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Chapter 172: Xiao Yan and Su Meng's Reunion

Xiao Yan glanced at Ning Shu coldly, then got into the car.

Ning Shu couldn't be bothered to care and simply drove back to the little neighborhood. Xiao Yan's first reaction upon entering the house was exactly the same as that of the Xiao family's parents.

The old Xiao family couple were very moved and happy to see Xiao Yan, and immediately told him about all of the hateful things Ning Shu did. Xiao Yan's eyes turned even colder as he glared at Ning Shu. When he heard that she had made his dad kneel, his eyes became filled with murderous intent.

Ning Shu just laughed coldly in response. Did he really think that all the women in the world loved him and that it was natural for them to tolerate him?

There was a gloomy air all around Xiao Yan as if he was a water dragon trapped onshore that had lost all hope. He locked himself in his room and refused to eat. No matter how Master and Madame Xiao tried to persuade him, he wouldn't budge.

Ning Shu looked at the food in front of the door. Since he refused to eat, then so be it. So she dumped the food into the trash can.

Madame Xiao was so angered by Ning Shu's actions that her breathing was affected, but she still didn't dare to say anything. After all, the Xiao family was currently completely relying on Ning Shu's money. If they angered her and she refused to give them money, they'd have to starve again.

There was one time that they had starved for an entire day. Madame Xiao had to drop her pride in the end and ask Ning Shu for money so that they could finally get something to eat.

That was why, every time, Madame Xiao and Master Xiao would look at Ning Shu with loath-filled gazes as if she was their tormentor, but wouldn't dare to say anything.

When Madame Xiao saw Ning Shu throw away her son's food though, she couldn't stop herself from saying, "Su Ran, how could you be so cruel? How could you threw away his food? He hasn't eaten even once since he got out!"

Ning Shu gave a cold humph. "Since he doesn't want to eat, then he can just starve."

"You…" Madame Xiao looked at Ning Shu. "You'll face retribution."

Ning Shu replied coldly, "Whether I'll face retribution or not isn't something that I'll know about, but I know that you'll soon face retribution."

When Madame Xiao heard this, she trembled. However, since she still wanted to get money from Ning Shu, she could only stifle her anger.

In the end, Xiao Yan couldn't take the hunger anymore and came out to eat. Ning Shu personally handed him food, but Xiao Yan responded by laughing coldly and saying disdainfully, "Su Ran, no matter how you try to curry favor with me, my opinion of you won't change."

Then he took the bowl from Ning Shu's hands like he was doing her a favor before starting to eat. However, because he rushed too much in eating, he started choking. His current appearance, with his bald head… It was really quite wretched.

As Ning Shu watched, she smiled coldly. You should pray that you'll still be able to stay well after eating this meal.

When Su Meng heard that Xiao Yan had gotten out, she came over with her two children. When she saw Xiao Yan, her lips trembled, then she threw herself into his arms. As she reached out to stroke Xiao Yan's bald head, she said in a trembling voice, "You've suffered."

Ning Shu was almost about to die from laughter. Why was this scene so damned comedic?

Li Xiuwen was standing not far away. His expression was very complicated as he watched the two hug. His facial color changed so much that Ning Shu couldn't even find the adjectives to describe it.

The two children started crying as they held onto Xiao Yan, so Xiao Yan was busily coaxing all of them.

Xiao Yan said to Su Meng earnestly, "I'll pull myself together. I have to, so that you and the children have someone to rely on."

Tears streamed down Su Meng's face as she covered her mouth and shook her head. Xiao Yan was flustered by her response. "I won't let you and the children suffer, I promise."

Su Meng still continued crying silently. Then she glanced towards Ning Shu with an agonized expression.

Xiao Yan noticed Su Meng's glance and immediately turned to shout at Ning Shu. "You malicious woman, what did you do to Su Meng!?"

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Chapter 173: Return of the Handsome Shoulder Throw

Malicious woman. It was malicious woman again. Xiao Yan didn't even call her by her name anymore. Every time he spoke it was just 'malicious woman.'

