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When Mu Yunyao saw that they were nearing the dock, she stopped in her tracks and looked back at the newly-bought Liu Liang.

Liu Liang was still tied up by ropes, making it difficult for him to follow her. It was in the middle of winter, yet he had no shoes to wear. The ropes around his ankles only allowed him to take small steps, yet because they were tied too tightly, he started to bleed a little. The rope had already been dyed completely red. "Liu Liang, wait here, do not move, got it?"

Liu Liang did not answer. Mu Yunyao was not bothered by it, this man had always been like that even with Jin Wang, forever silent with a cold expression. In her past life, Jin Wang only went out when this man was by his side. Many laughed at him, saying that he was such a nice person to have such a rude servant. Until the time when this man displayed his sword skills did everyone's eyes turn red from envy.

After a short while, Mu Yunyao struggled as she carried a long sword and walked back to Liu Liang. Liu Liang's expressionless eyes suddenly had a tiny change to it, as if the cold and quiet wasteland finally had a small bit of greenery.

Mu Yunyao pulled the sword from its sheath and pointed her finger at Liu Liang, making some motions with it. "Stand still, I will help you cut the ropes." With that, she raised the sword. At first, she thought it would be easy, but she quickly realised that the sword was violently trembling.

Liu Liang's tied hands rubbed at the sword with a speed that Mu Yunyao was completely unable to catch. The rope had already been cut. He used two fingers to pinch the sword. Mu Yunyao felt an instantaneous pull and the sword was already in Liu Liang's hands. Liu Liang cut the ropes around his legs, used his clothes to clean the sword, sheathed the sword and hugged it.

This talent of his……those 6 silvers were totally worth it.

Mu Yunyao was satisfied and went to a clothing shop, bought some clothes and shoes for him and brought him to the inn.

"Liu Liang, from today onwards, I am your master. You must obey my every word, understand?"

Liu Liang remained silent as he continued to follow Mu Yunyao.

Mu Yunyao's face turned cold. She suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked at him with an icy cold glaze, "Make a sound, I know you're not mute."

After a long while, Liu Liang gave an extremely tiny nod. "En."

There was a flash in Mu Yunyao's eyes. Looks like she guessed right, this person could speak. When he was with Jin Wang, he did not make a single sound.

When they returned to the inn, he immediately got another room for Liu Liang to go wash up and change his clothes, otherwise, this look of his would definitely scare her Mother.

A worker was speechless as he stared at the two of them. This little beggar brought a big beggar back and even paid for a whole new room. Was the world so amazing now? Even beggars had money to pay for rooms?

Mu Yunyao went to tell Su Qing about Liu Liang, saying that he was their bodyguard, he would guard them as they would make their way to Jiangnan.

Su Qing couldn't help but be worried, "Even if its like that, we are two women, while he is a man……"

"Mother, don't worry about him. From now on I will be earning lots and lots of money. You are going to become the lady master of a rich house. Look at those people, they have to bring along male and female servants, and even bodyguards when they leave the house. You must get used to it earlier, in the future I will be buying more people to serve you."

"Haha, that sounds good, Mother will wait to enjoy a happy life."

Mu Yunyao smiled. She got a worker to serve up their food. Su Qing and Mu Yunyao ate a satisfying meal and chatted. Su Qing did not mention wanting to meet Liu Liang and Mu Yunyao did not say a thing about him. After all, they will meet anyway.

The next day, Mu Yunyao washed up, put on a new pink dress and went to knock on Liu Liang's door.

Liu Liang had been aware of Mu Yunyao's presence when she opened her own door. Thus, when she knocked on his door, he immediately opened it. When he saw Mu Yunyao in female clothing, his expressionless eyes widened a little. This petite girl was the same arrogant person who bought him yesterday?

(T/Nonsense: Just curious, has anyone read Soul Land 1/2/3 aka Douluo Dalu 1/2/3 before?)

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