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Ye Fei turned a deaf ear to the audience's sarcasm, after he came into the ring, he had been looking at "The Fanatic".

Not because he was aggressive, but Ye Fei treated every enemy seriously.

But "The Fanatic" obviously despised Ye Fei, he was taller than Ye Fei, the body was also much stronger, he glanced at Ye Fei, then strode to the host, grabbed the microphone, said, "I do not fight with a disabled person, this is insulting me!"

"Great, you're a real man."

"Yes, get that cripple out of the way, don't let him insult the ring."

"Kick him out! Kick him out!"

Everyone was in the crazy roar, "The Fanatic" looked at Ye Fei, pricked up the middle finger towards Ye Fei, said, "Get out of here, you should not be here. I don't kill the disabled."

Ye Fei said with a smile, "At first, I think you are a madman, unexpectedly, you have a little humanity. I'm not going to kill you today!"

"What did you say?"

"The Fanatic" could not believe his ears, stared at Ye Fei, loudly shouted, "Are you kidding me? You really want to die? Well, I'll do it for you."

"The Fanatic" threw the microphone to the host, then the host held the microphone, said, "Now everybody has three minutes to put up stakes."

"I spend 100,000 Yuan on myself to buy this cripple will be knocked down by one punch."

"The Fanatic" proudly said, his voice was powerful, caused a burst of applause.

"Good, you are great, I'll spend 500,000 Yuan on 'The Fanatic'."

"I spend one million Yuan, come on, kill this man, 'The Fanatic', You don't make me disappointed."

The audience shouted up again, someone was holding a thick pile of money to stand up.

"I buy on myself!"

Ye Fei had an indifferent facial expression, walked to the host, grabbed the microphone to say, "I buy I can win, spend five million Yuan."


For a moment, the noisy underground boxing field, suddenly fell into absolute silence!

Everybody was stunned!

First, because they did not expect Ye Fei was rich, directly spent five million.

Second, because they thought Ye Fei was really stupid, he incredibly spent five million Yuan to buy on himself.


"A stupid boy."

"Nowadays, there are lots of fools."

The whole audience roared with laughter.

In the room, Su Zongheng also stood up, overlooking the whole ring, his eyes fell on the body of Ye Fei, the Dog King stood behind him, with a flattering smile in his face.

"Boss, I do not quite understand your arrangement, if Ye Fei is killed by 'The Fanatic", what should we do?"

The Gog King asked him in a low voice.

"The Fanatic? I don't think he can support three blows of Ye Fei."

The Dog King was astonished, because the evaluation of Ye Fei was too high! "The Fanatic" was the champion of this month, ten victories in ten matches, how could he not defeat a cripple?

In the ring, with the boos and the teasing of the host, the competition finally started.

The host quickly drilled out of the iron gate, and there were only Ye Fei and "The Fanatic" two people in the ring.

This kind of underground boxing belonged to the fighting about life and death, there were no rules, also did not need the referee.

Only life, or death!

A grim smile appeared on the face of "The Fanatic", suddenly, he rushed out, with a loud roar, his right hand changed into a fist, punched towards the temple of Ye Fei.

We had to admit, "The Fanatic" this person really had strength. No wonder he could win ten matches.

The speed and power of his punch was very amazing, his strength was similar to Yamamoto Takeshi.

As long as someone was punched by this strong fist, he would be dizzy, or directly be killed.

According to the physique of Ye Fei, the audience had no doubt, this punch could directly kill him.

Seeing Ye Fei still didn't dodge, the audience felt they would make a fortune. In their views, Ye Fei must die.

"The cripple, now you will die."

"The Fanatic" saw Ye Fei still didn't move, he also uttered an excited roar. 

Ye Fei did not dodge, the injury of his right leg also made him not dodge, when the punch was about to reach him, his head moved a little, only a few centimeters.

The fist, like a cannonball, missed the temple of Ye Fei.

The power of "The Fanatic" was too big, it still rubbed the skin of Ye Fei, immediately appeared a bloody wound.

I missed.

This thought flashed in the mind of "The Fanatic", then he was ready to punch to Ye Fei again, at this time, the fingers of Ye Fei's right hand suddenly closed together, a "hand knife", hit the throat of "The Fanatic".

The strength of Ye Fei was not big, but "The Fanatic" suddenly became pale, put his hands around his neck, repeatedly stepped back, then fell to the ground.

All the audience were dumbfounded, everyone thought Ye Fei would be knocked down by "The Fanatic", but they did not think, Ye Fei knocked "The Fanatic" down. And, when "The Fanatic" fell to the ground, incredibly didn't move.

All the audience watched the "The Fanatic" with bated breath, as if he was dead, motionless.

"Hey, what are you doing? Get up to beat this cripple!"

"He just touched you, then you fell down, are you acting?"

"Get up, get up, don't act."

The iron door was opened, two ambulance men came in, started to have a health check to "The Fanatic", then they stood up, said in amazement, "He is into a state of shock."

The whole audience was stunned, everyone stared at Ye Fei in the ring.

The audience was amazed and furious!

Because "The Fanatic" lost the match, all the audience lost the money, immediately they started to loudly shout.

"Fake fight. Damn it, it must be a fake fight."

"Unexpectedly, there is a fake fight in the place of the Dog King."

"Your acting is too bad."

"Give me my money back, the Dog King must give me my money back."

Everyone became extremely furious!
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