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Originally posted on RBKTR Translations.
Author: Lan Qi Zuo Ren (
Translated by: Yujuan

Jun Sui turned to escape, but realized that a barrier had been placed in the air, blocking off his exit. He fled everywhere and all directions, trying to find a tear, but Liu Yi Chen and the others had already chased over.

"It's a demon." Liu Yi Chen glared at Jun Sui, "But I don't seem to see his master."

"Who sent you here? Opposers?"

Jun Sui did not reply, just glaring at the other, trying to find a chance to attack.

Kaido stared coldly at Jun Sui, raising his lips into a cruel smile, "Could you be a companion of those few demons before this?"

Jun Sui clenched his teeth, thin wings suddenly extending out of his arms, waving to shoot out a wave of poisonous thin blades from the end of the wings.

Liu Yi Chen and the others dodged in time, then started attacking.

Ivan summoned around a hundred short knives, shooting them at Jun Sui at the same time. Jun Sui immediately flipped backward, avoiding that attack, simultaneously throwing out blades. Cicada wings separated themselves from his arms, and like revolving darts, they sliced into Ivan and Zong Yu's way, but was blocked by Su Li Wan's rope net.

Liu Yi Chen rushed up next, leaping upwards, calling out a giant hammer from the air, then smashing it down on Jun Sui's position.

Jun Sui frantically dodged it, but was ultimately hit, crashing heavily onto the ground. Before he could completely stand again, Kaido's blade arrived soon after, leaving a gash on his hand.

Next Tan Hua's sword attacked in succession, riddling those thin wings with gaping wounds. Jun Sui immediately turned into a hundred familiars, avoiding the attacks. But Zong Yu's darts fell down like rain, spearing countless insects in an instant.

Both sides entered a battle, the three miemoshi groups' attacks being so intense and steady Jun Sui was unable to counterattack.

"The situation looks pretty good." Byriel, who was observing from the wooden house, smiled and spoke.

"When Jun Sui escapes, the entire plan will be complete!" Feng Ping Lan was excited to no end, and seeing them almost free from danger, his heart was as if suspended on air, unable to breathe.

"…Not enough." Quetzal suddenly spoke, breaking through the crowd's optimism.


"At this level, it's not enough…" Quetzal said lowly.

He had experienced firsthand a miemoshi's capabilities. If it was a miemoshi, the difference in power would have a larger disparity.

The Summoners before him were performing quite well, but compared to the miemoshi who had sealed them off years ago, their powers did not even surpass a tenth of his.

Jun Sui would become suspicious sooner or later.

"The what do we do?" Feng Ping Lan looked at Quetzal expectantly, eyes filled with trust, "Quetzal will definitely know what to do, right?"

Quetzal cast an indifferent glance at Feng Ping Lan, not replying.

He raised his hands without consulting the others, and the electric current within the shadows scattered and stirred, letting out a crackling sound.

Purple eyes looked out the window staring at that grayish-white figure.

As Jun Sui escaped from their attacking range, gathered together into one body and descending, by a hair's breadth, the electric current in the shadows streamed through like an arrow, shooting out of the ground!

Jun Sui was unable to defend himself, struck solid by this wave of electricity.

Flame and lightning exploded on Jun Sui's body.


A mournful blood-curdling shriek rang out, and the grey skin peeled off, turning into a dried up insect. The lightning flame tunneled into Jun Sui's body, scorching and tearing apart his original body.

"Wow…" Feng Ping Lan sucked in a breath, "Is he going to die?"

"There are no weaklings within the Third Prince's subordinates," Quetzal replied coldly.

As expected, when Jun Sui's body burned until it was as skinny as his arms, they stopped peeling off. He knelt in pain, but immediately stood his body up, extending a pair of broken wings.

He still had one last breath, a breath enough to escape out of here.

Seeing the other prepare to leave, Su Li Wan attempted to chase after him, but Jun Sui unexpectedly had the strength left to shoot out a wave of blades. Su Li Wan hurriedly stopped her footsteps, but couldn't avoid it in time. When she was about to be struck by the attacks, a white light flashed past, breaking the attacks all over and shooting them into the palm tree in the corner.

Su Li Wan blinked, letting out a sigh of relief. She looked left and right, not seeing the person who had acted out.

But her lips lifted into a very subtle smile.

"It's over!" Feng Ping Lan clapped his hands in the little wooden house, in a hurry to rush out of the house to tell everybody the danger was over.

But Quetzal extended a hand, blocking him.

"No, not yet…"

Liu Yi Chen and the others outside saw Jun Sui escape, thinking that all had ended, but not receiving the message of being free from danger, did not dare relax, and continued acting it all out.

"Tch, he ran off…" Liu Yi Chen tsked, "Who was he working for? I don't remember anyone in the Association having a Contract like that."

