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Chapter 1037 - Returning to the Sky-Scorching Emperor Kingdom

…Meanwhile, at the Dark Feather Palace of the Middle Continent…

"Who? Who dares to kill my son!" Martial Monarch Huo Ling wore a dark expression as his figure emitted a terrifying murderous intent, "If I knew who you were, I'd annihilate your whole clan!"

The entire palace trembled under his rage.

He was clueless as to what had happened at the Desolated Battle Ground.

Even if he refined the clone with his blood like the Extraordinary Martial Monarch, he still could only sense its lingering energy after it was slain.

"You, go and summon my second son back to the Dark Feather Palace."

Huo Ling took a deep breath and transmitted his voice.

Despite being furious, now that Huo Wulong was dead, as the leader of the Dark Feather Palace, he had to react quickly and crown a new heir.

After all, Huo Wulong was not his only son.

In addition to Martial Monarch Huo Ling, two other Martial Monarchs in different Two-Starred Factions were infuriated as well. They immediately sent someone to investigate the deaths of their sons while summoning their other sons back.

The death of three Martial Monarchs' sons could be considered a shocking incident in the Middle Continent, but not many people were aware of it, as the three Martial Monarchs purposely prevented the news from spreading.

…Meanwhile, at the bronze palace of the Desolated Battle Ground…

The Leader of the Black Dragon and the others were stunned.

They never thought Qin Nan would really dare to kill the three Martial Monarchs' sons.

Their fathers were Martial Monarchs; if they knew who killed their son, no matter what the person's identity was, he would suffer their wrath!

"Humph, not bad, I did not expect you to surpass the rules of cultivation before me. It seems like my efforts of training you weren't in vain." Princess Miao Miao's eyes flickered with excitement as they inspected Qin Nan. Her tone was filled with a hint of pride.

Qin Nan did not respond as he glanced in the direction of the crowd.

Everyone's faces became pale white instantly.

Qin Nan had dared to kill the three Martial Monarchs' sons, how would he not dare to kill them too?

"Qin Nan, don't kill them yet, I've got a way to control them. Of course, they won't tell anyone that you've surpassed the rules of cultivation or killed those three idiots. If they try to say a single word, they would die instantly…"

Princess Miao Miao's eyes glistened as she came up with a plan.

The people of the Black Dragon were startled.

Control them?

Why did it feel like they were being treated like pets?

They subconsciously tried to fight back. They were considered experts of the Crescent Sun City, thus no one was willing to be enslaved!

However, they could feel a bucket of cold water being poured on their hearts seeing Qin Nan's gaze.

Even though being enslaved was humiliating, anything was better than dying!

Maybe they could negotiate with the mysterious woman in the future to restore their freedom!

"I'll let you handle them. Princess, I have to go back to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom." The Heaven-Shattering Saber slowly disappeared, which transformed back into Qin Nan's right arm.

His family was being targeted, thus he had to return at once!

"What are you panicking for?"

Princess Miao Miao blurted out, "Do you really think you can kill whoever you like when you possess an outstanding cultivation in the Canglan Continent? Those in the Martial Progenitor Realm would not be able to make their way to the Eastern Continent. Even if they managed to get there, they would have to suppress their own strength. The same goes for Martial Monarch Realm experts. If they tried to do anything reckless, they would be eliminated by the Spirit of the Eastern Continent."

"Spirit of the Eastern Continent?"

Qin Nan was astounded.

Following this, he immediately recalled that the Flying Alligator Martial Progenitor of the Wuliang Sect had tried to kill him in the Eastern Continent. However, he immediately withdrew after a while, not daring to stay any longer.

"There's some force that's not very stable in your body. You should stabilize it first, then I'll go with you." Princess Miao Miao said.


Qin Nan collected his thoughts and inspected his body.

It turned out that the Demonic Eight Corpses Seal that he had broken to unleash the Martial Trees had begun to recover.

Obviously, the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch had expected Qin Nan to break the seal, thus he had designed the seal to recover over time.

"I'll give you half the period it takes an incense to burn."

Qin Nan said before he sat down on the ground to adjust his thoughts while allowing the seal to recover.

Even with the protection of the Spirit of the Eastern Continent, he was worried about the safety of his family too.

"I'll deal with you once I've settled this mess, you dare to order the Princess…" Princess Miao Miao glanced at Qin Nan and waved her fist around, before looking at the people of the Black Dragon and saying with a pair of squinted eyes, "Everyone, I have something to discuss with you, do you mind?"

For some reason, the crowd's figures shuddered. In their eyes, the blossoming smile felt like it had come from a demon.

The period it took half an incense stick to burn was soon over.

The Demonic Eight Corpses Seal had completely recovered, sealing off the eight Martial Trees to prevent their existence from being exposed.

As for Princess Miao Miao, she had reached a deal with the people of the Black Dragon.

Princess Miao Miao had let them consume a terrifying poison, which possessed some kind of intelligence. If they tried to tell the secret or do anything forbidden, they would be killed instantly.

"Listen to me, when I return, I must see piles of treasure! Treasure! Treasure! Otherwise, you will have a taste of my anger."

Princess Miao Miao demanded.

She had decided to let them live as she wanted them to collect the treasure from the inner sector for her.

Once she returned, she would retrieve all the treasure without putting any effort into it. How great would that be?

"Keke, let's go." Princess Miao Miao went up to Qin Nan and wore a charming smile, presenting a completely different attitude than before.

Qin Nan nodded as they proceeded to the exit.

"This goddamned…"

The leader of the Black Dragon clenched his teeth as he was about to say 'this goddamned bitch', as a sharp pain immediately surged in his body, causing his face to turn pale and his forehead to be covered in cold sweat.

The other experts shivered upon seeing this, who immediately withheld the urge to curse.

"What are you looking at? Didn't you hear what Princess's words, go and look for the treasure now!"

The leader of the Black Dragon snapped after recovering from the pain.

Even though he felt helpless in his heart, there was nothing they could do but follow the order. At least they would not end up as corpses if they obeyed her.

Time gradually passed...

Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao did not stop as they left the Desolated Battle Ground. They headed straight to the Middle Sector City. Qin Nan, who had initially planned to carry out a massacre, was surprised when the people stalking him before had all disappeared.

On the second day, the two arrived at the Middle Sector City.

On the fourth day…

…In the blue sky of the Eastern Continent…

The figures of Qin Nan and the Princess slowly stepped out from a rift.

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