Xiao Yan hugged Su Meng as he glared at Ning Shu. "I won't forgive you if you dare to hurt Su Meng."

Su Meng shook her head. "It has nothing to do with her. I was the one who made the decision to leave you. As long as you're out, nothing else matters. Xiao Yan, you should just forget me."

"You're my woman. I won't allow you to escape from me," shouted Xiao Yan as he hugged her tightly. Then he glared at Ning Shu. "Su Ran, you should just fucking give up already. You actually used me to threaten Su Meng!? You're truly ruthless!"

Ning Shu didn't even know what she had said to Su Meng. From beginning to end, it had been Su Meng talking on her own and blathering something about agreeing to leave if it meant that Xiao Yan could be saved.

Ning Shu gave a cold laugh and pulled apart the two that were hugging as if they wouldn't separate even if the world collapsed. She pushed Su Meng into Li Xiuwen's arms, then turned and slapped Xiao Yan.

Then she slapped him again, and again.

Dusting off her hands, she said, "Xiao Yan, you should open your eyes and take a good look at the situation. If you keep saying 'malicious woman' this and that, I'll make your end very tragic."

Xiao Yan was completely stupefied by the slaps. The Xiao family had gone bankrupt, then he ended up in jail, and now even the woman he loved was being forced to leave him. All the stifled anger in his chest instantly ignited.

With a mad roar, he reached out to hit Ning Shu, but Ning Shu grabbed his hand and immediately executed a handsome shoulder throw. Xiao Yan smashed onto the ground with a boom.

Xiao Yan felt like his waist was about to break. Before he could even react, he felt a hard shoe bottom hit his face.

Ning Shu smiled evilly as she added more pressure to her foot and ground Xiao Yan's face with the sole of her shoe.

Everyone watched Ning Shu, dumbstruck. The first to come back to his senses was Su Dabao. He ran over and started hitting and kicking Ning Shu as he shouted, "Let go of my daddy, you malicious woman!"

Ning Shu pushed Su Dabao aside. Su Dabao fell onto the ground and started wailing. Su Meng hastily went over and hugged Su Dabao. "Su Ran, what has the child done wrong for you to do this?"

"Children should behave like children. Hurry up and get out of my house." Ning Shu pointed towards the door. "Scram! Don't hover around to disgust me."

Li Xiuwen left with Su Meng. When they were leaving, Su Meng kept looking towards Xiao Yan's bruised, swelling face with a pained expression on her face. In the end, Li Xiuwen finally got impatient and pulled her away. As Su Dabao left, he turned back to glared at Ning Shu with eyes filled with resentment.

When the old Xiao family couple saw their son being beaten up, they were angered to the point they couldn't even speak anymore. At the same time, they really didn't dare to say anything, because Ning Shu currently controlled their lifestyle. They had to ask Ning Shu for money even if all they wanted was to buy a stalk of scallion.

Xiao Yan closed himself in his room again. Then, after he couldn't take the hunger anymore, he came out to eat. After eating, he locked himself in his room again. No one knew what he was doing.

Master Xiao still hoped that his son could make a comeback and asked Ning Shu to lent money so that Xiao Yan could use it as capital to start a business. Master Xiao kept talking about how husband and wife shared wealth and glory, and how a couple must unite their hearts and strengths, and such rubbish.

Ning Shu rolled her eyes and paid no attention to him. Master Xiao was so angered by her reaction that his blood pressure abruptly rose and caused his heart to hurt. He had already humbled himself this much, yet she still wasn't agreeing!?

Leaving aside the situation on the Xiao family's side for now, Su Meng was very hurt. She despaired like the sky was falling. At first, Li Xiuwen comforted her gently.

However, later, Li Xiuwen seriously couldn't take it anymore and finally slept with Su Meng. Su Meng felt like the entire world was collapsing. This gentle man actually treated her like this during her time of greatest pain?

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