"Could he be an Opposer's subordinate?" Su Li Wan replied. "They've become more rampant lately…"

"Report to the Association immediately, we can't let those traitors throw the world into disorder." Liu Yi Chen glared at Kaido, gritting her teeth, "We're not over yet, I'll make you pay one day…"

With that, the three of them returned to the house.

The outside became silent once more.

After a few minutes, just when they were about to give up, there was movement.

Earlier, within the group of Jun Sui's familiars that had collapsed onto the floor, one of them suddenly twitched. Then, after a moment, the insect rolled over, flapped its wings, and flew off.

That was the last of Jun Sui's main body parts.

Watching the insect fly off, Quetzal let go of his hand.

Now only did the Contracts at their posts finally let down their guard.

It was confirmed, they were free from danger.

"Yay yay yay yay! It's over!"

Feng Ping Lan happily rushed over to the villa to report.

"It's over! A big success! Everyone was super amazing! I, I'm so moved!" Feng PIng Lan clapped his hands as he ran into the house. It would be a very heartwarming and gratifying scene, if the person who entered the house were wearing clothes.

"Why are you naked?!"

"I'm not naked, I'm wearing a towel." Feng Ping Lan pointed down at his legs.

"Why aren't you wearing clothes!"

"Because I want to use the public bath. I didn't bring a swimsuit, so I could only use a towel." Feng Ping Lan boldly twisted his hips, "Is Class Rep being shy? How pure and innocent, pupupu…"

"Why should I be shy?" Liu Yi Chen cracked her fingers, "Because soon enough, you'll be the same gender as me. We'll become good sisters."

Feng Ping Lan pressed both of his legs tightly together, "Oh oh, no need for that, I want to live with Xiao Ping Lan to a ripe old age."

He turned his head, seeing Kaido shove the cursed insect bound by seal paper into a sealing bottle.

Kaido saw Feng Ping Lan, and turned his head away.

"Kaido!" Feng Ping Lan rushed forward, attempting to give Kaido a hug, "You're just too amazing! No matter if it's your acting skills or casting skills, they're all invulnerable!"

Kaido dodged Feng Ping Lan's attempt to make contact.

"I'm just doing this for myself…" Kaido replied stubbornly.

Feng Ping Lan smiled. "Regardless, you protected our home…"

Home? What that considered home?

He didn't know. At least, staying at the residence, he felt relaxed and unrestrained…

Kaido's feelings were a little complicated, ever since meeting Feng Ping Lan, he had come to understand himself less and less.

Feng Ping Lan stepped forward, craftily whispering, "Although the red apricot tree has leaned over the garden wall, it's quite a shame." He stupidly gave him a coquettish glance, "But, may I have the honor of filling her place? Hahahahaha!"

Kaido's expression abruptly changed, rebuking, "Stay away from me! You idiot!"

When everyone headed towards the villa overlooking the ocean to gather, Byriel did not follow, instead going along the scenic pathway and reaching a gloomy little garden.

A figure with a ponytail with a Chinese robe stood there, gazing at the villa from a distance.

"Since you've already arrived, why don't you come over and have a seat?" Byriel spoke with a smile.

When Su Li Wan was in danger earlier, the one who had reached out to save her was Zhong Xian.

"No need." Zhong Xian had a cold expression, turning his gaze away, "I'm going now."

"If you're so worried, why don't you say it out?" Byriel couldn't understand, and was curious, "Your master likes you very much."

Zhong Xian was silent for a moment, "…I know." It was only because of this, he would…

Byriel saw Zhong Xian's leaving back, shaking his head.

"How exhausting, why is there a need to cause himself so much grief?" He laughed faintly, turning to return, "This is why I hate humans."

No matter how valiant a demon was, the moment they encountered a human, they would become so very feeble.

Not only would their physical bodies be incorporated into their troops as slaves, even their tenacious hearts would be corroded by the laughable feeling known as love…

Humans, had the scary instinct of rotting away other species.

He needed to be careful, he had to by all means not fall into that preposterous and lamentable muddy swamp.

When he returned to the house, he saw the joyous noise the humans and demons were creating, and Quetzal standing by the side paying no attention to it.

He smiled, the smile carrying a little pity and ridicule.

For a certain person, it seemed to have become a little too late…


The familiar climbed out of the pile of corpses, flying away while supporting his own frail body. He then clenched his teeth, using the way a dragonfly would touch the water lightly, to move away little by little.

By the time he arrived by his master's side, it was already the next day.

"You look pretty miserable." Seeing Jun Sui covered in wounds, the Third Prince said dully, "Are you being tailed?" Being able to injure Jun Sui to this state, the enemy was definitely not a pushover, he didn't want to lead the wolf into the house.

