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“reborn a thousand years later~!”

If one moment, you were at the scene of a car crash, but in the next, you opened your eyes and came face-to-face with a female ghost……

How would you feel?

Pressing up against your face, the female ghost stared sinisterly while her long hair floated about. Her eyes contained no sclera, and scarlet blood flowed out from the empty eye sockets. This was followed by the damnable hissing of a malevolent wind as it rustled through the dark shadows of a forest.

The sight being beheld was truly too real, to the point that it seemed to be clearly happening right before you!

Blood from all over the body appeared to gather at the brain. Chu Yan felt his throat dry as his heart palpitated within his chest. Adrenaline secreted frantically while the fine hairs on his skin stood up in alarm. He almost wanted to turn around and run away, until——

The female ghost suddenly gave a hollow laugh and pulled at her mouth which was dripping with blood. She reached out a hand, and it passed right through his body.

Chu Yan: “……”

After the scalp-numbing horror and intense nervousness ebbed away, Chu Yan released a sigh of relief. At the same time, a barrage of memories momentarily emerged in his mind.

Five minutes later, Chu Yan kneaded his temple as he fully digested the complicated deluge of information. While doing so, he hurriedly threw the annoying virtual reality headset to one side.

It was currently the spring of 3016, and he was on the capital planet of Huaxia.

Upon regaining sobriety, the first thing that Chu Yan did was pick up the virtual reality headset he had previously tossed aside and examined it closely.

Despite being called a ‘headset’, it actually resembled a black box more.

It was rectangular, and measured about fifteen centimetres in length and eight centimetres in width. On either side, it was supported backward by a structure that was similar to the frame of ordinary glasses. It was not very heavy when held in his hand, but it would be more comfortable to wear it while lying down.

After seriously studying it for a brief period of time, Chu Yan switched the video being broadcast in accordance with the method which appeared in his memories. Proceeding this, he placed the headset on again and watched a short commercial before finally taking it off.

One thousand years later, what would be the degree of improvement in science and technology? This was something everyone was incapable of visualising.

The progress of science and technology was not to the extent that people could pass through time, or discover extra-terrestrial life forms.

It was merely that in a materialistic society which was originally prosperous, people began to invest additional resources and expenditure into the development of the entertainment industry in order to pursue a more enriched pleasure-filled life, thereby promoting the luxuriant growth of the entertainment world.

Just then, Chu Yan had been watching a film titled ‘Extreme Terror’ through this era’s new product——the virtual reality headset. Reportedly, it was a horror movie which was newly released this year. The thriller factor was extremely high, and the box office sales were considered pretty good.

The former host was probably viewing this film when he was frightened to the point of death by the female ghost dressed in white.

In his memories, being scared to death by a horror movie was an incident which had happened before. Furthermore, with the experience just a moment ago of the female ghost pressing against your face while blood seemed to be dripping on you, do you think it was horrifying? In the next second, she would have torn you apart with her hands!

Furthermore, don’t you think the experience of the female ghost pressing against your face while blood seemed to drip on you just a moment ago was horrifying? In the next second, she would have torn you apart with her hands!

Still feeling lingering fear, Chu Yan placed the headset aside. He walked around for a bit, observing the objects in the room. Using the account number of the original host, he then logged onto this world’s Internet——the Skynet. He proceeded to search for more information.

Although Chu Yan had inherited a portion of the former host’s memories, they were too scattered and fragmented. Many things were still incomplete and required Chu Yan to further mull over them.

The owner of this body was also named Chu Yan, and he had just turned eighteen years old a month ago. His appearance to Chu Yan’s former incarnation was seven to eight points similar.

Half a year ago, he was scouted by a talent agent and signed a contract with an entertainment company. He had once shot a commercial, however, he simply did not receive any fame.

The parents of the original host had long passed away many years ago due to illness. They had left behind enough assets for him to complete university, but it was a pity that the former host was completely disinterested in going to university and obtaining a diploma. Last year, he spent all of the inheritance money his parents had left him. If he had not been scouted by a talent agent, then Chu Yan was afraid that the original host would have had to worry about how to make a living.

However, now it was Chu Yan who had to worry about how to make a living.

The entertainment industry of this world was quite formidable, meaning that the competition would inevitably be very fierce.

