Real Cheat Online Chapter 36 - [Idiotx2]+Tsukkomi Master+Natural Airhead = Cliche Situation

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Chapter 36 : [Idiotx2]+Tsukkomi Master+Natural Airhead = Cliche Situation—Teaser—

――How did thing turned out this way.

Those words resounding in my head so many times over.

No, I did have those kind of bad premonition aren’t I. And yet, to think that it really come true.

Did I actually have such wonderful foresight?. No, that might be no more than my own delusion. I was too naive. I should recognize those fact.

But somehow that’s the only thing I can say about this situation. I should have the right to say that much.


My scream resounding inside of the cave as I recalling how things turned out this way.

■ □ ■ □ ■

We who were steadily advancing through the underground dungeon took a short break after walking for almost 2 hours non-stop.

「That’s strange. It feels like we were arriving faster to the boss room when we came here yesterday」

Shinji is saying so while sitting on a proturding rock. It seems he’s slightly fatigued from our continous walk.

「We were advancing smoothly yesterday is thanks to what you did in the middle of our adventuring」

「Please stop, I’m reall reflecting on that matter you know」

Aren’t you the one who happily pressed that damned button. I won’t be tricked by such trap after all.

「Please show that in your action. But, that bored wall aside, we couldn’t even find the room with that damned trap. And here I think that we can find that room easily」

I’m not leaving any trace or mark along the way when we came here before since I think that we won’t be coming to this place again. This might take more time than I expected. In worst case we have to do this again tomorrow.

「It something that can’t be found that easily since I don’t even know in which part of the cave we are right now. Well we have no choice but to keep walking if we can’t find it」

Midori-san is such a positive and bright girl. And a beauty on top of that. She might be popular girl in fact.

「Right.  We might be able to find the boss room as long as we keep going toward below. And since there was an underground lake at that place, let’s try to follow the flowing water once we found it」

(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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