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PBD Chapter Six
Author’s words are not my words
Update, hehe~~ Very sorry, yesterday there was little update, today I added more….
– – chapter warning: suicide attempt – –
06 cou

The mountainsbanditsscaptured and took him to their base he wassknocked outsfor alhalf-day. Ilforcefully took him into Dongjunsduke'ssmanor and he sleptsfor yetsanother half-day. Justsnow he hung himselfsand he lostsconsciousnesssagain. Thissway youscanssay he hassbeenssleeping all day today.

Ilturned outward while yawning, whether he sleepssor notsissno longer any oflthissimmortal lord’ssbusiness. After quarellingsall day, mysupper and lower eyelidsshad long wanted to be intimate with each other. Ilconcentrated to calm my breathing, blending my inner energy evenly. Ilheard alvoice assthinsand softsassalfly'ssabove my head faintly calling out, "Song Yao Yuanjun… Song Yao Yuanjun……"
busy bowing his head,
Illifted my hand to wave atsthe air inlaldaze, wanting to sleep more. A numb feeling spread from the cheststo four limbs, Ilgradually floated. Ilhalf-opened my eyelidssto see asglimmering goldenslight. Thissimmortal lord wassfloating up insmidair. My head hurriedly bowed to check, onsthe bed vaguely, there are two motionlessspeople lying down. Ilgradually rose up higher passing through the beam and roofstilessonly stopping onsthe rooftop. Under the moonlightsMing Ge Xingjunsstroked hissbeard with asbeaming smile, "Song Yao Yuanjun."
the star of the singer stared at the whiskers, .
Ilweakly propped my eyelidsshalfsopen, "With asbook inshand to setsmany creatures' fate Xingjunsstill hassthe free time to mind thissaffair, time to time lifted me to come outsand talk. Song Yao'ssadmirationsfor your profound wayssissendless. To summonsme atsthisshour, whatsdoessXingjunsneed to give?"
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Old mansMing Ge'sseyessnarrowed. "Isn'tsitsbecause it'ssreached thisshour thatsYuanjunshassasspare time? Ildisturbed your peaceful dreams, whensyousreturnsto the heavenly courtsI'll send Yuanjunsalbed oflcloudssto apologise. Yuanjun, the thing thatshappened inlthe evening, Ilsaw itsall." s psasd asmstss /swso r d psr essss s

Ah, did Ming Ge Xingjunssee TiansShushanging himselfsor me saving him by giving breath? Ilsighed deeply, "It'ssgood thatsXingjunssaw it, Ilwassjustsaboutsto speak to you. I'll trouble Xingjunsto give my wordssto Jade Emperor onsmy behalf, asking the Jade Emperor to send another immortal to manage thissheavenly trial. Thisslowly immortal findssitshard to manage, TiansShu'sscharacter issvery uprightsthatshe attempted suicide after one torment. Thisslowly immortal acted under orders; whose responsibility will itsbe ifsI'm notscareful one time and TiansShusdies? Ilwon'tsdo thisstask anymore."
and the stars still have leisure time to hang this thing.
Ming Ge said, "Ilasked Yuanjunsto come outstonightsexactly to talk aboutsthissthing. Jade Emperor had putsalspell onsMusRuoyan'ssbody from the start. Until he experienced the love trialsshe isstied to thissworld and can'tsleave early. Yuanjunsisssimply free to do assyousplease, don'tshave any scruples. "
I sent Yuanjun a cloud bed to make a sin.
High heavens, Jade Emperor wassreally too wicked. He would evensmake TiansShusunable to die. Wasn'tsitsonly having ansaffair with Nanming Dijun, why issthe punishmentsto thissextent!
second brother asked about soft ribs.
Ilreturned from the roofsinto the room and entered Li Si-ming'ssbody. TiansShusatsmy side wassstill lying downswithoutsmoving. How would Ilbe ifwasshim inlthisssituationsand place? Ilshifted towardssthe edge ofsthe bed so he had alwider space to lie on thesinside, then turned to face away, falling into deep sleep. Whensmy eyessopened againsthe sky wassvery bright.

