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Staying Overnight

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Mithril

As I chugged down my third mug of alcohol, the cheers from the people in the bar continued on. As if challenging me, Simon pushed the fourth mug in front of me. I shouldn't have made such a huge bet……

Simon is such an enthusiastic person and a good friend.

Wolflang has been helping me so much all this time, and he's my bro.

Parker though….Well, he's really got some remarkable skills, so I admire him a lot.

And about the succubus Lia…….though she's quite the looker, but……she's not as beautiful as my wife!

But can you guys stop messing with me?

Ah, wait. This isn't the problem. What I want to know now is how the hell did my Xifu and I come to drink in the bar in Nightfall Town?!

Oh, right, I remember. I had been caught up in talking with Simon during the shopping spree and ended up here somehow after being invited to drink at the bar.

Putting that aside, aren't you the big boss of the Black Merchant Caravan, old man!? (TL: Referencing to Simon.) How could you just leave your caravan and get drunk with us?

Though, it's not like I dislike alcohol or anything. I'm quite fond of going out for a few bottles with close friends to relief stress.

But back then, it has been with my close friends, not a werewolf, a succubus, and an old man that I knew no more than a few days.

Also, aren't you guys a little too enthusiastic? Heck. I'm not even really close with you guys, and why the hell are you all drinking like it costs nothing? Also, to the noisy bunch who's been jeering along all the while, don't just believe whatever I say! My wife's still here, so please at least save some pride for me, god damn it!

'Let me introduce someone to you bunch. This is Mr. Lou Woo, and this…lady is Madame Lou Woo. Mr. Lou Woo is new to these parts and is here to give his greetings.

"Hello, everyone. I am Lao Wu, and this is my wife……'

After a few moments of silence, almost every customers exclaimed in surprise, followed by the noisy sounds of discussion. Amongst them, what I could grasp the most was:

'Isn't that……Medusa?'There was nothing wrong about that remark, or rather, the problem was my Xifu herself……

Well, my Xifu was really something though. No matter how crazy and lovey-dovey we were at home, she was like a totally different person when we're out in the public, with her words and actions polite yet as serious as a dead man.

Meh, monsters are monsters after all. If I had been someone else, I also would have found it to be really weird to see someone living with one.

"Do take a seat, Mr.Lao Wu."

"Ah, thanks."

"So what are ya having?"

"Uh, the usual……"

Two beer mugs clanked on the table. Simon too was holding one in his hands. I guess we're having a toast?

"Eh, Xifu. Let me, take that, drink, for you."

"Mmm? What's up?"

"You, wounded, right? Drinking, is bad, right?"

"Hehehe. My hubby's the best."

Shit, did she just say that!?

A random surge of happiness filled my heart as I grabbed the mug.

Screw this! I'm gonna down these drinks even if I die!

And so, I ended up chugging down both mugs of alcohol in front of the dumbfounded old man*. (TL: Referencing to Simon.)

In other words, that was when things started to get messed up.

The two people I hoped wouldn't be there, appeared right at the bottom of the stairs and stared at me as I gulped down every last drop of alcohol.

"You're really such a XXX, Mr.Lao Wu."

"Ah, it's nothing, really."

I knew he was most probably praising my drinking capacity, and I couldn't help but play along.

"How many mugs can you take, Mr. Lao Wu?"

"I, uh……"

The hell, Lia! Why do you have to be such a party-pooper!? Don't just interrupt a drinking session between men!

Just like normal female humans, it felt like these two female monsters were always competing with each other.

My Xifu raised her chin as if accepting her challenge…..Oh, my dear wife. Do you have any idea how high the alcohol percentage in that was? Even if it had been a slightly-sweet Western wine, that still ought to be at least 20 to 30 percent.

I always had to make something clear to everyone first. It isn't the case that we Northeasterners have a good alcohol tolerance, but we're just chugging it down without a single care for our own lives.

I was no different. I could normally only take up to seven bottles of beer, but I can push it to ten under special circumstances.

Now I'm standing beside my Xifu. No matter how useless I am, I can't possibly let her lose face!

"Come on! I'll stop only when ya'll tell me! Whatcha gonna do about it!?"

I raised my cup into the air and shouted to the entire crowd.

"Shiny Haruila!" (TL: I have no idea what is this supposed to mean either ED: maybe some kind of toast or cheer?)

The atmosphere of the bar went wild as everyone started rhythmically banging their mugs on the table.

