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"What?! The person behind this wicked scheme is Zhuang Bufan?!"

The crowd was baffled beyond belief, momentarily stunned. After that, they nodded and started to voice out their thoughts.

"It must be him! As Brother Chen is so damn popular now, Zhuang Bufan is afraid of losing his status and popularity in the entertainment industry! That is why he wants to take Brother Chen down as soon as possible!"

"Right! Zhuang Bufan definitely has the motive to do this kind of despicable stuff! And this is not the first time!"

"This piece of shit is really something! Not only does his bastard refuse to work his way up to become better, but he was also actually planning to bring down his colleague! What a shameless asshole!"


It was obvious everyone knew that Zhuang Bufan's personality was beyond salvation. The crowd's conclusion was that the mastermind was definitely Zhuang Bufan.

"Judging from Director Zhou's look, I'm pretty sure that his Tame Head is caused by a Spiritual Hexworm! Usually, the only way for a Spiritual Hexworm to get inside a person's body is from the mouth! Did Director Zhou recently consume any food that is prepared by the Zhuang Family?"

"Yes! Last night, Zhuang Bufan told Director Zhou that his family wanted to have dinner with him! I'm pretty sure they did something to the meal!" said one of the bodyguards.

Upon hearing that, everyone nodded their heads angrily.

"Call the police now! We have solid evidence to prove that Zhuang Bufan is the one that committed this crime! We have to make Zhuang Bufan pay for what he did to us!" said Feng Yaolun in a determined manner.

"But… I don't think the police can do anything to the Zhuangs…" said Tang Mengwan.

"We still have to report this crime to the authorities no matter what! At least the police will try to pin this crime on Zhuang Bufan with the solid evidence that we provide to them! Even if the police chooses not to deal with them, I still want to make sure that Zhuang Bufan will never be able to work in the entertainment industry anymore!"

Everyone was shocked after hearing Song Qincheng's claim. Like a queen, Song Qincheng would make sure those that hurt Chen Xiaobei would get what they deserved! Once this incident was made known to the public, Zhuang Bufan would become the entertainment industry's enemy. Chen Xiaobei's fan club alone would be enough to bring him down! In the name of justice, there were a lot of people in the society who would definitely boycott him if they knew about this incident.

It was apparent that the decision that Song Qincheng made was really smart and ruthless! The crowd could not help but think that Song Qincheng was not the kind of iron lady that one should mess with! Likewise, going against Chen Xiaobei would definitely not a smart move either. With mixed emotions, Tang Mengwan suddenly realized that there was a huge gap between her and Song Qincheng. Maybe that was why Chen Xiaobei chose to be together with Song Qincheng instead of her . 1

At that moment, Tang Mengwan started to think that it might be impossible to become Chen Xiaobei's mistress.

"We have one more problem here! How are we going to dispel this Tame Head? I heard this is supposed to be some kind of black magic! I don't think the hospital can help us with it!"

Everyone nodded after what Feng Yaolun said. At the same time, Zhou Jianjin's bodyguards were looking worried as well. They knew that Director Zhou was a good man as he had been treating them like his own family. They would not be able to live with that fact that if something bad happened to him.


Just when Chen Xiaobei wanted to say that he could dispel Tame Head, he was interrupted by two people that were about to enter the room.

"I can help!"

A young man that was around twenty-four years old in a traditional costume of one of the rare tribes in the country. This good-looking person walked with an air of confidence. With his amber colored eyes, he looked like a manga character.

This person was none other than Tai Yitan - the one that challenged Chen Xiaobei some time ago. Today, he did not bring along the group of twelve people in black robes with him. Only a six-and-a-half-feet baldy was following behind him. Judging from the bullhead tattoo on the baldy's head, one could tell that he was one to be trifled with. When he made an eye contact with Chen Xiaobei, respect and fear could be seen reflected from his eyes. Clearly, this person was the one that looked down on Chen Xiaobei earlier, Teng Niu! During his last trip to Bei Xuan Faction, he acted in an arrogant manner and Chen Xiaobei managed to teach him a good lesson by landing slaps on his face.

"Why are you guys here?" asked Chen Xiaobei in a curious manner. In actuality, Chen Xiaobei did not hate them.

"Staying in Dragon City is pretty boring. And we heard that you are going to have a meet-and-greet event. That is why we decided to come here to check it out," said Tai Yitan.

"We were sitting among the crowd. There were a lot of people here just now. Probably that was why you didn't notice us," Teng Niu added.

"Maybe my question is not clear enough. Why did the two of you come rushing to the backstage after the meet-and-greet event is over? Could it be that you foresaw that someone is affected by Tame Head?"

"Heh… Faction Leader Chen, you are really good at analyzing situations! Actually, I came here to ask you to teach me you lightning summoning skill. That is my true purpose. Coincidently, I can help you with your current problem. You will not be able to reject teaching me when you owe me a favor."

"Alright. Give it a try then. I want to see what a young witch master can do."

During their last encounter, Chen Xiaobei was really interested in Tai Yitan's witch tribe's origin. With this given opportunity, Chen Xiaobei would be able to witness the difference between modern black magic and ancient black magic.

Immediately, Tai Yitan strode towards Zhou Jianjun. Upon seeing that, the crowd was clueless about the things that Chen Xiaobei and Tai Yitan just said.

"Xiaobei! This is?"

Feng Yaolun could not help but ask.

"This is my friend. Don't worry. I will bear full responsibility if something bad happens!"

Everyone then relaxed after Chen Xiaobei gave them assurance. However, Zhou Jianjun's bodyguards were still feeling worried and nervous. After all, they thought that there was nothing Chen Xiaobei could do if something bad really happened to Zhou Jianjun.

"Faction Leader Chen. I know that your lightning summoning skill is really powerful! However, I don't like the things that you said! Our young witch master started practicing black magic when he was still a kid. He is one of those incredibly rare geniuses of our tribe! And this is just an ordinary Tame Head. He can dispel it with his eyes closed!"

"I don't think you've learned your lesson yet. Don't boast it. If not you will be slapped by your own words later!"

"Crap!" Tai Yitan's sudden exclamation made everyone jump.

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