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Chapter 220 Beat Your Ass

Even though the golden gate stone array looked like it was in danger, Wei Suo wasn't worried that it would break very quickly.

After all, the formation was a formation. Although the yellow gas was constantly being blown away, the formation flags would constantly release yellow gas. Without two incense sticks of time, it would not be able to break through the formation. At this moment, this large scale scarlet red lightning ball was clearly activated by some kind of high grade magic talisman. It was still a question whether he could maintain two incense sticks of time.

Right now, what gave him the greatest headache was that the young master of Dongyao Resort had simply used magical equipment to build it up. There was no place for him to lower his head.

After taking out the demon corpse rune he had obtained from the old Daoist with rat whiskers, Wei Suo hesitated for a moment before taking out his blue and white magic staff.

After taking out the Blue Solitary Silver Staff, Wei Suo first tried to activate the Heart Devouring Insects' elder's magic bead, probing Dong Qing Yi's white spirit mist and creating a dark gray brilliance.

However, this greyish black light that could corrode magic tools surged into the white spirit fog, and it didn't seem to have any effect on the white spirit fog.

Wei Suo immediately unleashed another golden snake dance, but the hundred golden serpents of lightning surged into the white spirit mist and also passed through, but they couldn't eliminate this white spirit mist.

"This is the Divine Blinding Lamp. Only cultivators at the third level of the Spirit Severing Stage or above can activate the lightning and fire magic to disperse the spiritual mist of this lamp. With your cultivation, it's best not to waste your energy and obediently accept your death."

At this moment, Dong Qingyi's cold laughter came from the white mist.

At the same time, the white spirit fog was brimming with red light, and a huge magma ball the size of a millstone emerged from within it.

In the Golden Gate Giant Stone Formation, the yellow airflow dispersed even faster.

Seeing this, Wei Suo did not hesitate any longer. After keeping the staff in his bag, he reached out and took out a Na Bao bag.

After Wei Suo's soul consciousness and zhen yuan seeped in, Wei Sheng took out the huge corpse of a Demonic Beast from the Na Bao bag. The corpses of the demon beasts piled up in front of Wei Suo like a small hill, taking up around fifty to sixty feet of space.

The Four-Claw Flood Dragon's huge body was covered with scarlet red patterns. It was the corpse of a Level 6 medium-grade Fire Demon Dragon that Wei Suo had obtained from the Golden Eagle Palace.

There were still some high-level demon beasts on Wei Suo's body, but the other powerful rank 6 beast, Scarlet Wing Demon, was still missing limbs. Adding to the fact that the beast core had been out of his body for a long time, Wei Suo did not know whether the Demon Corpse Talisman would work or not.

However, if he could not deal with Dong Qingyi very quickly, it would be difficult for him to escape.

After taking out the dead body of a rank 6 medium level demon beast that gave off a strong visual impact and pressure, Wei Suo immediately started to concentrate his Zhen Yuan into the strange demon corpse rune in his hand without any hesitation.

"What is with this talisman!"

But what made Wei Suo's eyes instantly turn pale with shock was that as he concentrated his primeval essence, the paper talisman in his hand actually took the initiative to absorb his primeval essence, endless and ceaseless. Its strong attractive force made Wei Suo unable to control the flow of his primeval essence, giving him the feeling that he wouldn't stop until his primeval essence was completely drained.

However, when half of the true energy in his body was extracted, the yellow ancient talisman finally stopped its crazy absorption of true energy and turned into ashes in Wei Suo's hands.

Inside the ashes, a ball of profound runes condensed from red light rose up, as if it knew Wei Suo's intentions, and abruptly struck the Fire Demon Dragon in front of it.

This mysterious rune instantly dispersed on the Fire Demon Dragon's corpse, turning into countless red rays of light that flashed and vanished from the Fire Demon Dragon's body.


What scared Wei Suo so much that his face turned pale, however, was that the Fire Demon Dragon let out a deep roar and its eyes immediately lit up. It seemed to recognize Wei Suo and seemed to want to swallow him whole.

But immediately after, the hateful look in its eyes completely disappeared, and it became empty.

A bunch of greyish black gas quickly spread out from it, and the demon dragon's body rapidly shriveled up as if it was shrinking. Its originally scarlet skin also turned black, as it glinted with a cold metallic luster.

The entire Fire Demon Dragon seemed to have transformed into an iron dragon made of black iron in a short period of time.

A layer of grayish black nether Yin energy was condensing on the outside of the dragon's body without dispersing.


On the surface of the dragon's body, the rocks that had been shattered by the lightning balls and lava boulders actually made the sound of metal hitting metal.

Just looking at the dragon's appearance alone, it was already extremely powerful. But now, Wei Suo's head was aching even more.

Because right now, he didn't know how to control this demon dragon!

If he controlled the Heart Devouring Bug, he had a special mental connection with the heart devouring bug. But now, he simply couldn't feel any special connection between him and this lifeless demon dragon. Under the control of his mind, this iron-like demon dragon simply didn't have any reaction at all.

"Is this a Demon Corpse Symbol or an Elemental Attraction Talisman?"

