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Chapter 5 Do You Know Ling Huchong?

Chapter 5 Do You Know Ling Huchong?

Languo’s face stiffened as she yelled, “what are you saying, that I look below average?”

“I...I didn’t mean it like that!” Junzhi cowered.

 “Next time you take a bath, I’ll bring people to watch!” Languo said vehemently. “There’s not many people in the Happy Life clan, so I’m the only one who looks back home, but when we get out there, there’ll be a bigger audience!”

Junzhi was terrified, his lips pressed together as if he was about to cry. Looking around for his teacher, he yelled for help, “teacher, she is bullying me again...”

 “Ha ha...” Languo chuckled. “The teacher is not anywhere near here. We’re almost at the Prince’s palace now. No one will help you even if you yelled your heart out. Just listen to me, and I won’t bother you.”

Poor Junzhi suffered more of Languo’s teasing on their way to the Prince’s palace. When they arrived at the grandiose building, even Languo, who was used to seeing skyscrapers, was impressed, “wow, this is really pretty nice.”

 “Of course, this is the Prince’s house.” A screechy female voice came from next to them.

Languo turned and saw a pointy face with sharp cheekbones, which matched the woman’s shrill voice.

Well, if her looks were any indication, women weren’t necessarily that beautiful in this era, the Daqin Dynasty. How dare a woman who looked like this disrupt her view of the Prince’s palace!

After Languo rolled her eyes at the woman, the woman continued to taunt them, “are you also here to interview to be the prince’s bodyguards?”

Interview?! Languo was stunned, “no... No! I have my teacher’s reference letter.”

 “Everyone has a reference letter.  I have one too from my clan leader.” The woman proudly took out a letter from between her ample bosom, “there’s even a seal from the Mt. Huang Clan.”

Mt. Huang? Daqin Dynasty has a Mt. Huang? Languo was curious now, ”do you have someone there called Ling Huchong1? Wait, are you Yue Lingshan?” She has just noticed the woman’s gorgeous sword.

 “Oh, so you’ve heard of me? Yes, I’m Yue Lingshan. But I don’t have a classmate called Ling Huchong.” The woman looked very proud, as if she was a celebrity being recognized.

 “Isn’t your clan leader your father?”

 “If only! My father abandoned my mom and I when I was young, and my mom sent me to Mt. Huang to learn martial arts.”

 “Oh...” Languo was dejected. So it was just a coincidence. If the legendary Ling Huchong’s stunning classmate, Yue Lingshan, looked like this, Languo would have to vomit, and Jin Yong would be protesting too.

But there was something else out of place. Languo frowned as she tried to think. Junzhi seemed to figure it out first, he asked, “but if our teacher recommended us to be the Prince and Princess Butterfly’s bodyguards, why are you fighting for the job with us?”

[1] Lin Huchong, legendary swordsman in author Jin Yong’s martial arts novels.


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