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Helloooww I’m back ^^ i have been translating this project for almost one year now. Thank you for your supports, comments, and likes, and i hope you enjoy reading my translations. I am planning to pick up another BL project soon as i feel i just couldn’t let it die in NU ..>.<.. so please continue to support me hohoho

Chapter 67

When Chen An was here, his sight and mind was full of that man.

Now that he wasn't here, Chen Yang could calmly sit for a while and ponder on some things that he has never paid attention to before.

He sat alone on the floor in Chen An's room while on the side was a red wine bottle that was half drank by him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he carefully thought on something. Someone who failed to commit suicide and had amnesia couldn't possibly change into a brand new person all of a sudden.

Not to mention, in the past, his uncle wasn't proficient in speaking foreign language. There was even a thick accent when he spoke Chinese. But how could he become so knowledgeable, especially about weapons right after he woke up in the hospital? Moreover about how he was so familiar with the sellers and buyers that were usually unknown to the outsiders and as for his understanding on the models of weapons and ammunition and the way he used it, was similar to a veteran.

But he didn't care who Chen An was, Chen Yang only knew that Chen An was his uncle, was his.

The grabbing the wine bottle as he slowly walked toward the study room where Chen An usually was. Maybe because he trusted him so much, Chen An never locked the study room.

Then he sat in front of the computer and pressed the start. Chen An knew Wang Li was a computer expert, not to mention that he and Wang Li went to the same school, if Wang Li could be investigated, he could also be investigated even more.

There were always some clues that will allow him to find some secrets that Chen An did not say.



Sitting alone near the pool while playing with the wine glass in his hands, not far away Chen An occasionally gazed at some people who were gathering together and drinking vodka.

In a group of rich and bald middle-aged man, Ivanov who was in a prime time and comparable to CK male model was undoubtedly looked very distinct. It made Chen An suddenly discover that the doll who originally ate candy behind him already grew up and turned into a handsome moving hormone diffuser.

The world was changing really fast, Chen An slowly poured the red wine in the cup into the pool. The bright red liquid is immersed in the clear pool of water. The pool was like contaminated with blood as it slowly spread made it more visible more apparent as it consumed the pool water until it lost the last color.

Looking at the pool water reflecting the moonlight, Chen An seemed to see Zhang Le's smiling face in a flash, the younger brother who never gave up and followed him like a shadow.

He clearly has been so tired to live in the past life, clearly has shot himself, but now he still lived again.

"My dear An, why sitting here alone and revealing this kind of sad and lonely expression?" Ivanov does not know when he came to the man but with a burst of laughter, he just gently hold the man from behind ignoring other people at the party.

"Just remember some things from the past."

Chen An didn't push Ivanov away and instead he leaned back in the arms of the bear. This move suddenly made Ivanov somewhat flattered knowing that every time he tried to embrace this man, he would be pushed away heartlessly.

Ivanov also didn’t know why he insisted on playing this game with Chen An. Obviously he could get a kiss or touch this man like in the first time, but his carnivore intuition instinctively told him to curb himself from doing that as if it was a dangerous thing to do.

Well okay, later on it will be worth paying for right?

There was a weird feeling on Ivanov as Chen An leaned on his as he felt there was a gun looked like fire continuously jumping around. There was a complicated look as he looked at the man who was resting in his arms and closed his eyes.

There was no one who could stay by his side for more than three months. But now even it has past for half a year he still couldn't forget this man who only met him several times before.

He never felt satisfied with one’s heart because of the closeness of one could be but now he felt his chest was full as the other party has initiatively relied on him.

"What kind of magic do you impose to me An?" The glass of red wine has been thrown aside earlier and Ivanov tightly hug the man's back. He buried his cheek in the back of the other’s neck.

"Then ~~~ you have to be careful Ivanov.” Chen An slowly opened his eyes and patted Ivanov around his back, his mouth slightly raised as he said: “You will be finished if you fall in love with me.”

T.N: Honestly I also don't understand my own translation of handsome moving hormone diffuser but somehow I imagine Ivanov as an attractive handsome young man who will attract anyone as he goes? Please let me know what you guys think or maybe help me found the right word? >.<

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