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By flicking his fingers, the chief gestured me to follow him and left through the door that he came in from. While I followed the chief, I realized that the other applicant was no where to be seen.

Definitely weird.. The feeling of strangeness amplified when I entered the staff lounge. The chief guided me to a small door that was located at the back of the kitchen and went through a narrow corridor. After the corridor, I was faced with a door which had 'staff lounge' written on it.

"Is it him, this time?"

As soon as I stepped through the door, I saw a person who spoke nonchalantly to the chief. My face tightened instantly without any expression. If Eun-Jong could have seen my face he would have said 'wow, you must be really shocked!'

The person who spoke to the chief with his chin pointing at me did not notice my shock.

"Yes, its this guy. Try it on him."

What is the chief talking about, I did not know. The person who was leaning against the wall appeared to be a beautiful female but, from what I heard from his voice, he was a male.

The person was wearing a very tight vest which was cut low down to his flat chest and came up above his bellybutton. The vest was made from leather which was also the material that was used to make his shorts. If it weren't for the person's obvious male traits, like his Adam's apple and his flat chest, anyone would believe him to be a beautiful woman.

I mean, who wouldn't like a woman who has an innocent face with a sexy body? The person in front of me possessed both of those traits with his round and big brown eyes, extremely pale skin, makeup free ruby lips, slightly long light brown hair, and extreme confidence. If the person was not a human male like me, I would have knelt and kiss his foot while declaring him my queen.

No, not me. I wouldn't have done anything I just said. I meant to say that if it were Jeong-Chan who is crazy about women, he would have kiss the person and declare him as his queen.

Thinking about Jeong-Chan, I couldn't help but grit my teeth in frustration. After what happened with the gang, Jeong-Chan disappeared on me and Eun-Jong. Because of that, none of us could get our money or the suit back from him.

Where could he possible go? I would really like to tell him about this beautiful human male in front of me.

However, I wouldn't become interested in the person who is approaching me with the sensual steps…wait a minute.. Is he approaching me?

While I was standing in my place, dumbfounded and frozen, the beautiful human male successfully wrapped his tentacle like legs around my thigh as he looked up at me with his moist eyes.

Addition to that, why are his hands rubbing up and down my body? To this unexpected turn of event, I had to force my mouth open to ask a question.


Ah.. Of course, what I wanted to say was 'may I ask why you would touch my body in that fascinating manner while looking at me in such a seductive way?'

I was hoping that the person would understand my profound message behind my one-word question.

However, because of my extreme shock and confusion, I was stuck with a cocky expression and a pair of half-closed eye lids. I was looking down at a figure who was about one sixty-five centimeters in height and had a very fragile looking bones in his body like I was bored with his action.

Looking shocked at my attitude, the person widened his eyes like that of deer's, but, soon, the person hung a gentle smile as he tilted his head to the side.

Huk! He is fricking cute!! For a moment, I forgot that the person looking up at me was a human male and almost lifted my hand to stroke his soft looking head. However, before I can carry out my action, my conscious shouted 'he is a male!' Also before I can lift my hand, the person said something rude..

"Wow.. even though he looks naïve, he is scary."

The human male continued to cling on me as he spoke in a husky and sexy voice. I pushed the person's shoulder away and muttered in a deep voice.

"Get away."

If I was not in a state of shock, I would have said 'no, you can't do this' with a blushing face and two hands covering my chest like a virgin. Unfortunately, I could only say so much at once with my uncooperative mouth and arms. Even though the human male's face became frosty, I did not have any reserved power to say anything comforting. The reason why I was able to push the human male back was because of his strong cologne. My nose's wish to be further away from the smell won over my body's desire to stay frozen in shock.

The beautiful human male, pushed back by my firm hands, stood still for a moment with his eyes glaring daggers at me. Then, he turned his face toward the chief as he sharply shouted,

"What the hell! I'm going back!!"

Even though the human male complained, the chief just watched me with his squinted eyes. The chief was stroking his goatee as he nodded at me with an approving smile on his face for the first time.

"This guy is a good one. He doesn't even flinch."

W..What is going on.. Is this so called the test? I felt guilty as I looked up at the chief, but did not say anything when the chief brought me back to the kitchen. The chief nodded and had a satisfied grin on his face the whole time.

When he placed me back to the position in the kitchen, the chief briefly explained some things to me.

"Since you've passed the test, I will tell you now that this is a DAMN perverted business sight categorized as the gay bar."

Is it my auditory hallucination that the chief emphasized the word 'damn' as he grinded his teeth?

"Of course, that means, everybody who comes in here, including regular employees are all-"

In the middle of his speech, the chief stopped and glared his big eyes back and forth at his kitchen staffs. To the chief's glaring eyes, Bae Seong-Lyong bitterly smiled and the rest, one cook and one kitchen assistant, slightly flinched.

"This place is littered with perverts. So, this time, I absolutely wanted to pick an employee who is normal. To do that, I brought in the business's No.1, even though he is just another pervert, to test the applicants' sexuality. For now, I like you."

TN: Thank you for reading! Originally I wanted to translate the story up to the part where MC encounters ML again but I realized that its going to take forever at the speed that I’m translating. So, I am going to focus on finishing up my other project for now. I want to take up another project but not before finishing what I’ve started. The writing style for this novel is very descriptive and difficult compared to my other project. Please have pity on me T,.T

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