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Chapter 36

Shu brother comes to the door

The original An Qing Ran was doubtful regarding these rumours. But now, she was able to admire Dong Fang Ruo Xue painting she couldn’t question them any longer. Thus, her expectations for the gathering got rose.

All the shackles in her past life started from that party. This thought made her hesitant but also excited.

"Miss isn't the painting hanged properly?". Asked Ren Dong when she came in. The maid’s voice pulled Qing Ran back from her thoughts. Glancing at the art piece before nodding.

The three beauties of the capital. If it can be said that everyone is a rare flower and as their own talent. In her past life to compare these three women to any other was alike to measure the gap between heaven and earth.

An Qing Ran couldn’t foresee if these women fate in marriage would be the same in this life. Would she be able to save them? She had not taught about these things clearly yet.

After all, she believed that the reason for her rebirth was to take revenge from all the wrongs done to her in her past life. She must also take back all that belongs to her!

To do so, she could never let that man get a better position! She had to hinder all his plots!

While she was thinking about these matters a childish voice could be heard outside.

"Jie Jie…"

An Qing Ran was puzzled, the door opened and a seven or eight years old boy appeared his face full of tears. Entering the room, he stopped and searched for Qing Ran's figure once he spotted her, he cried even louder. This child was An-Ming Xuan!

An Qing Ran's heart sank. Today her nemesis decided to take turns and visit. She was curious to see what the little one intended to do.

Although she hated the unscrupulous man in her past life. Looking at the seven years old crying boy; Qing-Ran heart wasn't able to bear his tears and pulled the little one over.

"What happened? Who bullied you?"

"Jie! Ming Xuan can't see Yiniang. They won't let me see her!! Ming Xuan wants to see Yiniang!!"

An-Ming Xuan complained while wiping his tears. An Qing Ran sighed.

"Jie Jie will take you to see her later ok?"

"En, Jie is the best!! Jie… can you ask mother to let go of Yiniang?"

An-Ming Xuan looked at her with teary eyes.

Looking at the child she noticed a red mark on his left cheek. It was clearly a palm and asked immediately.

"Who hit you? Let me take a look!"

An-Ming Xuan smiled and answered "It is our second sister! She said that Ming er is useless!"

After he said these words he resumes with his crying.

An Qing Ran sneered. It seemed that this was another trick from her dear Mei Mei. Thankfully An-Ming Xuan was still young and didn't have a black heart, so he sold Yan Ran.

Thinking about this she handed her handkerchief to AN Ming Xuan.

"Wipe your tears, you are a man so you shouldn't cry so much, okay?"

Although An-Ming Xuan still felt like crying he was also a bit intimidated by his older sister. He twitched his small body to pick the cloth muttering.

"Jie will Yiniang die?"

"Ah?" An Qing Ran exclaimed

"Who told you such a thing?"

"Second sister said that Yiniang will be mad at me… that Jie can save Yiniang!"

"This was father’s decision what can your Jie Jie do? But I can send you to Lan Xiaoge to see Yiniang. How about it?"

An Qing Ran wasn't able to hate the little boy as she imagined she would. He was still too young and his black heart was not yet exposed!

Maybe this was a good thing! In this life, she could change him before the sweet little boy change into an evil spirit. After all this little one was her brother wasn't he?

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