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Chapter 1017 - Martial Monarch Huo Ling

"At this rate, I'll need five hours to reach the Middle Sector City. Even though my current speed is relatively fast, they would be able to catch up from behind within an hour!"

Qin Nan's heart sank.

Although he had transmitted his voice to the three Monarch Beasts, he was clueless about how long it would take for them to arrive. He was somehow in a dead end, in which he could only rely on himself to overcome it.

"Maybe I can use the Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique to blend into the crowd in one of the cities, but it won't be able to last too long. However, I'll be able to slow down my pace and look for some powerful forbidden areas to hide myself…" Qin Nan tried to come up with a plan.

…Meanwhile, among the elders chasing behind him…

"Everyone, we can't let this continue, as heaven knows what he will pull out later. Please gather your progenitor force on me, so I can execute a forbidden art to injure him over this distance." Dao Qianzhong's eyes flickered as if he had suddenly made up his mind.

"Injure him from this distance?"

The elders were shocked. Even they were unable to hurt Qin Nan over such a great distance.

To their surprise, Dao Qianzhong had a way to do so, as expected of the ninth-ranked genius on the Monarch Ranking.


The elders swiftly reacted and directed a tremendous supply of progenitor force into Dao Qianzhong's body, causing him to expand into a giant.

"Three sabers out of the chaos, slashing the Heavens from ten thousand li away!"

Dao Qianzhong uttered a roar as his aura rose to its peak. Three mysterious ancient sabers sprang into the sky from his back, unleashing a shocking saber intent that aimed at the tiny black dot in the distance.


The crowd could only see the three ancient sabers vanishing in the blink of an eye. Their speed resulted in a terrifying gust of wind, strong enough to shatter the rift.

"Such a terrifying attack!"

The elders were astounded. They could imagine Qin Nan being struck to the ground by the attack.

A few breaths later, Qin Nan's expression suddenly changed as he turned around and saw three ancient sabers slashing at him with a tremendous saber intent.

Even a tenth-layer Martial Progenitor would not be able to resist the attack.

"Left eye of the Divine God of Battle, identify the path of the attack!"

Qin Nan instantly reacted. His left eye emitted a brilliant purple glow as he observed the path of the three ancient sabers, before his figure dove rapidly.

An eerie sight occurred. As soon as Qin Nan's figure dove downward, the three ancient sabers followed him too.

"Mm?" Qin Nan was startled, who immediately sprang upward rapidly with a kick. After reaching a certain height, he immediately headed to the left.

According to the observation of his left eye, he should be able to completely dodge the three ancient sabers. However, they still followed tightly behind as if they possessed some kind of intelligence.

"If I can't get rid of them, I'll have to resist them with brute force."

Qin Nan halted his movement without hesitation and raised his left arm.

To his surprise, the three ancient sabers split up and slashed at Qin Nan from three different directions.

He was left with no escape.

"Such powerful ancient sabers to possess such amazing intelligence, so these are the mysterious ancient sabers that flew to Dao Qianzhong on their own after he was born? If that's so, I shall see if you or the Heaven-Shattering Saber is stronger!" Qin Nan's gaze became cold as his right arm unleashed a tremendous saber aura.


With a slight movement, Qin Nan slashed with three shocking saber intents.

The saber intent included the pride of the Heaven-Shattering Saber!


A terrifying gust of wind was produced as the saber intents collided.

Qin Nan had already raised his left arm to brace himself for the impact. Following a dull thud, he utilized the impact to dash forward.

On the other hand, the three ancient sabers remained stationary while buzzing vigorously, as if they were terrified after stumbling into some frightening presence, entirely losing their previous appearance.

Normally, Qin Nan would have to unleash his full strength to defend himself against the three sabers.

However, the Heaven-Shattering Saber was forged by the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch using the right arm of the Divine God of Battle. Its power was unimaginable, thus the pressure of its existence was enough to suppress the three ancient sabers, thus their strength was greatly reduced.

Even the Sect-Protecting Godly Saber of the Heaven-Saber Sect would react the same way, let alone the three ancient sabers!

"HAHAHA, well done, kid. These three broken sabers are trying to compete against my Heaven-Shattering Saber? Humph, any weapon would submit to the presence of the Heaven-Shattering Saber!" The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch burst out laughing.

Qin Nan rolled his eyes. Although he had resisted the attack, the impact alone had caused his internals to destabilize, thus he would need some time to recover.

…Meanwhile, in the group of elders and geniuses chasing behind…

"Qin Nan has overcome the danger with his saber intent!"

One of the elders executing his eye technique blurted out with astonishment.

The crowd was dumbfounded hearing this, as they had personally witnessed the strength of the three ancient sabers.

"Qin Nan did display a strong saber intent previously in the battle!"

"That's right, I initially thought it was from Dao Qianzhong!"

The geniuses who had participated in the battle of darkness blurted out.

"Qin Nan has a mysterious saber. He must be relying on it to challenge those with a higher cultivation, allowing him to overcome the danger!" Dao Qianzhong said after taking a deep breath. His eyes began to burn passionately.

The three ancient sabers were bonded to his flesh, thus he clearly knew how powerful the impact was.

"A fifth-layer Martial Progenitor able to do so with a saber, which means the saber is…"

The elders were startled, before their eyes burned with greed. To them, Qin Nan was like a moving treasure vault.

At that instant, a faint monarch aura could be felt coming from the distance.

The elders and geniuses were astounded, who immediately came to a stop. They clearly knew that it served as a sign of the arrival of a Martial Monarch Realm expert!

Who would the Martial Monarch be?

As they expected, two breaths later, following a great explosion, the rift suddenly collapsed as a giant hand reached out from it, pulling the three Martial Monarchs' sons and the genius of the God Ranking into it.

The figures of the elders and geniuses stiffened as they caught a glimpse of a golden giant with a terrifying aura.

They clearly knew who the golden giant was.

The Sect Leader of the Two-Starred Faction, Dark Feather Palace!

Martial Monarch Huo Ling!

A few hundred breaths later, Qin Nan could feel his scalp going numb and a chill run down his spine, a sign that his instincts had sensed a great danger approaching.

"Oh, kid, here comes trouble. A Martial Monarch Realm expert is heading your way." The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch said with a gloating tone.

"Martial Monarch!"

Qin Nan was startled, before he suddenly detected something, causing him to raise his head. The area within five li of him was suddenly shattered, as a magnificent golden giant stepped out from the rift. His expressionless face lowered slightly, as his golden eyes were fixed on Qin Nan's figure.

A tremendous monarch aura swept the surroundings like a storm, causing everything nearby to tremble.

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