Adrenaline started to course through my veins as I embraced the atmosphere. No matter how many times I've been at a company dinner or a gathering with friends, it's just been too long since I've been in the spotlight, receiving the lively cheers and hurrahs.

And so, down went the third, fourth and fifth mug of the red-brownish liquid.

In my 60-ish days here, there had been countless good and bad things happening to me. There was the time I met and fell in love with her, how it changed our lives, how we built our home together, and how we got to know these friends in Nightfall Town, never forgetting the countless grave dangers we faced together.

Call it me releasing all my feelings, or just getting swept away by the atmosphere. All I wanted to do today was chug these liquids called alcohol down into my stomach.

It was on the eighth cup when I started to have trouble keeping my eyes open. Although I understood that the alcohol was beginning to affect my body, I still raised the mug.

Suddenly, Xifu grabbed my arm and placed her other hand on my forehead, which felt cool to the touch. I was still able to discern the number of small snakes she had in her hair, as well as the worried lover's gaze emitted from her eyes.

"I'm fine, Xifu."


Giving her a smile, I raised the mug again and emptied it in one go.

My breathing started to feel ragged, like the irregular waves of an electrocardiograph. Still, I could keep going, was well enough to continue standing here for another 3 mugs.

Wrapping my arms around her neck, I had no idea if I was being too rough towards her. With almost 6 liters of the Western alcohol in me, I couldn't even imagine what the hell being gentle towards someone even meant.

Even though the old man had even started to look hesitant as he passed me the ninth mug, I stubbornly grabbed it.

"I will never ever fall here because my wife is just beside me!"

Shouting these words in my heart, my lips touched the edge of the mug.

Before I could even react, my Xifu suddenly snatched the cup away, held it with both hands, and downed it within seconds as if she was an excited young lady having her first taste of alcohol.


As Xifu grinned at me, the noise of the ruckus around me suddenly quieted down. It wasn't because I had been drinking too much, but the whole bar itself turned so quiet that I could even hear water dripping.

My mind had turned blank. Before I realised it, I had already jumped up and kissed her in the lips, disregarding the fact that her cape had slipped off.

Someone started throwing their hat, which was immediately followed up by numerous hats and caps, of others, flying around in the air. Even Wolflang had gone along with the mood and started howling.

I raised and waved my hand in response. It was time to end the day. Usually, we would both already be in bed at this hour.

Wait, talking about a bed, we are still far from home…..and with me in this state, it would be hopeless for me to drive the sheep wagon home, not to mention my Xifu was even worse at it.

"Head upstairs and rest, you two."

"Ah, uh, sure. Thanks……"

I couldn't recall who suggested us to stay a night there, but I recalled that Xifu was bad at climbing stairs. I remember carrying her up the stairs with all my strength, Wolflang leading the way. The guest rooms looked decent, and had hot water provided too.

"Try not to make too much noise, you two."


"Good night, then."

I'm already hopelessly drunk. As if I could make any noise in my state. Also, why do you look like you're super understanding? Just go be busy with whatever you do, my werewolf bro!

Closing the room door, I suddenly recalled something. It's so rare that we're staying out for the night, especially having been provided with hot water as well! So a hot water bath is a must!

The hot water is available at the nearby building, so I should get some whilst I'm still awake.

After moving to and fro three times, I'd finally finished filling up the small tub with hot water from a giant basin of hot water.

Ugh, so tired…….I should just take the bath tomorrow……

Slapping myself awake, I only just saw my Xifu who had been watching me bustling around this entire time.

Ahh, I should let my wife take a bath first. I used to enjoy baths at the bathhouses back in my world, but it should be the first time for Medusa to even have a hot water bath.

Come on, Xifu. Let your hubby service you with a bath.

……Is what I thought. With my blurry state of mind, I managed to test the water, then carried her up with what last bit of strength I could muster.


"It's okay, not hot. Hubby try, just now now."

I really drank too much. Did I just mix in Mandarin into my words?

I barely managed to stop myself from just throwing her into the water, and slowly lowered her entire body into it. Her arms had been wound tightly around my neck this entire time.

Ahh, she hadn't taken off her clothes yet…..

As I watched her slowly get used to the water temperature, my body sprawled our beside the tub relaxingly, mixed my yawn and me saying goodnight together, and drifted off to sleep as my glasses fogged up from the steam……

TL: Greetings, plebeians. It’s been a year since I last posted lmao. Life was hard. Had a bad breakup with my gf, and studies wasn’t going too smoothly either. Life is weird in it’s own way,  is it not? :<

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