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Sect Master and Psycho – Chapters 3-4

August 26, 2018 by Bee

The weather grew increasingly warmer.

Although the cave was cool, the occasional hot breeze would blow in. My whole body was sticky with sweat. Unfortunately, I could only tolerate it since I was immobile.

It was no easy feat waiting for Psycho to come back around noon time. I quickly conveyed to him that I wanted to take a bath.

“If I continue on like this, I’ll stink really bad.”

Half a month had passed since I fell down here. My clothes were dirty, tattered, and bloodied. It was already beyond what I could tolerate.

After hearing my demand, Psycho lay down next to me and like a giant canine, he sniffed near my ear. With his awkward intonation, he spoke, “Not smelly.”

Uncomfortable, I turned my head to the side. I didn’t know how to respond except wryly joked, “Did your nose get scratched by a bear?”

Seeing my smile and not caring for my mockery, he subsequently giggled like a fool.

“Stop laughing! Go prepare my bath!” I hurried him.

I knew that there was a water source nearby, either a small stream or a pond because once every two days, Psycho would go out with a giant stone pot, fill it to the brim with water, and come back. The stone pot weighed at least a thousand jin. If he could carry something like this so naturally, it was evident as to just how freakishly strong he was.

He stood up and peered down at me for a while as if trying to figure out how to get me, a handicapped man, out of here.

“Just turn and squat down, I…. Ah!” Before I could finish, he had already bent over and picked me up by the waist.

He carried me very steadily. I didn’t feel any bumpy movements. Instead, he was very gentle. Throughout the entire journey, he carefully avoided injuring me any further.

This was my first time being outside the cave ever since I had opened my eyes. It would be a lie if I was to say that I wasn’t excited, but my arms and leg were currently crippled. Other than relying on Psycho, I had no other choice. For now, I contained my emotions.

From the cave entrance, we walked for a period of time that it took to burn a stick of incense. I then heard the sound of flowing water. As we walked, the sound got closer. Soon, a stream appeared before my eyes. It was small, about a meter wide. I didn’t where the water source was. It just trickled through the quiet forest.

Originally I wanted him to wash my clothes. Even if they could not be completely washed clean, he could at least untangle the knots in my hair. Instead, he placed me on a nearby giant rock, made me sit on top of it with a giant tree leaf as a cushion, stripped off my clothes, and then jumped into the knee-deep water.

Naked, I sat on the rock and widened my eyes, wondering if he had misunderstood me.

Did this psycho not know the difference between bathing versus washing clothes?

Good thing that I didn’t stay mad at him for long because Pyscho had already walked out with my dampened valuables in his hands.

He came to my side and caressed my face with his large hand. Afterward, he wiped my body with my wettened inner shirt.

The water was cool, unaffected by the scorching summer heat. I couldn’t help but shiver.

He quickly stopped. “Cold?”

I shook my head. “No. It feels good.”

He brightly smiled. His sparkly white teeth blinded me for a second.

The inner shirt was made of soft material and rubbing it on my body felt extremely comfortable. However, it just wasn’t the same as bathing in the water.

I furrowed my brows and asked him, “Why didn’t you directly put me in the water?”

His busy hand paused. He then bravely said these five words, “Water cold. Belly will hurt.”

Fine. I had almost forgotten that I was a frail ‘pregnant woman’.

I patiently reasoned with him. “What about my hair? If it doesn’t get washed, it’ll get knotted. I’m not that…. The baby’s not that weak. Just a wash won’t cause a bellyache.”

He stared at me for a long time, not saying anything. My heart thumped heavily yet he continued to intensely look on. I couldn’t predict what was going through his mind.

Finally, he stood up.

“Nan Nan. Wait here.” He covered my belly with the wet cloth, said this, and left.

Befuddled, I didn’t know what he was up to. “Hey! Where are you going? HEY! Don’t go!!”

Other than my right leg and my brain, nothing else was usable. I could only lie on the rock and wait. The sun was blazing. Thankfully, I was facing my back to it. Otherwise, I’d probably have a heat stroke.

I didn’t know how much time had passed. I suddenly heard the faint sound of footsteps from behind me. Alert, I asked, “Who is it?”

Sounds of the footstep got louder, finally stopping in front of me. I relaxed my heart. It was Psycho.

“Nan Nan!” He smiled as he placed the object that he was carrying on the ground. He walked up to me and wiped the nonexistent sweat from my forehead.

In disgust, I turned my head away. I noticed the object and discovered that it was a wooden tub.

“You went to make this?”

Although the tub was small, it was well-carved. To be able to make this in the middle of nowhere was already an amazing feat. He even smoothed out the sides and the bottom to perfection. As can be seen, his internal strength was frighteningly strong.