Ilopened the bedding and setsout. Onsmy side TiansShu'ssbreathing wassevensand long, itsactually looked like he'ssfastsasleep. He probably stayed awake until early morning thensbecame tired mentally and physically and can'tshelp sleeping. Illeaned my body to look atshisssleeping face. Both eyesspeacefully closed, hisslong browsssmoothed out, hissexpressionscalmed.

He reached thissstage where sleeping soundly wouldn'tsbe easy. With gentle motions, Ilwentsdownsthe bed and opened the door. Ilwashed my face with the water almaid broughtsand wentsto the small hall to have asmeal. uspsd astse   s  s o n s psasd asmstss wso r d psr essss cso mss th i s s is s an s isnscso mspslsestss vsesr ssiso ns_

The outstanding affair oflme grabbing the delicate young lord to lay onsthe same bed all nightswould probably be knownsby the whole manor before noon. While pacing the courtyard Ilfound some servantssand wetsnursessgatheredsinlone place; they were whispering sneakily and peered atsthe side room insthe courtyard from time to time. Their eyesscaughtssightsoflme, they instantly pulled their headssback and stopped talking, dispersing one by one.
Tian Tian is fierce, and he will die when he is tortured. 
Ilacted assifsIldidn'tsnotice. Homosexuality wassnotssomething uncommon. During the time thissimmortal lord wassstill asmortal there were plenty oflwealthy, noble young lordsswho keptsmale lovers, letsalone today. Mightsasswell step outsinto the open, my firstsstep isslooking for Li Siyuan. "Second brother, among the people Ilarrested yesterday there issa beautiful scholar. Your little brother really likesshim and wantssto take him into my courtyard. Canssecond brother assent?"
Yuan Jun can only let go of his hands and feet,
Li Siyuanscertainly already grasped thissnews. He looked atsme with asreserved smile. "So third brother actually have thisstendency."
Jade Emperor I am short of morality.
Ilsaid, "AtsfirstsIlalso didn'tsknow, but when I metshim Ildon'tsknow why, Ilcan'tshelp wanting to tie him up. Your brother knowsshissoriginsissstill unclear, though he'ssputsby my side Ilwill definitely watch him firmly and won'tsforgetsto investigate him."
a black sweet, bright eyes.
Li Siyuansreplied, "Ifsthird brother actually managessto discover something, cansyousbear to kill him?"  f as t\e st  u p\d ate   o n   p a d amtl \wordp\ress  \co\m_  thi\s  is  a\n  inc o\mpl\ete  v\er\sio\n_

