Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapter 60

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60 This and That 2

After the children returned to the Viscountess Yamano residence, the next stop was the fishing village.

I understand that fishing and net fishing are going well, but we’re having some problems with salt production.

In fact, villagers came to say that it was a quite difficult, but I believed that the [down-flow salt production method] was overwhelmingly labor-saving compared to the previous method.

Since the situation was a little strange, I investigate various things, indeed, it was much harder than I thought. The effort to pump up the sea water many times was more difficult, but compared to the previous method, though, there was surely no need to stir up salt sand and wash it in the sea water. It’s not possible to use the tides like the beach method….

What are the advantages of the [down-flow type], without the existence of a pump?

That’s why I thought about an improvement plan.

Its name is the [foot water wheel]!! (TN: try saying it in doraemon vioce)

Its not a force of running water, but a pumping water turbine that a human steps and steers as if walking (Like a hamster) on a wooden wheel of a water mill.

Since it can continuously pump water just by walking, it can be easily done even by women and children. You can even do it, while carrying a baby on your back. Furthermore, the weight will add to the baby and in that case, the efficiency will rise…….

Oh, so, the people who are too light weight will be a hindrance. I see.

Well, I think that it will be the work of women and children, or design it for those with a light weight from the beginning…. It will be a good extra income of women and children, and can also become a substitute exercise of the elderly, it’s just perfect.

Let’s make it, the first project of the 3 people in their workshop… It will be beneficial if they became friends, because 3 people will cooperate and it will be a good job.

After confirming the place that seems to be good, I will throw it to Randy and the others, and try to (-ge fun-ge fun) outsource the materials. (TN: no idea bout this 良さそうな場所を確認して、あとはランディさん達に丸投げ、げふんげふん、業務委託しよう。)

After that, what else? For seaweed related, new dried items are OK, it seems.


Next stop the farm village … ….

Well, after the fishing village, Yamamura also increased cash income, so this time the farm villages are all that was left …. If you don’t give support, this one will not stand on it’s own, it’s quite troublesome….

Since agriculture is a job that takes a few months to a yearly work, continuation of steady efforts is important, so the results will not come out immediately….

I have no choice, but to try the the things that I learned from the net.

It tastes, sweet.

In most objects from another world like sweetness, is supposed to be a luxurious thing and quite expensive. And also, sugars that comes from other countries are quite expensive.

So then, just make sugar?

No, there are no sugarcane and no sugar beet, and even if there is, if we start cultivating right now, it will take a lot of time to harvest. There is also the issue of the time of planting, and also no matter how much it is examined in the net, there will always be a possibility of an unexpected failure of cultivation. Even if you start now, you still have to conduct a small experiment … ….

So then, Beekeeping?

That’s very a high hurdle… ….

Without any protective clothing, amateurs who only look at books and net for information, won’t be able to handle such delicate game.

I am too scared… …. It’s true!

Honeybees are not aggressive by nature, but when they are provoked, they sting. And the honeybees, can cause . No, we can’t risk the people.

Besides, honey is sold in the Kingdom, but it is very expensive. It’s troublesome to compete against the existing sales route, for a small amount of honey, in any case if we could produce a lot of sugar then that will make a match.

…… After all, it should be in a convenient place, right? Mizuame (Water candy), made from potato starch.

No, I looked for maple and thought about maple juice and maple syrup, but that is a mountain village’s turf. If you let the rural people work in the mountains, it will definitely become a problem….

That’s why let’s start experimenting with rice, potatoes, corn and malt.

There is also a way to sell it to other areas around the kingdom, unless it feels too expensive. Because its the same rural territory, nearby people will not be able to afford luxury goods in the royal capital.

But what if you get a relatively cheap and simple luxury item, that can get a reasonable satisfaction in a nearby territory?

Yeah, there is a good chance of selling.


And the next stop, the mountain village.

(Mōu), It’s not about a game board, a piece or a stone.

Are you properly hunting as your main business or cutting out wood?

The production of shiitake mushrooms and processing to dried shiitake mushrooms, too … well it’s just drying though.

Well, I guess it is better not to talk about the maple syrup. It’s too hard to start everything at once. For once, I’ll only investigate about whether there is a maple tree, and then think about it when the sales of the game board drops. And there is also the competition with the farm village’s mizuame (water candy)…

Oh, the plan for paper-making is currently stopped!..

What will happen if you are so enthusiastic about the business, and disregard the research of paper-making, which will become one of the main industries in the future!

Well, are you satisfied to only making a little game board?

However, there will be counterfeit products soon, so I wonder how much share can be kept, only by the brand of the Yamano territory production and participation in the tournament….

I wonder if it’s better to secure while earning money. (稼げるうちに稼いだ方が良いのかな。)

Well, let’s keep it up until the tournament!. Since it will be devoured by counterfeit goods after that, is it possible for the other?…..