Wei Suo couldn't think of any other way, so he tried to probe the body of the demonic dragon like a magic treasure. But what made him extremely depressed was that the ancient yellow talisman was like the one just now, desperately trying to suck in his true essence. After drawing almost a third of his true essence, the demon dragon's body released a black light and soared into the sky.

The gloominess in Wei Suo's eyes immediately turned into happiness. He pointed with his divine hand and a pillar of black fire, as thick as a water bucket, instantly shot out from the demon dragon and flew into the white spirit fog above.

After being swept away by the black fire pillar that was as thick as a bucket, less than half of the white Spiritual Mist was actually dispersed.

"What magical equipment!"

Dong Qingyi cried out in disbelief. A similar pillar of black fire shot out from the formation filled with yellow gas below, dispersing the majority of the white spirit fog.

Dong Qingyi, who had a shocked expression, appeared amidst the white spirit fog that had dissipated.

"Go to hell!"

At the same time, an extremely cold voice rang out from within the spell formation.

After hearing Wei Suo's voice, Dong Qingyi was even more shocked.

In the formation below, a large amount of yellow gas suddenly billowed out. Immediately, this yellow gas seemed to burst out of the formation, and a massive demon dragon covered in a deathly black aura rushed out from the formation.

Compared to the body of the demonic dragon that was shrouded in a deathly black aura, Dong Qingyi, who was standing on the pure gold lotus throne, appeared extremely small and insignificant.

"Level 7 Netherworld Dragon?!"

As soon as Dong Qingyi saw the dragon, her eyes bulged out of their sockets as if she was choking on an egg.

In his hands, a silver pearl the size of a pigeon's egg suddenly appeared.

The surface of the silver bead was filled with extremely fine cracks, but on the surface, there were countless runes that were a hundred times smaller than ants. Moreover, these runes continuously flashed, as if they were suppressing the power of the silver bead.


At this moment, the silver pearl was being pulled out by Dong Qingyi and shot towards the enormous demon dragon. A black pillar of fire as thick as a water bucket violently shot out of the demon dragon's mouth and engulfed the silver pearl.

However, what caused Wei Suo to suck in a breath of cold air in disbelief was that with a heaven-shaking explosion, the silver bead violently exploded and the resulting silver flames forcibly dispersed the black fire pillar. Then, the extremely berserk silver flames rammed into the gigantic body of the demon dragon without pause.

The demon dragon's body, which seemed to be much tougher than it was when it was alive, was actually directly blown into pieces. Only its huge black head was left, and the black gas dispersed and fell in front of Wei Suo's eyes.

The remaining power continued to press down on the golden gate stone array, causing the entire golden gate stone array to tremble violently.

"What kind of magical equipment is this? It's actually so powerful!"

Wei Suo was drenched in cold sweat.

This silver pearl instantly killed the demon dragon, and the remaining power was enough to cause the Golden Gate Giant Stone Array to collapse. Its power was simply unimaginable.

Fortunately, after the Fire Demon Dragon's transformation, Dong Qingyi mistakenly thought that it was the rank 7 intermediate level nine Netherworld Dragon that had grown up in the underground abyss. She had used this magic weapon on the Fire Demon Dragon that was controlled by the Demon Corpse Talisman, otherwise, if it was used to kill Wei Suo, Wei Suo would never be able to withstand it.

"It's not the Netherworld Dragons!"

At this moment, Dong Qingyi, who was in the sky, had an extremely ugly expression on his face.

At this moment, the silver pearl was a fifth level spirit realm elder of the Dongyao Province. After failing in breaking through to the Aurous Core stage, his lifespan ran out and he used his lifetime's cultivation to condense a "fake pill". The power of the explosion was definitely enough to instantly kill a fourth level spirit realm cultivator. There was only one fake pill in the Dongyao Resort, which he used to save his life at the critical moment. Unexpectedly, he had consumed it at this moment.


Seeing Dong Qingyi, Wei Suo, who was covered in cold sweat, instantly activated his Blood Devouring Saber towards Dong Qingyi.

Originally, Wei Suo was afraid that this magic treasure, which was made of only semi-spirit rank defensive magic treasure, would be damaged, so he was prepared to use it after the Six Solar Divine Flame Trident. However, Dong Qingyi had some unknown magic treasure on her, so the spiritual attack on her was completely useless against her; under these circumstances, the Six Solar Divine Fire Trident was unable to break through the defense of the Golden Chrysanthemum Diagram.

"You're dead meat!" You actually dare to force me to consume such a magical equipment! How can you think of breaking my Golden Chrysanthemum Diagram with a magic treasure like yours!?

At this moment, Dong Qingyi, who was in the air, saw Wei Suo's figure, which had also been revealed due to the dispersal of the yellow gas, and started to roar.

"Beat Your Ass!"

But at this moment, Wei Suo let out a loud shout. A drop of blood shot out from the tip of the Blood Devouring Dagger.

"Pah!" "Pah!" Not only were the golden chrysanthemums formed by the Golden Chrysanthemums pierced through, even the picture scroll in front of Dong Qingyi had holes pierced through it.


Following which, the blood bead landed on Dong Qingyi's chest without any pause.

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