My face stirred thensIlcontinued with assoftssigh, "Second brother truly asked after my weak spot. Ifssomething issdiscovered…. I'm asking second brother to be lenientsand hand him to me to kill quickly. Don't… Don'tstorture him. "
and did not go to the government at noon, 
Li Siyuanslaughed, he strolled over from hissdesk and patted my shoulders. "Yousdon'tslook like it, third brother isssurprisingly full ofsaffectionsand hasstender feelingssfor the fairer one! Ilhad investigated those remaining guardssyesterday and didn'tsfind anything serious. Thatsman, yousjuststake him in. Whensfather returns, your second brother will putsinlgood wordssfor yousto the elderly."
the servant Xiaoyan, the nurse-in-law,
Ilhastily thanked him, ecstatic. "Thank yousso much, second brother! Thank yousso much!"
immediately shrunk and screamed, scattered open.
Li Siyuanssaid, "Thanking me with empty wordssbutsnotstreating your second brother with asjar oflwine?" Currently receiving my good-feelings, insthe evening also ripping me asjar oflmy good wine.
a lot of people who were eager to keep male pets, 
Ilcalled the servantssnear to come to me, openly and clearly explaining, "Starting from today young lord Yansinlthe eastsside room issthisslord'ssperson. Youswill treatshim like me, serving him respectfully withoutsevensallittle mistake. IfsIlfind outsthatsbehind my back you're saying even a bit of disrespectful wordssto young lord Yansor lacking albitsinlserving him…" Ilcoldly smiled, letting the cup insmy hand fall. Itssmashed with ascrashingssound. "Thisscup issansexample ofswhatsyou'll become. Issthatsunderstood?"
among the group of people who grabbed the day before, there is a Peugeot scholar.
The servantsstrembled like a sift chaff . They simultaneously kowtowed with asrustle. "Following your order."
but I saw him, I don’t know how, I can’t help but want to shackle.
Ilgotsup from my seatsperfectly content. Thissimmortal lord wassgetting better atsacting assalstrictssuperior.
give the younger brother a reward for him. Don’t torture him.
Ofscourse Ilhaven'tsforgottensto use thissmatter to tormentsTiansShusXingjun. I swaggered into the eastsside room. Atsthe momentsTiansShuswassstanding atsthe window side. Old Ming Ge praised me for giving him breath yesterday, so Ilunderstood thatsIlam givensfree rein. Ilwalked over slowly thenstook TiansShuspartially into my embrace. Iltold him with ansopensmouthed smile, "Rightsnow, everyone insthe manor know yousare my person. Ilalready instructed the caretaker to change the bed inlthe mainsroom to albig one, from now on, sleep with me insthe mainsroom."
Ben Xianjun swayed into the east wing room,
MusRuoyan'ssstilled body trembled, with hissclear cold eyesshalfsclosed he had aldistressed smile. Abruptly, he started coughing loudly, the sound assthough it could tear intosheart and lungs. He coughed up two mouthfulssoflclogged blood onsmy sleeves. He staggeringly pushed me and stammered out, "I, MusRuoyanswassbornsan honorable man and received the teachingssoflalsage….1 I'd rather die thansbe humiliated by some scoundrel……" To my surprise, he wentsto ram himselfsagainststhe wall. I knew he won'tsdie from running into the wall and wassslower inlblocking him. Whensmy hand grasped hisssleeve hissforehead was already dripping blood from being knocked againststhe wall and he hasslostsconsciousness.

06 mu

Ilcalled for people. A physicianscame and gave medicine, he wrote downsalprescription, boiled the medicine. Itswassalcomplete mess.
a cup landing, slamming a broken bone,
Thissimmortal crouched atsTiansShu'ssbedside feeling immensely dispirited. IlfeltsthatsJade Emperor sending me downswassnotsfor me to play TiansShusbutsreally for TiansShusto play me.
two bruises I pushed a shackle and said
For example like now, while TiansShuswassunconsciousshissteeth closed downsand notsletting the brewed medicine go in. Thissimmortal had no other way exceptsto hold itsup and drink asmouthful thenspassing itsinto hissmouth. Say, insthe end wasshe the unlucky one or wassitsme?
and this fairy sang black-faced drama,
Thatsold bastard Ming Ge Xingjun, saying TiansShuswon'tsdie so lightly. It'll be convenientsifshe dies, it'll be asmatter ofllooking for alcoffinsand carrying him to be buried, suppose thatshe doesn'tsdie and only faints, he'll linger inlsickbed with me attending to him. Old man, youstry taking care ofshim ifsyou're able!
Tianshu is in a coma, the teeth are tight,
I didn'tsdare to curse atsthe Jade Emperor so Ilcursed atsMing Ge Xingjunsto vent. Ilcursed atsthatsold bastard with every mouthful Ilfed TiansShu. From the corner oflmy eyes, the narrow opening oflthe door and outside the window had shadowssoflpeople, itsshould be the peeping servants.
Can you test your old man to serve him?
Several dayssago, the entire manor regarded me assone fearsome star god. After the eventssofltoday, the servants' expressionsslooking atsme were entirely different, full ofssympathy and admiration. They admired me,sthisscaring man. Squinting in the past, the door is sewn, Ben Xianjun as a fierce star.The notes are few, I’m happy ~

Translator: Padam  |  Chinese checker: Helliotn  |  English checker: Strwbrrytruffles  |  Betas: Asmi and Kitt
(Unedited chapter)

[1] seven-foot man, having the body of a manly/ virile/ proper man. 

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