"No! I split apart my familiars to fake my death, and used the last of my strength to create a complete clone, leading the enemy away…"

If the miemoshi had chased after him, they would realize that he had already transformed into a pile of dead insects midway, and it would look like he had died of exhaustion.

The Third Prince nodded, "So, what happened in the end?"

"It was patrolling miemoshi! Three of them! They were summoned by the Association!" Jun Sui spat out the information he had risked his life for, "One of them met Ci Mu and Mang Nao while patrolling the city, and Jiu Shao appeared not long after, so he suspected that there was some sort of secret hiding in the city. That place has already caught the attention of the miemoshi!"

"Is that so…"

It didn't matter. Ci Mu passing by that area was a routine patrol anyway, encountering a miemoshi was due to their bad luck.

As long their plan and stronghold had not been discovered, all was good.

"Who were amongst the Contracts the miemoshi brought?"

"One of them was Tan Hua! I've never met the other two, but, they were really strong!"

"Is that so?" Tan Hua was the Second Prince's subordinate, who had vanished at the start of the great war. She had no ability to influence, she wasn't worth being feared.

It was just that, three miemoshi had appeared, just what was the Association summoning the miemoshi for?

Could his plan have been exposed? That would be troublesome.

The Third Prince smiled lightly.

No matter. Perhaps, it was time to contact his ally, and ask him to investigate this…


Everyone wiped away all the traces of the battle, and Byriel took down the sleeping curse, returning the hotel back to its regular activities.

Conglong and Liu Yi Chen had intended on heading to the hawker center to buy some food to fill their stomachs, but the customer service personnel were extremely kind to inform them that they could just call if there was anything they needed, and that any of the facilities and services were for free.

With that, they very boldly ordered a luxurious meal, wildly devouring it. Although the staff were confused about the use of flour and milk, they very professionally respected their guests' habits and privacy.

Feng Ping Lan had originally intended on using the open-air public bath and eat his crabs while enjoying the scenery, but as he stood up to forage for food, the towel on his waist incautiously fell off, giving rise to everybody's fury, and was attacked by food, driving him back into the little wooden house.

Although the little wooden house was not the same standard as the villa overlooking the ocean, it was exceptionally refined and snug. The house had a bathtub made of juniper wood, giving off a simple and unadorned distinct style.

Feng Ping Lan opened the tap to fill the bathtub with water, then showered.


He couldn't help but laugh, not because his plan had worked, but because he could once again continue associating with his Contracts, along with the classmates he liked for a while longer.

After showering, he soaked into the bath, letting out a happy sigh, and started to sing the Quetzal Song he had made up at random.

"Quetza Quetza Quetzal~ Murderous-looking Quetzal, a stink face that's still so handsome you can look at it and eat it with three meals of rice…"

An out-of-tune singing voice rang through the entire wooden house.

Quetzal, who had been sitting in the balcony resting against the wall, frowned.

Why had this guy come back?

He'd thought his ears would be pure and peaceful tonight, that he’d be able to fully relax for a while…

Quetzal breathed in deeply, exhaling.

His strength had not completely recuperated yet. Although he had mistakenly drunk Feng Ping Lan's blood not long ago, he had immediately stopped once he returned to his senses. The amount he had consumed had still not been enough to make up for the strength that had drained away.

Thinking about Feng Ping Lan, his innermost being felt a bout of complexity.

They hadn't needed a single soldier. No losses, no clashes between the Summoners, and the Third Prince hadn't discovered them, which could have led to a war. They could continue their usual days, continue searching for Prince Shuekan without worry.

This was all due to Feng Ping Lan's contribution.

He couldn't not laud, Feng Ping Lan's ability and wisdom was enough to regard any one of the princes' strategists in the underworld with disdain, even surpassing many of those princes.

But, he couldn't help but be at a loss. He didn't want to praise a human, nor did he want to become a garbage person who didn't know how to be grateful. Moreover, that was Feng Ping Lan.

The human who kept on swaying him.

He hadn't wanted to get too close to Feng Ping Lan at first. But, his reason for it seemed to have quietly changed without his knowledge.

In the beginning, it was due to the loathing towards the species known as humans. Gradually, it was out of his own self-loathing…

He realized he had been accidentally comparing Feng Ping Lan to Prince Shuekan lately, subconsciously thinking of the past because of Feng Ping Lan.

Was he attempting to find Shuekan's shadow in Feng Ping Lan, or was he trying to turn Feng Ping Lan into another Shuekan?

He wasn't sure. Could this kind of intention be considered being disloyal to Prince Shuekan…

"…Although his skin is cold and hard~ His mouth is actually really soft~ Yay~ I want to eat scallions!"

Weird lyrics and musical narrative sounded from a distance away.

Quetzal planned on ignoring it, and continue silently recuperating.