The former host was extremely handsome, and the commercial had certainly brought him some popularity. Afterward, he had applied for several auditions but was immediately dismissed before he could even say a few words.

According to an assistant director at one of the auditions, the following was said: ‘Chu Yan knows what acting is? He simply doesn’t have the skills for it!’

Therefore, regardless of his outstanding physiognomy, the company also temporarily gave up the original host’s path into the show business after he failed three auditions. Instead, they started to cultivate him to develop in the music industry.

However, the former host’s innate skills in singing were even worse than his acting!

At least in acting, one could just go through the motions when shooting an advertisement. But as soon as the original host revealed his voice, they didn’t bother analysing how good his singing sounded since it was discovered that he could not even stay on the right key!

No matter how developed the healthcare industry was nowadays, there was no cure for those who were intrinsically tone-deaf!

Despite this, the original host was someone with spirit and ambition. According to his memories, the former owner of this body couldn’t sing or act. Hence, he changed his mind and thought: becoming a cast member in variety shows¹ should at least be fine, right? Nowadays, there were also many comedians who were pretty good. Being able to make people laugh was a kind of talent too!

[1] 综艺咖: (noun) the meaning of this was hard to capture, but hopefully the gist of it can be understood.

——However, the former host truly did not have this talent.

Upon thinking up to here, Chu Yan couldn’t help but release a deep sigh. The words of the original host’s agent flashed through his mind: Chu Yan, the Heavens have indeed poured all of your innate gifts into your face; how can you only have such an attractive face?!

At that time, he naturally wasn’t able to do anything. He didn’t have any academic qualifications, nor did he attempt to give his utmost. The former host might as well just close his eyes, cross his legs and say ‘laozi² quits’.

[2] 老子: translates to ‘I, your father/daddy’. Used arrogantly by people to refer to themselves (in anger or out of contempt).

In any case, he still had the company’s fixed monthly wages. After all, he wouldn’t die from hunger so he could just scrape through his days like this.

Consequently, the original host stayed at home for about three to four months. Last week, his agent even introduced him to a pretty good screen test. Yet, the former host insisted on not going and was bent-on idling around and relying on his wages. The agent was extremely angered as a result.

Chu Yan was also unable to understand why the original host did not seem to consider his future life at all. His contract with this entertainment company would only last for three years. After these three years were up, it was guaranteed that the company would not want to continue signing with a sponger. When that moment came, what would the former host have done?

The original host didn’t need to worry about these issues anymore, but Chu Yan was troubled!

He searched through some data on Skynet, and roughly estimated the amount of cash he had left. In the end, he miserably found out that the company’s payday was in a week. However, there only remained enough money in his bank account to buy food for four to five days!

Food is the God of people³!

[3] 民以食为天: (idiom) People view food as the primary need; food first, ethical niceties second.

In his former incarnation, Chu Yan’s parents passed away prematurely. He charged into the entertainment world alone and attained the Academy Award for Best Actor. How could he now be stumped by this food predicament?!

Since this was the case, he should just accept it⁴. Chu Yan currently occupied the original host’s body, so naturally, he needed to merge with the former owner’s identity and lead a better life in the future. However, this time, he wouldn’t be a potato couch or live a mediocre life-like the original host did. He would join their characters together and live more brilliantly and extraordinarily!

[4] 之则安之: Since they have come, we should make them comfortable (idiom); since this is so, we should accept it; if you can’t do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it.

Without demur, Chu Yan began searching for information and news regarding this world on Skynet according to the original host’s scattered memories. On the second day, he used the virtual reality headset to deepen his understanding regarding the daily lives of this world’s inhabitants.

When it was the third day, Chu Yan found that his money was almost entirely spent. Using the original host’s account number, he opened up one of the company’s recruitment site and carefully sifted through it.

Densely packed information immediately appeared before his sight. Chu Yan was unable to all of a sudden adjust to such high-end methods of computer imaging. He spent a long time identifying the words one by one, then ultimately decided on a TV drama and two web dramas. Chu Yan proceeded to send out his audition request.

The entertainment industry had now developed to such a degree of dominance that TV dramas and films needn’t be mentioned; every year, several million web series would be released worldwide. The quantity was tremendous, enough to fry or crash any of the supercomputers from one thousand years ago.

