Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 744: God of Dice

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"Me? Regret? Hah! Why would I regret anything? Do you think you'll beat me?"

Pikaka laughed mockingly and said, "My family built our fortune on gambling! I knew how to lay a bet as soon as I could speak! Before my eighteenth birthday, I had beaten all the gambling champions from all five continents! If it weren't because of my family holding me back, my name would've been known all around the world! We'll play whatever game you choose! I'm down for anything - even if it's your Chinese Mahjong! And as long as you could win all of my ten billion American dollars, I will ask Bici to look for the person that you want!"

The crowd was in utter disbelief.

No one would have guessed that a man like Pikaka had such an impressive past!

'I mean, he beat all five… Gambling champions before he was eighteen! He even claimed that he was the teenage King of Gamblers! And placed a ten billion bet!'

Based on these three points, the crowd was certain that Chen Xiaobei would lose to Pikaka.

It was obvious that Pikaka was out for revenge! He has no intention of asking Bici to look for Xiangyu and Lin Xiang.

Yan Congming knew this very well and quickly said, "Master Pikaka, this is a matter of life and death - this is not a laughing matter!"

"Do I look like I'm having a laugh?" Pikaka asked, flashing him a look of disgust.

"Forgive me for speaking so candidly! You are the King of Gamblers!" Yan Congming praised. "That kid has nothing against you! He is not even worthy to be up against you! He'd need a miracle to win all your money! How is this not a joke?"

Pikaka laughed at this and said, "Hahaha! You really have a way with words! That's very flattering!"

He was very confident of his hand at gambling and loved it when people complimented him on it.

Everyone watching them felt really frustrated.

Yan Congming just paid courtesy to others and belittled himself! What a coward! What a disgrace!

However, it was undeniable that Pikaka really was an unbeatable opponent!

Perhaps, Yan Congming's flattery was the only way out.

The crowd could not do anything but observe. 

"How about this, Master Pikaka." Yan Congming said ingratiatingly, "I'll make that kid apologize to you and you ask Mr. Bici to look for the people that we want?"

"Alright!" Pikaka said, laughing. "You know, I am very magnanimous! As long as he apologizes to me, I won't have any beef with you."

"You really are, sir!" Yan Congming nodded. Then he turned around, his expression darkened and hollered, "Hey kid! Come over and apologize to Master Pikaka."

"I've already told you - I will play a game with him!" Chen Xiaobei said defiantly. There was not a trace of remorse in his tone at all.

"Eh, kid, are you dumb? Why don't you take a look at yourself? How could you play with Master Pikaka?" Yan Congming chided, "Master Pikaka is generous enough to give you a chance to apologize! Know your place, kid!"

"How I play is none of your business! You have no right to tell me what to do!" Chen Xiaobei said coolly, "As for Master Pikaka, what generosity does he have? Only idiots will believe him! If he really is so nice and forgiving, then he wouldn't have had wrangled with me relentlessly like a crazy dog!"

 "If I were to think with my ass, everyone knows that even if I apologize, he wouldn't help! Some people's brains are just no better than their ass!"

"Stupid kid! Who are you calling a crazy dog?" Pikaka thundered.

"Stupid kid, who are you calling dumb?" Yan Congming burst out.

Upon seeing that, Cao Zhenyang and the rest of them started to get really nervous.

He thought that everything could be solved with an apology but it looks like things were not getting any better.

Firstly, Chen Xiaobei is so domineering - he would definitely not apologize.

Secondly, the crowd also felt that what Chen Xiaobei said made complete sense. Pikaka was a despicable person by nature, even if he had apologized, there was a high chance that he would still break his promise!

Now, how everything turns out would depend on Chen Xiaobei.

"Enough rambling! I don't have time to waste!" Chen Xiaobei walked towards the table and said solemnly, "Let's play the fastest game, dice!"

"What? Are you sure you want to play dice with me" Pikaka laughed out loudly, "Hahaha! I didn't want to put you at a disadvantage! But out of all the games, the dice game is my forte!"


The crowd was stunned. Chen Xiaobei was too unlucky, out of all the games, he chose the one that Pikaka was best at.

Earlier, he did not have a chance to win but now it was impossible for him to defeat Pikaka anymore.

"Playing dice is too boring!" Pikaka said smugly, "I'll grant you another chance to choose a different game!"

"There's no need for that!" Chen Xiaobei said coolly. He was completely unshaken.

"Hey kid! Do you have a death wish? Pikaka is the best player in this world when it comes to playing dice! In Jianghu, he was given the title, god of dice! Give him a dice and he can take over the whole world!"

"Hey, fool! Did you hear that? Playing dice with Master Pikaka is no different than killing yourself!" said Yan Congming.

At that moment, even Cao Zhenyang could not stay calm anymore. He then turned to Chen Xiaobei and whispered, "Xiaobei, I think you should choose a different game! You are going to lose if you play dice with him!"

Even Fang Yuqiong could not help but say, "Mr. Chen, I know that you are a real man! But this matter is just out of our hands! Your win rate is close to zero and you are going to be wasting your time! Time is everything at a crucial moment like this!"

Clearly, Fang Yuqiong was deeply impressed by Chen Xiaobei's domineering presence. Earlier, she was looking down on him. Now, she started to care about him. Her opinion of Chen Xiaobei had completely changed. Considering that they could not contact Xiangyu and Lin Xiang for quite a long time, they had to grab hold on all the time that they had to look for them. The longer they dragged, the worse it would become!

"Mr. Chen! Please think about it! The opponent has ten billion USD! You are going to need a long time to win all his money!" said Fang Kangyin and Feng Xubin.

When he heard the crowd's advice, Pikaka stood up straight, his expression proud and arrogant. He thought that Chen Xiaobei had nowhere to go and could only succumb to him.

He did not expect Chen Xiaobei to give him a big, hard virtual slap seconds later.

"It's only ten billion. I only need ten minutes!" Chen Xiaobei said nonchalantly.

"Ten minutes? Are you out of your mind?" Pikaka was furious. "You think you can win all of my money in ten minutes? You would have to win more than ten million every round! How much money do you have? Fool!"

Chen Xiaobei ignored him, took out his phone and waved it in front of Bici.

"Hey you, buy me two billion worth of electronic chips! All in!"

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