But, a faint smell of blood, along with steam, scattered across the night sky.

Quetzal opened his eyes.

This was…

He hesitated for an instant, then stood up, entering the shadows.

"Za, za, za, Quetzal isn't a school doctor, he's my—"

The shadow of the log mirror suddenly shot up, and a figure passed through and out of it.

"Quetzal?" Feng Ping Lan didn't expect him to appear, crying out in surprise. "It's Quetzal!"

Facing that ear-grating cry, Quetzal wasn't too wordy, nor did he rebuke him, just coldly glancing at him.

Feng Ping Lan scratched his head a little embarrassedly, "Did I bother your rest?"

Quetzal sighed softly and grudgingly, not affirming it nor denying it.

"But, since you're here," Feng Ping Lan's lips cracked into a smile, "Does Quetzal want to come over and bathe with me?"

"…You performed well…" Those steadfast thin lips coldly said those words, his tone sounding like it was meant to threaten someone, but it was definitely words of praise.

Feng Ping Lan blinked, whispering as if he was talking in his sleep, "Aiya, have I been soaking too long, am I hallucinating?"

Quetzal glanced towards Feng Ping Lan's shoulder, and he lowered his head following this gaze, realizing that the scab on his shoulder had come off sometime before, and blood was seeping out of the wound that hadn't completely healed yet.

"Oh, it must have happened while I was showering earlier, the wound split open again." Feng Ping Lan used his finger to wipe away some of the blood on the shoulder, not minding at all.

His hand was suddenly grabbed, and he raised his head, startled, only to see Quetzal placing the finger with blood into his mouth.

Feng Ping Lan's eyes widened so much they were about to fall out.

Aiya, if he had known earlier he would frequently bathe, this way he would dream dreams like this often…

Uh, with that said, he seemed to have really soaked too long, the scenery before his eyes had started to become a little uneven, and his head had become a little heavy…

In the next moment, Quetzal lightly released Feng Ping Lan's hand. He saw Feng Ping Lan's slackened and faint eyes, sighing slightly.

"We will leave sooner or later, you are just a temporary place to stay at."

"…I know…" Feng Ping Lan leaned against the bathtub, replying foolishly.

It looked like his consciousness had already become unclear.

"You don't need to do so much for us…"

"But I want to…"

"That will cause trouble for me."

"I'm really sorry for that then…" Feng Ping Lan's eyelids closed slowly.

Quetzal thought he had already fallen asleep. Reaching out, slowly moving towards the wound on his shoulder.

He hadn't expected Feng Ping Lan to abruptly open his eyes, and froze slightly, hand stopping in mid-air.

But Feng Ping did not notice, just staring at Quetzal, speaking as if he was saying his final words, "I've finally remembered…" Mouth cracking into a weird smile, "Quetzal, will you do me a favor…"

Quetzal raised his eyebrows, he didn't know what Feng Ping Lan wanted his help for.

"Please…" Feng Ping Lan implored.

He was silent for a moment, then, almost as if with the determination of a brave soldier, and biting the bullet, he nodded.

Feng Ping Lan had helped them so much, repaying him with a little favor wasn't a huge loss for him.

"Thank you…" Feng Ping Lan closed his eyes, "That's a promise, Quetzal-laoshi…"

Quetzal frowned, not understanding why he would refer to him as a teacher, he had a bad feeling about this.

But, it didn't matter. He believed that Feng Ping Lan wouldn't ask for anything too excessive, it wouldn't be anything disadvantageous towards them.

He felt upset at himself for this degree of trust from him.

In the past, the only one he trusted had been Prince Shuekan…

Feng Ping Lan's subconscious slowly sank, entering a state of sleep.

When he was almost about to step into dreamland, he seemed to have heard Quetzal mutter in a low voice.

"…In the past I had never felt sorrow from separation, I hope it will be this way in the time to come as well…"

Was he implying, Quetzal felt that there was a possibility he would feel sorrow due to their separation? Feng Ping Lan asked in his heart.

Ah… He must have misheard… Hahaha.

A slender figure as dark as night had stealthily vanished within the bathroom.

The wound on Feng Ping Lan's shoulder had also vanished, only leaving behind a faint pink scar.

Outside the house, within the branches and leaves of the cherry tree that had not yet bloomed, there perched a raven, its figure assimilating completely into the dark night, making it hard to be identified.

But, those heterochromatic eyes, were exceptionally bright in the darkness.

The raven stared at the house, red eye seeing through the pillars of the house, taking in every movement made in the house from a panoramic view.

In the next moment, it flapped its wings, flying away in absolute silence.

  1. 红杏出墙 (hong xing chu qiang): 'The red apricot tree leans over the garden wall' is an idiom for a wife having an illicit lover.

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