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Translator: Ese

Moreover, it's a dishonor to sneak using such a method and to be caught by trespassing normally. Falma entered the dining area and took a seat for breakfast.

His parents were already awake; waited for him and Blanche to wake up. The dining table for the whole family was simple.

“It seems Palle is coming home.”

While meals were being brought by the servants, his father told him a serious thing while reading the Imperial Newspaper.


Falma and Blanche both took heavy news this time. They could feel their spines shivering.

What to do?



The siblings began making eye contact with each other. From the whip of his brother’s love, Blanche wanted to run away with Falma. Falma cleared his throat to pretend he wasn't disturbed.

“That's great, when will older brother come home?”

“According to his letter, he's coming home today."

His mother, Beatrice was in a good mood. His mother seemed to be glad because she could see her son after a long time. From the views of his parents, Palle was an obedient and a cute son. By the way, his parents didn't know Pale was having fun with girls in Nova Root Pharmaceutical University.


“It sounds like you wanted to be surprised.”

I don't need such a surprise!

In his heart, he thought it was good to take a break from his work at the New Year’s holiday. His employee could inform him if there was an emergency, and then he himself would rush towards the pharmacy.

After breakfast, Falma and Blanche gathered around the fireplace; restless.

Lotte was dressed, sketching the garden on the terrace. It seemed she came up with a good design with a snow scene as a motif.

"Since it’s snowing today, will you be fine if big brother began confronting you (test Falma's abilities)?”

Blanche had a pale expectation.

“Before, it was just a heavy rain but now, a storm will be created."

T/L: Refer to the outcome of their fight.

Falma didn't forget his confrontation with his older brother. His brother came back home once every six months. Falma was brought to a showdown each time he came back just to test his abilities. Last time, Palle couldn't win in front of the power of "Staff of Medicine God." Palle could at least last within 1-2 hours of serious battle against Falma.

What was troublesome wasn't the combat action. The battle itself could be a good exercise but the comprehensive that Palle wouldn't give up until KO was troublesome. It's hard for him to treat Palle who became muddy after their confrontation was done.

Next time, I'll immediately begin to finish the fight in one hit

Falma began thinking about such a dangerous thing. He felt like he could minimize the injury. Since Falma believed he would win, he didn't try stopping the confrontation of his brother.

In the afternoon, he met his brother who came back with a follower; waited at the entrance with the family and servants.

“I’m home.”

Looks like Palle became taller than before. Like Bruno, he seemed to be a member of high stature family; he became more robust.

“Welcome home, my son”

Bruno squinted his eye to his son’s growth.

“It’s been a long-time father. I have a report.”

Palle said while putting an emphasis to his words.

“I graduated from Nova Root Pharmaceutical University as the top of the class and passed the first-class pharmacist’s examination.”

Palle proudly showed his parents the diploma in his bag and the badge of the first-class pharmacist in a small box. It's the culmination of his many years of effort spent on harsh studies and divine art training at the Nova Root Pharmaceutical University.

“Magnificent; that's my son.”

“Well, I did a lot of hard work to achieve this.”

Falma and Blanche celebrated greatly for their brother’s honor. Palle looked happy. He seemed like an obedient brother in this scenario.

“I will show it to you too. How envious you're feeling right now”

Palle showed his badge to Falma and Blanche.

So, this is the badge for the first-class pharmacist of Nova Root.

The badge on the collar of the same first-class pharmacist Ellen was a badge with a seal of the Imperial School of Medicine. Slightly different in shape from the badge with the logo of the Nova Root Pharmaceutical University. The formality and status of the Nova Root Pharmaceutical University were higher than the Imperial School of Medicine. Since it's a crown type, if Palle were to become a court pharmacist, his school of origin wouldn't be questioned.

“What are you going to do after graduating, are you going to study abroad?”

Bruno asked Palle for his future course. The first-born son, Palle was going to succeed de Medicis Family whether he became a court pharmacist or a priest. Whatever his decision, practicing pharmaceutically or studying abroad wasn't an uncommon thing for a noble.

“No, I will be staying here in Imperial Capital to build up my foundation; aiming for court pharmacist while serving as an assistant to father”

What?! Brother's coming back!

Oh nooooo!!

Falma and Blanche turned pale as they heard their brother's declaration.

“Every day from now on, you will be facing me, Falma!”

Looks like I can't stop elder brother this time

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