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Volume 3: Melancholy of a General

「 Chapter 4: Something Blue Part 1 」

TN: IM NOT DEAD YETTTT – Jen’s short revival before falling dead again

When she woke up the next morning to the dry air, Leti recalled the current situation. This was Illstra, not Sommevesle.

“Good morning, Princess. How is your body’s condition?”

The maids worried that Leti would catch a cold after returning yesterday drenched. Saying she was fine, Leti began her morning preparation.

Surrounded by the maids, Leti instructed them on which dress she was going to wear and which accessories to use. Under the attentive care of the maids, while they were applying perfumed oil to Leti’s hair, Leti suddenly recalled something and searched for a certain person’s figure through the mirror.


She looked behind her, then momentarily went silent.

“Your Highness?”

The maid that was fixing her hair stopped her hands. Saying it was nothing, Leti turned back around.

‘……what am I doing, it has only just been two days since Duke left’

She didn’t know since when, did she start to get into the habit of turning back and talking to him at times like these.

She was clearly the one that told him to leave, and yet she forgot. To this she felt a bit vexed. No…..she felt regretful because she’d began to think of his existence as something that was expected.

“Have you decided on today’s schedule?”

Outside looked as if it was still as sunny as before. Leti went through everything she’d needed to do in her head and clear out the ones that she’d already done.

This way she could also complete her plans to sightsee the royal capital that was a lower priority.

“Since it’s a rare opportunity, I plan on visiting the town below Illstra’s royal castle. Go and call Craig over.”

The plan to tour the town in incognito will be carried out after noon.

In Illstra, during the time when the sunlight was the harshest, most people had the habit of taking afternoon naps. And it was at this time when the bell sounded, signaling the end of nap time.

Taking Craig with her, Leti leisurely strolled the streets under the castle with a veil covering her face.

“It sure is lively. No matter when I come to this country, the citizens are always so carefree and happy.”

Leti strolled on ahead while she attentively studied the people passing by her. A place like the Royal Capital was a treasure trove for various kinds of gossip. For those phrases that can often be heard, she definitely needed to further verify later.

“Your Highness, the destination is….”

“Calling me ‘your Highness’ will be too conspicuous, starting from now call me Miss. There is no destination, because I only came to check the market prices and to gather gossip, that’s all.”

It was a rare opportunity to personally come to Illstra. In order to guard against the unexpected, she should confirm with her own eyes whether there is any signs that may lead to war. As well as the influence brought about by the Northruth tariff.

Making the appearance of someone idly strolling by the vendor’s booth, Leti carefully used her two eyes to confirm the prices of the goods. Although the prices appear to have slightly risen a bit, as compare to before when she visited, this should be within the permitted range. If they were preparing for war, then the prices of staple food would have easily soar into inflation—-the price of wheat has also been confirmed in different shops. There really isn’t any major differences from before.

‘Afterwards it’s just–‘ Thinking like this, Leti stood in front of a stall selling some precious metals.

“…..really is a pretty amber. The style of craft used for decoration is also not bad.”

Among the displayed the merchandises, the brooch that seemed the most expensive attracted Leti’s attention.

If there’s a seemingly very high status looking young girl expressing interest in a high priced item, then no matter who, they would all begin to introduce their own merchandise in order to get her to fish out money and buy it. However, this vendor showed a hesitant attitude instead.

“This is produced from Northruth….but if I have to say, it certainly is a good item.”

“It’s like that huh. Then the one next to it?”

“This product here is manufactured from Illstra capital’s workshop. Pick it up and look at it carefully. This ornament’s details….ah, that little brother over there, also come and look. All the various good one can think of, I have it here!”

Standing next to her was a veil covered very tall man. Furthermore, just like Leti, he first reached his hand towards the amber brooch made from Northruth….

“Oh, produced from Northruth.”

Hearing this voice, Leti instantly turned to look at the man standing next to herself.


The words that were about to be blurted out were frantically covered up by the man before her.

“Isn’t this my good friend’s little sister! Such a coincidence to meet here….ah, better yet, it should be said it’s fate! Shop owner, give me something that’s compatible with my good friend’s little sister!”

