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one piece invincible ch 21

Chapter 21 Hero

“Eight swords.”

Thirty years ago, one person had that sword and cut the heads of eight famous men. So he called this sword as eight swords.

Later, this man died of illness. The eight swords became unparalleled treasures in the world, causing many people to compete and set off a storm.

Many swordsmen’s fight for this sword.

One of the most famous competitors of Eight Sword is the current world’s first swordsman – the Hawkeye Mihawk.

But at that time, the Hawkeye was not yet famous, and the strength was not as strong as it is now.

In the end, the eight swords were completely lost in the battle.

Until recently, eight swords appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago Islands and were bought at the auction.

And the ones that have been bought with a lot of money are not others. It is the successor of the Buin family of Babastan, BuindLelong!

When I was very young, I heard the legend of eight swords, because the eight swords disappeared into the world, thinking that this is a fictional rumour.

Unexpectedly, It now reappeared in the world, just bought by Delalon.

Even if there is no Raj, Avishek is planning to go to Babastan and take eight swords.

But now he almost lost his life in Dresser, and finally, understand that it is not so easy to go to Babastan. Even the guys like Dresser can join the blood knife Pahis. Delalon is the biggest and most powerful family in Babastan.

Therefore, he chose to ask for Raj.

This is the first time he has asked others for so many years.

“Haha! Isn’t it just a sword? No problem!”

Raj smiled. “I have to go to Babastan. This Delalon is very arrogant. It is going to destroy his arrogance. As for helping you.” It's just a matter of getting eight swords, why not!"

“What’s more, you are now a member of my death pirate group. Friends should help each other. Your desire is my wish. Why don’t you have a reason?”

Raj was very interested in friendship.

Maybe he was influenced by One Piece. White Beard for Ace cannot hesitate to single out the whole world government and compete with the three Generals of the Navy.

Luffy can fight a death match for his partners, and even dare to destroy the whole judicial island.

This shows that friends is the most important thing in the world!

Besides, even if there is no request from Avishek, Raj will go to see Delalon and wipe the Buin family from the world… In the way, if you can help your partner, Raj is very happy!

“Let’s go, it’s time to get back on the boat!”

Raj waved his hand and took the Avishek and Gayatri, and was ready to return.

“It’s him! It was he who killed Dresser and the pirate blood knife Pahis!”

At this moment, a loud shout sounded.

Raj turned his head and saw everyone gazing at him.

Later, everyone ran to Raj.

“Yeah?” Raj eyebrows pick, “These guy’s, Are they looking to avenge Dresser?”

Raj didn’t panic, talking about his strength, here is invincible in East Blue, At least these People can’t deal with him.

Mosca Island civilian standing near Raj, kneeling down directly on their knees and their eyes are filled with tears.

Thank you so much! You are the hero of all of us in Mosca! Thank you! Thank you!” The civilians gave a thank you to Raj.

The civilians who came from behind also fell down, and the voice of thanks came one after another.

In the last whole square, all the civilians on the island of Mosca, all knees on the knees, with tears to thank you.

Even some young children, who are ignorant of the squatting on the ground, say thank you to Raj.


Raj has never seen such a big scene. All the residents of an island are saying thank you to him, and he also started to panick.

Mosca Island was really harmed by Dresser.

“Let’s go, leave from here first.”

Raj did not say anything to these civilians.

Now the civilians are grateful to him because they are the great heroes who saved Mosca Island, but if they know that Raj is a pirate, I am afraid that this gratitude will drop sharply.

In the era of pirates, even if there is a good feeling, there will still be some fear.

Instead of telling them that they were saved by the pirates, it is better to leave now and leave them a wonderful fantasy… and leave Raj with a glorious and great image.

Babastan, the Buin family.

“Is it found? All the information about the Death Pirates!”

Delalon looked gloomy.

“The Delalon (head of the Buin family), the underground intelligence organization replied, 26 million Bailey’s pirates one-eyed Barion, died in the hands of the death pirates group, I heard that the death pirate group also sheltered a village, is near the Kingdom of Goa, the current status is unknown. ”

men reported back.

“The new pirate group? This kind of guy, actually killed my brother?!”

Delalon listened to his reply, clinched his teeth, “Don’t dare to ignore our Buin family, killing my little brother.” Lacey… He is challenging me and provoking the entire Buin family!”

“I must personally pick up the head of the captain of the Death Pirates! Go, tell all the families of Babastan, and all pirates, whoever gets the head of captain of the Death Pirates, I will reward 100 million Bailey!"

"Yes!" his men retired.

“He killed Dresser in Mosca. If he wants to enter the grand line, he must pass through Babastan!”

“Dare to threaten my life? Then I will let you know the power of money!”


on the other side, being carefree sailing on the sea. Of course, he does not know that another side has already done the full preparation to capture him.

But even if Raj knows, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Located near the grand line, Babastan is the only way to enter the grand line.

Any boat that wants to enter the grand line will be investigated by the Buin family.

In this case, it is really dangerous.

But who is Raj?

Will you be afraid of a nobleman near a great waterway?

“Lightspeed kick!” On the deck, Raj is exercising.

A laser light emerged straight from the foot of Raj and then slammed into the head of a sea king.


A loud bang, the sea kings smashed on the spot, and the huge body was submerged into the sea.

The fallen body created the huge waves and which swept towards death godship.

“Defense barrier!”

Raj’s fingers lifted, and a “transparent glass” almost as big as the ship emerged and stood in front of the ship.

The huge waves fell on the barrier and went straight back.

“Haha, the barrier fruit is really worthy of the NO.1 in the defensive fruit of the world! Avishek come here, try it and see if your swordsmanship can open my defense barrier!”

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