but in comparison to others I'm not something to talk about.

 However, I can understand that I seem a giant in front of this man.

 And I can see that he thinks he can never reach my level and defeat a monster like this one.

 The man is covered with debt and his career as an adventurer is also terrible.

 It means that there is not economically or physically any possible way out of that debt.

 However, that's only from the man's perspective.

 From my point of view, a man is a human being, and that's valuable enough.

 I am an undead...

 I can not move so freely, can't yet speak well and cannot mix with humans.

 I even need other people to do things for me, and there is no gain for anyone to help me.

 In other words, I think that if I help this guy, he can become a helper for me in the future in the city of malt.

 However, to truly explain my circumstances, I need to trust him enough.

An undead is not something that can be ignored if reported to the city authorities...

 Well let's not think about that kind of things,
 I think that he can help me with various things.

 Let's try.

"Let Me HeLp YoU WiTh YoUr DeBt...."

"Well, what ..."

"I Am FoR ThIs PuRpOsE, So DoN't FeEl DoWn. I nEeD YoUr HeLp Too  "

 That said, I removed the gloves and showed my arms.

 I can not afford to show my whole body and face, but this much is still safe.

 If it's just my arms.. it can still pass as a very serious burn.

 This is something that occasionally happens for adventurers.

 However, this man is still a beginner who can not be said to be an adventurer yet.

 It seems that he's not used to watching something so badly hurt as the look my current arms give, and his face turned a bit pale.

 However, I do not feel like he would mistake me for a monster with just this much.

 he seemed to think of this as purely an old wound, so I kept on going as expected.

"WeLL, ThIs ScAr WaS FrOm A DisAsTrOuS WiTh A MoNsTeR.. aNd a LiTtlE MiStAkE pRoDuCeD ThIs..."

Even though it turned out to be a kind adventurer, I have never thought about the danger deeply.

No, this is my only opportunity to do so.

This man felt like bathed in cold water from seeing the misery of my arm.

The man thought for a while and nodded,

"... OK, I can do it, but... I guess it is too convenient for me ...."

"WeLL, TaKe It As YoU DoInG Me A FaVoR."

 While nodding at my words, I felt as if I was trying to add a new condition to this man..
 Then, the man said that he still had a face and should return the favor.

 But my words betrayed the expectation of the man.

"YoU CaN SeLL It... No NeEd PaYmEnT.. JuSt... ThE LeFt OvEr FrOm PaYmEnT.."

 The man seemed not to be able to understand the words I said at the beginning, but gradually seemed to have an idea, then showed a bitter smile,

"... .... You're serious about it?... ... Are you stupid, are not you ...?"


"Such ... ... that kind of thing, do not try to gift me with mana stones that are likely to be more than 15 gold coins!"


"No, that's something only a retard would do ... You can earn as much as you want with this ... But ... Thanks you so much... I will never forget this favor... I'll try to gain as much as I can with the store and return you this double! "

The face of the man said so with a smile.

However, the eyes were red, tears were spilling from one to the next, I thought that maybe I did a good thing..

 ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

"... ... Huh ... I finally got out, this air, I feel like a long time ago, I feel a sense of nostalgia even though I have not done so much."

The man went outside the labyrinth with me and took a deep breath and said such a thing.

I know the feelings of that man.

Anyway, I had a dense experience that I had died a step further.

I went out to a safe place and the thread of tension went out.

Although it is not a labyrinth but it is not that there is no monsters at all, in that sense it is not to be distracted, but for today it is okay to miss it.

"....ToWn, Go BaCk, UnTiL ThEn, TaKe CaRe ..."

 As I said that, I started walking away, and the man panicked,

"Oh, wait, my friend, you know!"


One more chapter after so much time.. It's really difficult for me to continue posting chapters, but.. I'll continue as far as I can go. Thanks for reading, and please enjoy!.

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