The tall man standing next to her was August Karzen Northruth. This man known as the silver wolf duke, for the sake of concealing his identity, spared no efforts in doing something that was quite harmful to his dignity.

Giving the task of choosing to others, even if the price was expensive, he didn’t even attempt to haggle. All for the sake of buying a gem to gift to the beauty next to him. Under this kind of circumstance, no matter who looks at it, would probably mistakenly assume Leti was his sweetheart.

“Here you go, this big brother! Hope you’ll get together with her soon.”

“Come, take it. Let’s go!”

Before Leti could say any excessive words, Duke Northruth grabbed her hand and pulled her away.

Craig used his gaze to inquire Leti on what to do, but Leti only shook her head. Right now, they should just go along with the other party.

After walking for a bit, as soon as they arrived at a shady (as in blocking the sun kind of shady) small alleyway, Duke Northruth finally stopped his footsteps.

“……Why are you in this kind of place?!”

“That should be my line. I’m only visiting the streets below the castle, yet was interrupted by your explanation of ‘good friend’s little sister’. Ah, I’ve never heard of you being good friends with his Highness, Friedhelm, or something like that before. If I were to tell him, he would probably be so happy that he’d laugh till tears came out.”

“Good friend part I just randomly made up! Calling you by your real name would make things complicated! I was just trying to avoid this kind of situation…..”

“Illstra and Sommevesle have a friendly relationship, unlike you who because of the dispute with tariffs even the populace have a negative opinion of. So even if I were to be directly called by my name, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

The commodities made from further processed precious metals manufactured by Northruth was very good. No, not only limited to precious metals, other various goods, after further processing, are turned into high priced foreign goods and sold to other countries. Under the current circumstances, where they are threatening the Illstra market, if the tariffs were to be lowered—-It’s no wonder that the Illstra citizens possess a sense of crisis over this matter.

Under that kind of setting, if it were known he’s ‘Duke Northruth’, then the atmosphere would probably become tense. The worst case scenario would probably be if it even became violent. So it’s only natural to want to hide ones name.

“Since it’s already like this, let’s go to some shop to rest for a bit first and then continue. Because you completely didn’t take a girl’s pacing into consideration and just walked on as you pleased, I’m a bit tired.”

With an unwilling look, Leti walked into a nearby shop with Craig and Duke Northruth.

In Illstra, during this period of time that was used for naps, majority of shops were closed. But this place was deservedly called the capital. The shops near the main street seem to all be opened for the visiting tourists. The shop worker smilingly faced the incoming customers and said, “Welcome.”

“Are the two of you lovers? Need to prepare a different seat for your attendant?”

Leti, who took off the face veil, was a complete beauty, and the upright youth standing next to her, was emitting an unruly aura from his facial features. These two were obviously people born from the upper class, and from the looks of it, seems to be secretly on a date.

Duke Northruth let out a loathing expression at the shop worker, who was intending to be tactful. Leti instead smiled at the other side and said, “Thank you for the concern.”

“August is my elder brother’s close friend. It’s fine for the three of us to sit together at a table.”

Leti directly called out Duke Northruth’s name without any reservation. Being intimately called like that, for a split second, Duke Northruth froze.

“Previously coming up with this setup was you, right? Already forgotten?”

“……Indeed it’s like that. In order to take one’s own knight into consideration, Princess didn’t chose the lovers setup. To this, I express my upmost gratitude.”

Craig and herself being lovers. Speaking of which, she also made up this kind of setup. Leti suddenly thought, ‘In front of Duke Northruth, for the time being, should probably behave like such.’

“Moreover, I also want to thank you–regarding the matter yesterday, really fortunate you can freely add details and exaggerate, turning it into a topic that can circulate among all the guests attending the wedding ceremony, this matter.”

Duke Northruth softly roared out, using a look that seem to say ‘I want to rip out your throat’.

Leti replied, “What are you referring to?”, and made a puzzled expression, as Duke Northruth was about to burst into anger. “What matter are you talking about?” While saying it like that, she purposefully let out a ‘realizing just now’ expression.

“That matter isn’t spread by me. I only told the Illstra maid, ‘I accidentally fell into the water fountain. At the time, Duke Northruth was also present’, that’s all.”

