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Less than half a day after the notice, Suzhou City's streets and alleys, teahouses and restaurants – everywhere one can see people discussing. When Ye You passed, he heard a few whispers about whether or not Lord Wang could have done any shameful shady business. If Wang family Head heard, then blood would likely be sprayed out.

But then he didn’t worry, because people quickly stopped talking and as they saw his “lantern”.

As the sun sets, Ye You passed by three inn in a row, and finally stopped at the best in the city. He walked in and suddenly feels that this place is really good.

The three blocks of the restaurant are two-storey. There are bridges between the galleries and the two floors. There are also elegant seats on the upper galleries, (1) hanging curtains on the outside, paintings on the walls, and bonsai in the lobby. When they entered, the singing courtesans are performing a white silk sleeve dance, the appearances of the body are wonderful, and provoke one to stamp their feet.

Ye You smiled and said: “Sure enough, it is interesting to come out. It is much more fun than eating with my shixiong and the others, right?”

Knife-Scar Man silently gave a tear of sympathy to their School Master.

Ye You did not want to be in a guest room, but wanted to sit on the first floor at a single seat. He ordered a few small dishes and two pots of good wine, and slowly ate. Knife-Scar Man saw him pour the wine and hurriedly blocked his way: “School Master said that your injury is not better, you better don’t drink it.”

“Then isn’t this wine wasted?” Ye You said, “Why don't you drink it all?”

Knife-Scar Man shook his head. After the last “night walking sickness” incident and the days following along with him, he could see that this person is not easy to deal with. What’s more, for so many years, this is the first time they see School Master need a person. It is obvious that Master Xiao is important to the School Master. He naturally can’t make anything go wrong and said: “It will be good to bring it back later.”

Ye You said: “This is not good.”

Knife-Scar Man immediately wants to say, “I will take it, I will never let you be tired”, but he would continue to listen to this person say: “It was very difficult for me to step out, to only get two bottles of wine is too pitiful, how about buy a few more barrels.”

“…” Knife-Scar Man swallowed back what he had wanted to say before. “Possibly, I am going to call a carriage.”

“Yeah, what you said to order, I think so too,” Ye You sighed. “But unfortunately, I only have enough money to eat, so I can't bring anything to my shixiong. Well, it's better I drink.”

Knife-Scar Man: “…”

He suddenly missed his family's School Master, probably only the School Master can keep this person under control.

“I can’t drink with my injury, you don’t want to drink, then give it away.” Ye You looked around and made an invitation with sincerity.

People don’t know him, but they know Knife-Scar Man, so they have been secretly paying attention to him for a long time. Now they all look at him and then stand up. This noble son wants the best wine in the restaurant, especially since watching it seems to be related School Master Wenren, how can they not be curious.

Knife-Scar Man only just blinked, and then was surrounded by a group of people from all sides who “shouted and cheered”. Encircled by a crowd that was all Jianghu, it suddenly felt like a mountain had suddenly pressed down, and he thought only he looked at Master Xiao alone, who was as if this was not too many.

His nerves were stretched and was afraid of someone doing something, but he really thought about it. Ye You just wanted to chat with someone.

Several people reported each other’s family clans. The people expressed their surprise at Ye You’s identity as “School Master Wenren's Shidi,” and felt that the decision to come over was correct.

The words gradually opened and quickly turned a certain topic.

Ye You said: “Is it or is it not the work of an evil sect person?”

“Speaking of this is not good,” said a tall, thin man with a crescent shovel. “Perhaps it's true there is hatred toward the family, or it's an evil sect that's causing trouble.”

“I heard that this Lantern Extinguishing Poison is very ferocious. If the poisoner is caught, they will never be left off lightly,” Ye You said. “So to have the courage to do this in front of orthodox sects, the strength should be very strong, if it is the evil sect's signature. I don't know which faction has this confidence?"

Everyone said: “Well… definitely Hopeless Palace and Demonic Sect .”

Ye You said: “Hopeless Palace?”

Everyone was surprised: “Noble son doesn't know?”

“Well, this younger brother's body is weak, and has been sick at home for these past years. This is the first time going out,” Ye You said. “Besides, shixiong, this younger brother knows no one in the Jianghu. Not knowing anyone, I can't help but turn toward chivalrous heroes to please teach one or two.”

The moment everyone heard School Master Wenren, and called “chivalrous heroes”, all over they are happy, and immediately did not lack speech, and the words were without end.

“The name of the Palace Master of Hopeless Palace is Xie Junming. The strength is very strong. The Hopeless Palace is from the Western Region. In the Central Plains, it has been around longer than the Demonic Sect. Before the Demonic Sect came, most people called the Hopeless Palace the Demonic Sect.”

Ye You said: “Is it changed because the strength of the Demonic Sect was stronger?”

“No, I think the Hopeless Palace is even stronger.”

“Who said? The Demonic Sect came to the Jianghu and in less than half a year they stood firm, it's stronger compared to the Hopeless Palace. Sect Master Ye's martial arts are even more unfathomable.”

“It's still debatable which is up or down.”

Ye You listened patiently, waiting for them to finish arguing before he ordered a round of wine at the right time.

1) I completely gave up on these sentences. It described the interior of the inn and how bridges and walkways connect or whatever, but I can't grasp what is what.

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