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In an undetectable corner of the camp, a red-eyed, silver-haired girl was standing quietly behind the tree, and when she heard movement, she slowly turned her head and squinted at their childish “Fight to the Death”.

In Elena’s eyes, there was no difference between this low-level fight and children spitting at each other. However, seeing a sudden change of the situation even moved the well-informed Demon King.

“What? A “double chant”!? "

That thing, that’s not child’s play.

Elena still remembers that Lin Xiao had told her a few days ago that he had mastered double chant like teacher Woos, and said that he wanted to find time to show her. At that time, Elena did not believe him at all and just thought that Lin Xiao was talking big.

The double chant cannot be done by simply mastering the technique, using “double chant” imposes a very serious mental burden on the caster. Only a magician with a magic level of more than six can barely resist it, an ordinary magician might even be tormented into madness by the serious mental burden!

Therefore, she said that sixth-level magic was the absolute condition for mastering “double chant”, which was different from “chantless instant cast”.

Yet, Lin Xiao just overturned the absolute restriction and rewrote the rules of magic! That complicated incantation, that incomparably huge fireball, that terrifying destructive power, what could it be other than double chant?

He was clearly only a fourth-level magician, yet he successfully completed the double chant, achieving what was absolutely impossible as defined by the rules of magic!


If a primary school student beat an adult in a track and field competition, it would show that he was talented and a genius. If he won the world championships, he was a unique human being who would appear once every thousand years and would be placed above all geniuses.

But what if a primary school student ran faster than an F1 car, or faster than a Boeing airplane? Then what?

This was no longer a question of whether they were a genius or not. That would just be straight up daydreaming.

“No, this isn’t an illusion!” After confirming that she was not dreaming, Elena knit her brows.

Lin Xiao, what in the world are you?

Was he an emissary of the goddess of light? Or was he an angel from the realm of the gods? Did he descend to the human realm, pretend to be a good for nothing, specifically to deal with this fallen Demon King? Elena suddenly felt her head hurt.

A Demon King targeted by the gods —— if that was true, then what’s the point of struggling? Wouldn't it be better to obediently serve as Lin Xiao’s maid for a lifetime?

Elena did not understand and could not accept it.

She suddenly remembered that Lin Xiao once said that he was not a human, but a transmigrator…

“Are all transmigrators so powerful?”

“So, what exactly is a transmigrator?”

“Lin Xiao, your magic level is only the third-level, but you can use double chanting… What a terrifying secret technique!”

Watching the rising mushroom cloud, Caesar was convinced.

“I will keep my promise and protect your secret…”


Caesar's lost too much blood then tipped over and passed out. On the other hand, Rosie and Lin Xiao both lost consciousness because of magic overdraft.

The good news was that the crisis was completely solved, and the Jackalwere leader was burned without leaving any residue. They successfully completed the actual combat drill before teacher Momm!

More importantly, Lin Xiao's plan was a perfect success, and Caesar was willing to give up on the duel!

In reality, what had happened was all a show set up by Lin Xiao.

It was not an easy task to let Caesar voluntarily give up on the duel. It was not enough to simply save Caesar, because that might ignite his fighting spirit even more. In order to achieve this goal, Lin Xiao not only had to prove that he was stronger than Caesar, but he also had to make Caesar “convinced and willingly submit”.

To do this, and at the same time not going as far as revealing his true strength, Lin Xiao needed a special environment, this environment must have four things at the same time —— Lin Xiao, and Caesar, the two male protagonists, an enemy Caesar could not defeat, and an exceptionally secret stage.

Lin Xiao expended painstaking effort in order to prepare these four things.

First of all, in order to not make Caesar suspicious, he first looked for Rosie, then using the pretense of helping Rosie improve her relationship with Caesar, he persuaded Rosie to invite Caesar to join his team. He then used the S-level evaluation as bait, and finally, successfully caught the big fish, Caesar.

Lin Xiao, Rosie, Caesar, and Elena, the four teamed up to hunt the Jackalwere leader, this was the first step of the plan.