“How could it possibly be just like! The Princess fell into the water fountain on her own has already become, ‘Duke Northruth was scared by the bugs on the rose, and not only pushed Princess Leticia into the water fountain, but also didn’t even help her up.’, this kind of topic!”

Yesterday, the maids all wholly felt sorry for Leti, who returned completely drenched. And thus directed all their anger towards Duke Northruth, who was present at the time, but didn’t reach out to help.

After all, they originally didn’t have a good impression of him anyways. Probably during this game of telephone, various elements were added into the original story, causing it in the end to become as Duke Northruth said ‘frightened by bugs and thus pushed Leti over’, this kind of story.

This rumor, in a flash, spread through the entire Illstra royal capital. Early in the morning, there were already people pointing blame behind Duke Northruth back. So much so that you can even hear the laughters that couldn’t be covered up.

“My, isn’t this pretty good? Perhaps after everyone learns that the ‘Silver Wolf Duke’ also has a cute side, they might even feel closer to you.”

“Not good at all! I’m not scared of bugs!”

Hearing this, Leti narrowed her eyes. If Duke saw this, perhaps he will say that Leti’s gaze is more like a wolf discovering a prey.

“Really? I know a lot of things from your childhood. —-For example, when you were 8, you got scared by a bug, fell into a river, and carried away by the currents. After that, there was a period of time where you suffered from a fear of water. Whenever Friedhelm makes an ‘about to push you into the water’ pose, you would always look like you’re about to cry. Not only scared of bugs, but even scared of water, really not easy.”


In contrast to Duke Northruth’s unstable appearance, Leti nonchalantly exposed Duke Northruth’s past that he didn’t want to touch upon.

“When you were 9, you excitedly participated in Friedhelm’s ghost hunting campaign. Yet when you really saw a ghost, you yelled ‘Mother–!'”

“I-I didn’t yell that!”

“When you were 11, you were thrown off the back of a horse and flew in midair. What kind of feeling that was, I’ve always wanted to ask you once. If you still remember, then please do tell me, alright? Also, when you were 13, during your social debut, you invited a similarly just debuted noble lady for a waltz, but was rejected by a ‘I think his Highness, Guido, is better’ excuse. This kind of thing also happened before, right?”

Continuing to speak with a smile and gentle tone, Leti was completely taking pleasure in it.

“……Princess, can this topic just end here? Even if it’s me, I’m almost at my limit too.”

Unknown as to how much of it was a joke and how much of it was serious, Craig extended a helping hand towards Duke Northruth. However, Craig, who said it like this, had the corner of his mouth slanted.

“Friedhelm! That bastard! Gossiped other people’s matters all to his little sister…!”

“For the sake of defending Friedhelm’s reputation, I have to say, the source of this information isn’t just him alone.”

There’s also information that came from the other brother, Guido.

When speaking of the incident of ‘flying through midair’, it was even accompanied by a ‘really impressive’, this kind of impression, really wanted to see that scene.

“Regarding you’re past, we’ll just stop here then. —-In this country, it’s better if you don’t go out by yourself alone. Not only is it a problem of your personal safety, you still haven’t adapted to this high temperature, right? This place is already so hot to the point where it makes one want to go to Sommevesle’s royal capital to escape from the heat.”

“Your advice makes me unbearably terrified……but, this is also my job. Although from the looks of it, it’s also the same situation on your side.”

If it was as usual, she would probably reply with something like ‘this is just her ladyship being stubborn, it’s not that big of a deal.’ But those kinds of words, she won’t say anymore.

From now on, in order to let others acknowledge that she possess the qualifications to become queen, she must act accordingly. Leti made a ‘this is rightfully so’ kind of expression.

“Then have you heard of the news regarding Illstra’s ‘heat wave’? Seemingly, it’s very severe this year too.”

“After all, if it passes through the mountain ranges, then it will cause a serious problem. Even so, if the heat wave really does come over, then there isn’t any countermeasures against it either.”

“Other than to predict the disaster area in advance and to draw up an aid strategy, there’s nothing else to do.”

