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Translator: Slowya
Editor: Wolf

When Zhan BeiTian heard the sound, he suspiciously lowered his head to look. He saw there was a little box on the floor.

When he picked it up,  the three big words « Xiao Zhang Pian » (antacids)  written in black came into view. Suddenly, he felt both amused and in a good mood.

As he thought about something, his eyes lit up. He stuffed the medicines inside his pants pockets, carrying both the big and small bags into his house.

When it was 7 pm, and dinner time, Zhan BeiTian woke Mu YiFan up to eat.

After Mu YiFan ate his fill, he felt embarrassed as he recalled only eating all the food prepared by the male lead and having him wash the dishes, so he took the initiative to wash the dishes.

When he was done washing, he saw the trash can fill to the brim with trash. He knitted his brows, took out a big garbage bag from the closet and threw the garbage into the bag.

It was at that time that a « Ka La La » sound attracted his attention.

Mu YiFan looked confused at the big trash bag, it appears that something was thrown inside.

He searched inside and found a white medicine bottle with a torn tag.

The bottle made a « Ka La La » sound when Mu YiFan shook it.

What kind of medicine is it?

Unexpectedly it has never been opened before. Curiously he began to open it, but froze midway.

Mu YiFan glanced at Zhan BeiTian, who was sitting on the sofa in the hall, determining if he should disturb the male lead or not. He wanted to avoid digging out a secret the male lead wanted to conceal.

However, he couldn't suppress his curiosity. Stealthily, he opened the bottle and sure enough, there was no name on the pills.

Mu YiFan was a little disappointed, he could only look for a name tag in the trash can.

He didn’t find the name tag but found a beaten flat box case used to transport medicine bottles.He discreetly looked. On top of the box, the 6 big words: « High calcium tablets for pregnant women » can be seen.

Mu YiFan was astonished, « Really? »

The male lead would buy this kind of calcium tablet?

However, the male lead isn’t pregnant, why would he buy this kind of calcium tablet? In addition, after buying it, why would he throw it away?

Even though he was really curious, he couldn’t find the answer so he could only press down his curiosity. He returned the medicine back in the trash bag and threw it away in the trash can outside the villa.

After finishing all of this, the time was already past 8. Only then did Mu YiFan remember the medicine for bloated belly he stealthily brought today at the drugstore. He hurriedly asked Zhan BeiTian, « Where did you put the clothes I bought today? »

Zhan BeiTian, who was in the middle of using his laptop, glanced at him. He indifferently replied, « Behind the sofa. »

After Mu YiFan arrived behind the sofa, he put aside the clothes bought for the male lead and hurriedly carried his other bags to the room on the second floor.

« Do not run. » Zhan BeiTian’s cold voice suddenly resounded.

« Ah? » Mu YiFan lowered his head to look at the male lead coldly staring at him with his raised head. He couldn’t help slowing his pace before going back to his room.

Zhan BeiTian shifted his gaze, looking toward the dozen of bags left by Mu YiFan. It appears that unexpectedly, the clothes bought for him numbered even more than the one Mu Yifan carried upstairs.

After Mu YiFan got back to his room, he promptly looked for the bag containing the pyjama he wore to go outside today. Then he found the pills he bought at the bottom of the bag.

He hurriedly opened the box, opened the lid, retrieving the pills. He saw there was a cartoon girl carved on the pink oval pill, he couldn’t help mutter, « This stomach pill is quite cute. »

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