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chapter 2 (Part 2): 《Battle》

When I glanced, two black chairs set face-to-face had appeared in the place where there had been nothing but darkness until just now.

Furthermore, in the between of those two chairs, a big screen had been pulled down.
I wonder what this is?
I tried to check with the game screen.

【Brain battle preparations complete】

As we'll be commencing the brain battle, please sit on the chair.
Once you take a seat, your battle opponent will enter.

It was shown like that on the screen.
It appears that I have succeeded in negotiating for the brain battle with no problems.
I heaved a breath of relief.

I was a little scared, but if I don't sit on the chair, things will stay as it is.
With resolve, I took a seat on the chair as specified.
The black chair had the appearance of a sofa made for one person.
But, different from a sofa, the leather used to make its surroundings was tough.
For that reason, the level of comfort while sitting was terrible.
It seems like my back will ache I sit there for prolonged periods.
……Or rather, isn't the back of my chair too straight?
I was investigating whether there was a way to push down the back of the chair and it happened right then.
"Something" squirming had come closer from the darkness ahead.

Step……, Step step………
I could hear the sound of footsteps.
I stopped moving and made myself concentrate whole-mindedly on the direction of the sound.

Step step, step……
The sound of those footsteps that was approaching quickly.
As I thought, I didn't hear it mistakenly.
Something was coming closer.

ーSlit-mouthed……, woman?

Owing to my fear, my body shook.

Slit-mouthed woman is coming……

Yikes, yikes……

I'm scared.
I'm really scared……

I hung my head down in fear.
I covered my ears so that the sound of footsteps couldn't be heard even a little.
But unfortunately, I felt the presence of something approaching.
I somehow knew.

The slit-mouthed woman was already near me.

Once I thought that way, my legs which have been trembling slightly up till now, shook much more than ever.

After having waited a while, 'flick flick', the game console's lamp was flashing.
I removed my hands from my ears and looked towards the game that has been placed on my lap right away.

【Arrival of Enemy】

The enemy has appeared.
Battle will be commencing.
It is your turn.
Please select a command.

That was displayed on the game screen I checked.

I fearfully glanced towards the chair opposite me.
There's no doubt.
Something's there……

Looking at the face all of a sudden is scary.
For that reason, I lifted my gaze from below.

Firstly, what entered my eyes were high-heeled shoes with pure white heels.
I raised my gaze a little.
Greatly resembling the shoes, a pure white dress.
A little furthermore.
At the chest area of the white dress, a cute-looking brooch in the shape of a candy was fastened.

And then with grim deterimination, I raised my head completely.

A figure which looked like a slit-mouthed woman was looking down.
Her black hair concealed her face and her expression couldn't be seen……

That appearance instilled even much greater fear in me.

After I have gone stiff with due to my tremendous fear, that person began to talk to me.

"Hee hee…… What's the matter? I have already decided on my move you know? Hey, quickly choose yours as well…… Or are you scared of me……?"
Her mouth from her face that was looking down opened widely as she grinned.

ーThat's right.
To an abnormal extent.

There's no doubt that her mouth was slit.

ーSlit-mouthed woman……

Translator corner:
This novel does not seem to be that well-received for the moment, so I think I’ll be diverting my attention to other novels, which means that I’ll update this less. 😦

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