Between Illstra and Sommevesle, there’s a mountain range. That mountain range severs the connection between the two countries—looking at it from another perspective, wanting to launch a war is also very difficult, thus they’re able to continuously maintain a friendly relationship.

This mountain range is very steep, and to directly travel across it would require a considerable amount of manpower. If you want to reach Illstra from Sommevesle, there are two ways.

One is to detour around from the south. But without considering the winters, just from spring to fall, there’s continuous attacks from the famous heat wave from beginning to end. This dry and hot wind treatment, to the people of Sommevesle, who live in climates where there’s snowfall in the winter, no doubt will cut down their physical strength.

Another way is via the north. This path will need to pass through the northern Dukedom of Northruth first, then afterwards head south. This time, this was the path Leti chose.

Thankfully, both Sommevesle and Northruth have their own mountain ranges, thus didn’t have to suffer from the onslaught of heat wave. But every ten year interval or so there will be that one time where the heat wave seeps across the mountain ranges and spread to the two countries.

“Then what’s the result of your original purpose of investigating the commodity prices?”

Casually mentioning, Leti thus spoke, attempting to inquire information relating to the tariffs.

“Not bad. Your Highness also saw when you were there at the time, right?”

High quality Northruth merchandises were put on the market at a fair price. You can see this kind of situation everywhere, which proves that there’s a relevant demand for such.

The small territory and limited natural resource country that is Northruth doesn’t just rely on agricultural development for the country to prosper. Casting their sight towards ‘technique’ and raising the good’s worth, making them flow into other countries’ markets. This kind of method, even Sommevesle also wants to learn.

“Change will occur with time. If we maintain the same system as before, then regardless of time, we’ll forever be ‘the buffer country Northruth’ only.”

Just as Friedhelm said, this person is someone with ambition. Duke Northruth probably won’t be satisfied with living out the rest of his life ruling just as a Duke. Sooner or later, there will be a day where they will incite war somewhere, and through defeating other countries, expand their own territory.

“—-you haven’t changed at all since childhood.”

In Leti’s words, perhaps there was a bit of admiration and envy mixed in.

“……What all did you here from Friedhelm!?”

“Things like your childhood dream.”

“That guy….! Clearly when everything he’s told me were all lies!”

That phrase ‘everything were all lies’ piqued Leti’s interest. The Friedhelm who likes to use lies to deceive others. Looks like since childhood, he has already begun setting out to ruin Duke Northruth.

“What lies did he say?”

“My little sister Leticia is just a cute and naive little girl that knows how to play with dolls, and the like.”

“……Oh, is that so.”

“Where are you a naive little girl, huh? Clearly a Queen who possess extremely mature tastes.”

“….although there’s a lot I want to say, however when you are beating up that idiot prince, please be sure to call me.”

Looks like that person seems to have spread some incredible lies to Duke Northruth. Telling someone of another country a negative evaluation of a Sommevesle Princess and what not, just what is that idiot thinking.

After returning, I’ll make him cry. Leti directed her anger towards her older brother who wasn’t present.

“Duke Northruth, have you heard Friedhelm speak of his childhood dream before?”

If Duke Northruth told Friedhelm his childhood dream before, then the other party should have told him too.

“Ah, I’ve heard. The one that seemingly every boy in Sommevesle will generally look forward to, but I’m unable to comprehend. You want to know?”

“Not interested.”

Just then, Craig, who seem to be just sitting to the side listening to their conversation, lightly used his finger to tap on Leti’s hand under the table. Afterwards, he wrote some words on the back of her hand.

‘Near the entrance, there are Duke Northruth’s subordinates.’

Leti didn’t turn her head to check, but instead used the same method of using her finger to write on Craig’s hand ‘understood’ as a reply.

Duke Northruth used a listless expression to look at Leti and Craig’s secret conversation.

“……for the time being, let me say this, this kind of thing, do it when it’s just the two of you alone.”

“Oh my,” Leti said as she let out a smile.

What Leti and Craig did was just merely conversing in order to take note of their surrounding circumstance. But in the eyes of Duke Northruth, they appear to be a pair of lovers playing with their fingers under the table.

“Then I’ll just take your advice. Please allow us to leave first.”