In this way, the first two of the four things —— Lin Xiao and Caesar were in place, they then just had to find an enemy that Caesar could not defeat, and a secret stage.

Before, Teacher Momm had protected Lin Xiao and others when returning to the camp and encountered the Jackalwere leader. Later, Lin Xiao specifically confirmed the strength of the Jackalwere leader with Elena, confirming that it had impressive strength, and with the help of its armor and weapons, it was easy to defeat the Caesar that had an injury on his left arm, thus the latter half of the story occurred.

Lin Xiao made use of Elena’s “Monarch’s Aura” and “Magic Detection Radar” to sneak into the forest, drew detailed maps, and then disguised it as stuff left by mercenaries, then snuck Caesar and Rosie out of the camp to look for the Jackalwere leader.

This was the second step of the plan. According to the map, they soon arrived at Black Lake. They also found the Jackalwere leader. The third thing was —— an enemy that Caesar could not defeat, so three things were prepared.

The next step was the most important part ——

For Lin Xiao, it was a simple task to defeat the Jackalwere leader. He could just throw a few mid-level magical spells, like “Explosive flame”, but he couldn’t do that.

His purpose was not to act cool, nor to slay noobs, but to make Caesar submit willingly! If he just violently used powerful magic to pummel the Jackalwere leader, his true strength would be completely exposed, and it would become very troublesome!

Don’t forget, his goal was to just coast by, and then become an unremarkable reserve hero, so he could not do that!

Caesar was a man of sincerity and courage, a good young man. There was only one way to make such a man convinced, and that it is to imitate his thinking and then do what he couldn’t do!

It sounds iffy, but it was very simple. There was one thing during this actual combat drill that Caesar was brooding over when Rosie encountered danger!

Although he still does not see the affection between men and women for him and Rosie, as a man who dreams of becoming a hero, he was certainly deeply ashamed of his weakness, and that Rosie being captured was all his fault.

Since this was the case, Lin Xiao put himself in Caesar’s position, and let his own companion (Elena) also be captured like Rosie, then he’ll do something that Caesar wasn’t able to do —— save his companion (Elena) with his own strength!

Therefore, there was a scene in which Elena was captured.

Elena has “Monarch’s Aura”, so she could control the demonic beasts within a certain range, although the range was limited, it was enough for Lin Xiao. When it was his turn to be on guard that night, he asked Elena to call the Jackalwere leader over, and then pretend that she was captured by the Jackalwere leader.

In fact, Elena only gave one very simple command, take me to your camp.

After doing all this, Lin Xiao quickly woke Caesar and Rosie up to begin his plan. As for the captured Elena, Caesar and Rosie had no doubts at all, and decided to make a bold attack with Lin Xiao's persuasion!

And that’s how the present came to be ——

“The powerful secret of the Eastern Tribe…”

“There will be residual effects after using it…”

“A loss of power and unable to duel with him…”

Those were all lines that Lin Xiao scripted, all of which are false! In fact, as a transmigrator, Lin Xiao didn't even know what the hell the Eastern Tribe was. Other than himself, he had never seen anyone else from the Eastern Tribe with black hair and dark eyes like him, they were a race only existing in legends.

However, since everyone firmly believed that he’s from the Eastern Tribe, he might as well take advantage of it, and use it as a protective shield!

What? You asked me why I can use “double chant”? Because that’s the secret of the Eastern Tribe!

What? You asked me what is the secret technique? Sorry, that is the secret of the Eastern Tribe, I can’t tell you!

What perfect logic! No one can find a loophole! Even if Caesar knew, he can only pretend that he doesn’t know, and obediently keep Lin Xiao’s secret!

Lin Xiao felt like he was a genius!

As such, Caesar took the initiative to give up the duel, the goal of the actual combat drill was achieved. The farce that was self-directed, self-composed, and self-acted by Lin Xiao also came to its perfect ending.

His peaceful life has finally returned!

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