There were many performers and production teams who wanted to shoot films. Hence, the demand for walk-on actors was naturally also extremely high. Every entertainment company’s official website contained recruitment pages like this. The company that the original host belonged to could only be considered average within the industry. However, there would be a pile of crew members who came to their website every day to release recruitment news.

The three production teams that Chu Yan had chosen all had one distinctive characteristic: sign a contract, and receive the payment within three days!

In the evening, Chu Yan opened Skynet after having some food and checked the replies of the three production teams. He was astonished to find that both web series had unexpectedly rejected his audition application without a single word!

As for the TV drama crew, they had tactfully refused him while also leaving behind a short message: Mr Chu, we need an ordinary actor. Your appearance and our requirements do not coincide. 

Chu Yan: “…………”

So I’m to blame for being attractive?

Standing in front of the mirror, Chu Yan carefully scrutinised his face. He raised his eyebrows, and the Adonis reflected in the mirror also lifted his. Chu Yan pursed his lips, and the beautiful youth before him lightly pursed his thin lips accordingly.

His features were refined and handsome, while his skin was exquisitely fair. This face was indeed quite good-looking; even if he were thrown into the entertainment circle where beautiful people were like clouds, it could still be considered one of the best. His appearance was one that was extraordinarily recognisable.

In fact, under normal circumstances, the original host could definitely mingle into the entertainment circle by obediently being a backdrop or a pretty flower vase even though he had no acting or singing skills. However, the former host’s temperament was rather gloomy. In particular, he would stare at others with a fixed gaze that seemed quite sinister. When he smiled, it was as if a burst of chill wind had passed by.

……Oh, right. In the only advertisement that the original host had ever shot, he played the role of a vampire.

Chu Yan softly rubbed his cheeks with slender and jade-like fingers. Between ‘destroying his figure in order to eat a meal’ and ‘apologising to his agent and seeking a second chance’, Chu Yan released a deep sigh and selected the latter.

Yet, he had only just picked up the communication device and prepared to dial when a familiar number displayed itself on the screen.

Chu Yan was slightly surprised and his brows twitched. He pressed the answer key on the communication device and the holographic projection of a plump, middle-aged man appeared instantly in his room.

Upon seeing the other person, Chu Yan’s eyes flickered. Inwardly, he had already thought up countless entreaties. The luminosity of the holographic projection was reflected in Chu Yan’s light-coloured pupils. Full lips curving up, Chu Yan spoke in a serene tone. “Zhao ge⁵, has there recently been any notices for me to return? During this period of time, I have thought it through clearly. In the past, I have committed some mistakes. I’m still young, I don’t want it to end like this.”

[5] 哥: literally means ‘elder brother’, but it can also be used when referring to someone with no blood relation. It’s often used to indicate superiority and/or familiarity.

His voice was low, and pleasant to hear while his attitude was neither servile nor overbearing. Even while uttering those apologetic words, the youth still sat upright like an emperor of the frosty skies. He carried himself with an elegant, reserved and noble air along with poised and humble manners.

The agent stared blankly at Chu Yan’s comportment. A moment later, his complexion became odd as he responded, “How about this. Chu Yan, come over to the company first. There’s……” He coughed, “There’s a couple of matters that need to be discussed with you.”

His meaning was not concealed in the least, so Chu Yan discovered the guilty and evasive expression in the other’s eyes at a glance.

Narrowing his eyes, Chu Yan appeared to be unperturbed as he asked with a smile, “Zhao ge, did something happen? I’ll come directly over to the company, do I need to bring anything?” He paused, then his clean and straight brows faintly knitted together. Chu Yan inquired in a low voice, “Has my previous conduct angered the company?”

No matter what was said, this agent had only known Chu Yan for half a year. However, he had never seen the boy look so worried⁶ before.

[6] 愁眉不展: with a worried frown.

Chu Yan originally looked quite charming and beautiful. In the past, his gloomy and cold temperament caused others to not take notice of him. Now, he unexpectedly displayed a disappointed and concerned expression.

This promptly distracted the agent and he subconsciously answered, “This time, it’s really not your problem. It’s my fault, it’s my fault! Chu Yan, if you are not able to live well after the contract is terminated, you can still come and find me. We have known each other for so long, I will do as much as possible to help introduce you to others.”

Chu Yan’s eyes widened and his heart thudded. In his mind, two enormous words reverberated one hundred and eighty times——

『Terminate! Contract!』


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