As the future Queen of Sommevesle, the need to have a discussion has already ended. Leti stood up and walked out of the shop with Craig.

After leaving the indoors, even if there’s a layer of veil covering, one can still feel the intense sunlight. If she chooses to continue strolling and not directly return to the castle, then she was afraid she’ll probably collapse in the middle of the road and become sleeping beauty.

“Craig, please remember. It’s said that Duke Northruth, who very possibly will become a threat to Sommevesle in the future, his dream was ‘I won’t just be a mere Duke of Northruth’……Honestly, having ambitions isn’t really a bad thing.”

Leti said to the Vice Commander of the Royal Knights Order words that would cause alarm. The problem with Duke Northruth lies in the fact that he’s not just a man who can wholly be described as someone with ambitions. That person possess the corresponding capabilities as well.

No, the words ‘honestly’ should be pointed at oneself. Having preference for ambitious men and the like…..really is bad taste.

The eyes of ambitious men craving for the prey, reminded her of the Lion King, Alexander. That’s why she would involuntarily relax her standards towards his evaluation.

“Has Duke Northruth’s ambitions made you feel speechless?”

Leti turned her line of sight towards Craig, who’d kept silent.

Craig replied “that’s not the case,” as he shook his head, his two eyes looking towards somewhere in the distance.

“As a Duke, having this kind of ambitions, is acceptable. Compared to this, towards Friedhelm’s childhood dream, I feel somewhat surprised…..no, thinking about it from another angle, what I feel surprised about is that that person also unexpectedly like myself, similarly just an ordinary youth…..”

‘The dream every boy in Sommevesle generally will have’ that Duke Northruth spoke of, using her own older brother as a basis, Leti pondered just what kind of dream it was.

“Is it wanting to become the King?”

“If every young men in Sommevesle all dream of becoming the King, then there will probably be a steady stream of civil unrest happening.”

Craig began laughing out loud with an amused expression.

“Is that so? I was thinking that every girl’s dream was becoming a princess.”

Looks like it’s not wanting to becoming the King. Then just what is it? That older brother having a dream other than becoming King and what not was completely unimaginable.

“In the past, I’ve also once had the same dream. But it’s no longer able to be realized……I need to cheer for those youths who can still fulfill their dreams. At least now I can finally think like this.”

In his words, Leti felt the passing of time.

Just like father trying to take a step towards Craig, Craig probably also took a step forward. Whether or not the two will continue moving forward, at present, it’s still unclear.

“Next, how should Duke Northruth’s subordinates be dealt with? Throw them off our trail somewhere?”

From earlier when they entered the shop together with Duke Northruth till now, the man had been following behind them the whole time. The other party didn’t show signs of making a move, and on their side, during today’s outing, they didn’t let the other discover any problems either.

“Since that’s the case, then just let them report something that will make Duke Northruth be careless. Anyways, how about we first try acting out some things that lovers would do. Do you have any suggestions?”

Leti posed her question towards Craig, who was completely like an attendant tilting back and maintaining a half step distances between them.

“……It’s already been a long time since I’ve touched upon things like romance…..I can only think of holding hands.”

“Really a fairly cute proposal. Somewhat different from my impression of Craig Barde.”

Leti let out a heartfelt smile. Afterwards, she lifted her pure white slender hands, urging him to hold her hand.

“How do you feel?”

“If at that time I had a child with my wife, then probably it will be this kind of feeling……I’ve already gotten to the age where even my child can be this big. At last I’ve produced this kind of raw feeling.”

Already so much time has passed, definitely can’t say it was short, Craig had this kind of realization.

—-Then this way, there’s a possibility.

Lol how many of yall thought I’ve abandoned ship. So a few things I wanted to mention first regarding the rest of how this series will go in terms of translating. It’s gonna be hella slow, but I will be dividing it into parts so it’s less painfully slow. Thinking as far as chapter 4 goes it will probably be 3 parts, it’s kinda hard to find a good spot to divide because most of it’s backforth dialogue. But to my knowledge chapter 5 is much shorter and epilogue is super short, so those will be a less painful wait compared to chapter 4–which is the longest chapter in the book. As for other things……

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