Well~, I guess I’ve done too many things at once…

But, it’s not good that some village gets better than the other, it should be developed evenly ….

Well, only the villages gets develop, what about the town, the town!

Restaurants, bars, food shops, inns, dinning halls, etc., are increasing in sales, but there are also other businesses such as bakeries, logistics, and people who work in the town……. Isn’t that right?

Also, various artisans and skilled craftsmen are making a piece of fancy shogi … …,

Eh, what, this three dimensional piece!

It’s almost like a chess piece!.

Every pieces are well defined…

Everyone’s doing a great job. It is likely to be sold higher to the nobility.


Well, the last thing on the list was the feudal lord’s Army.

For the time being, I am the general commander.

The field commander is William-san.

Mitsuha 「How are you feeling, William-san.」

William 「Yeah, well, it’s a bit of a crock.…」

Soldiers have a spear and a short sword.

After all, a long weapon reach is good for beginners. If it’s a single function, you can use it well even if the skill level is low. You can make a spear reverberates, or a precise thrust, with the proper movement of the waist.

Because defense is more priority than the attack, I do not think that anyone will rampage towards the enemy alone. But, not only spear, but also a short sword is given in case the stabbed spear does not come out or getting approached by a small and quick enemy.

Crossbows, are still….

No, it’s a weapon that has been around for a long time on Earth, and the mechanism is simple, so I’m thinking about introducing it, but when I give the crossbow first, everyone has an interest in it more than a spear or a short sword, and I’m anxious that they won’t get into the basic training, and I’m afraid that it will be a mistake. Besides, it takes time to mass-produce … ….

The crossbow, after all those training, is now ready to become a part of a soldier.

The spears and short swords can be purchased from this country.

It’s tough to build dozens of incredible weapons, and you can’t be relieved unless those weapons are originally made by specialized craftsmen.

The money used to purchase these, came from the territory’s budget. When the former Lord left, I did not use all the money in the territory, but only the former Baron family’s personal assets. Because otherwise, the territory would go bankrupt, the kingdom seems to be watching closely.

Still, he seems to have made quite a lot of budget as an individual ….

Although the training of all the conscripts has not been carried out yet, some people seemed to be motivated and talented, so they were listed as a candidate for permanent soldier.

The 4 former mercenaries including Sven-san, are working hard as well. Especially the spear-master Zepp-san, he is working as an instructor.

I was not conspicuous in the related events, so far … until now. Well, I hope she will be able to show you a cousin. (まぁ、いいとこ見せて彼女ができるといいね。)

Oh, let’s plan an example for Sven-san and William-san.

Yeah, it’s called a [firepower cheat in case of emergency] plan.

Specifically, 5 people will trained on how to shoot a sub-machine-guns in case of emergency. There are no maintenance or anything, just disengaging the safety lock, shooting, and changing the magazine. Certainly, only for [absolute emergency]…

In preparation for my absence, the weapons and ammunition that has been kept will only be used, when 3 of the 4 of my trusted aides. The Butler Anton, the General Staff Miriam, the Lord Commander William and Colette (no title for the time being), gave their permission. (TN: dunno who is the 4th one) When I’m here, I’ll bring it from the room I rented at the wolf fang’s base.

Oh, I asked for a sub machine gun, because I did not want to choose a very powerful weapon that could possibly escape from my hand and also, guns and ammunition that are small and lightweight and easy to handle.

It’s called a sub machine gun, but it’s only a sub, so its power is considerably weaker than an actual machine gun. Because the bullet is the same as the (9mm) pistol.

Like a full-size rifle bullet or an assault rifle bullet in between of a full-size rifle bullet and a handgun bullet, there is a small projectile in a large shell case, and The Shape of the bullet is not made for long-range.

Anyway it sprays a lot of bullets at a short distance, and it is said that it is irrelevant to sniper or something. Even from the fact that there is something called [spray gun], it’s clear that it’s a weapon totally different from something like that.

Well then, for the time being, let’s go slowly with this aspect.

For the new things let’s hold it for now, carrying out what you are currently doing, or after your profit has declined and then you need a trump card for your next hand.

Because it’s troublesome to change things so suddenly.

……Somehow, I feel like it’s already too late.

Yeah, don’t mind it, don’t mind it!

….Try not to think about unnecessary things.

Mainly for the peace of mind.

For the time being, a major incident will not happen, so let’s take it easy. (TN: A flag has been raised)

By the next social season, I would like to bring papermaking and corn to the next stage…

There was a time when I was thinking, such thing.

Although I chose a territory that is not in contact with the borders so as not to get caught up in a dispute, I suppose it came from behind … …

A little teaser….

Well flags has been raised, Preparations and trainings has been done.. So the only thing that’s left is the target… Get you lanterns ready… The British are coming!!

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