I looked carefully at Psycho and wondered what kind of renowned man he could be. How come I had never heard of such a person in Jianghu before?

He caressed my face with the back of his hand. “Nan Nan. Just wait…. a bit. Soon…. can wash.” After he had spoken, he carried the tub to the stream.

Over the past few days, his conversations with me had become more fluently. Later on, he might not have any communication barriers at all.

Not long after, he appeared again with the tub full of water. Some of the water splashed along the way.

I couldn’t move so obviously, he had to help me wash my hair. However, my hair was deeply entangled with blood and dust. It couldn’t be untangled right away.

“Just break off the knotted strands,” I told Psycho, “Otherwise, I don’t know how long this will take!”

He pretended to not hear me and continued to patiently wash my hair. When he reached a knot, he would carefully untangle it for me. Compared to a seamstress with a needle and thread, he was even more meticulous.

His body was very warm and his gentle head massage was very comfortable. Unknowingly, I fell asleep. When I woke up, my hair was already half dry.

I opened my eyes. Before me was a blurry, illusory shadow on the ground. I struggled to lift my head and looked up. I discovered a person from behind, standing on top of the giant rock. From my angle, I got a clear view of his swaying large member underneath that skimpy animal hide. It pained my eyes and strained my neck to watch.

He seemed to have noticed that I was awake. He jumped down from the giant rock with one hand carrying the sun-dried clothes.

“Nan Nan!”

Ah, what a carefree Psycho….

Maybe it was because I felt amazingly refreshed after the cleanse. I flashed a rarely seen, faint smile at him. “I’m hungry. Let’s go back.”

Dumbfounded, he stared at me. Just when I was about to furrow my brows, he rushed up to me and roughly kissed me on the cheek.

All of a sudden, my good mood was gone. I angrily glared at him. “YOU!!!” After noticing his dazed, ignorant expression, I felt hopeless. “Forget it! Let’s go!”

Very soon, he helped me put on my clothes and just like before, he carried me back the same way.

T/N: I forgot to mention this in the 1st ch. Nan Nan 囡囡 is an affectionate regional dialectal term for a young girl (daughter). I’m not sure how it became a term for a lover but hey, he’s crazy.

Jin 斤 – .5 kilo or 1 lb; still used today

Yi Zhu Xiang 一炷香 – ancient timekeeping method, officially takes 1 hr to burn; this is different from the other 一柱香 which takes 5 mins to burn; I’m not sure if in this case it’s 1 hr or 5 minutes

Chi 尺 – about 1/3 of a meter or 1 feet

It wasn’t as if I hadn’t tried to guess Psycho’s identity. It was just that he had been psychotic for a long time already, probably more than two years. He didn’t have any personal belongings on him that could help me figure out who he was. He was exactly like a caveman. I didn’t know where to begin.

However, sometimes I would feel very lonely, being stuck in the cave. When I really had nothing to do, I would try to talk with him. Maybe he would respond back.

“Psycho, what’s your name?”

“How old are you?”

“Where are you from?”

“Did you get knocked down the cliff by someone too?”

I was focused on asking. He was focused on lying down on my belly and hearing any movements from within. He didn’t pay any heed to me. Just then, he heard my stomach continuously rumble. I was hungry.

He looked at me bewilderingly, staring at me until my cheeks flushed with red. I kicked him off to one side with my right leg.

“What are you looking at?! Can’t you hear that your son is hungry?!!” After I spoke, I sensed that something was off. I felt that I had taken advantage of him. I grew frustrated.

Psycho turned around and faced me. He laughed idiotically. “Nan Nan, just wait. Feed you.”

“Fine fine fine!” I hastily nodded my head. “Just hurry.”

Like a gorilla, the big guy [woosh!] darted out of the cave. About an hour had passed when Psycho came back. In his hands were two rabbits. What surprised me was that he carried a live doe on his shoulders. The doe looked like it had a broken leg. Psycho placed it down on the ground. It tried multiple times to stand up but failed. Eventually, it could only cry out in misery.

“What’s this? Why didn’t you kill it?” I quizzically asked him.

Even though most of his face was covered by a thick bushy beard, I could nevertheless see his eager expression of wanting to be praised.

“For child to eat….” He knelt down beside the doe, scaring it senseless and kept shouting, “Milk!” He pointed at the doe’s four teasts. He then lovingly looked at me [my belly].

What the hell….

I remained speechless for a long while. Could it be that this psycho wanted to prepare a wet nurse for his nonexistent son? He neared me and placed his hand on my chest. I grew uneasy. Just then, my fear was realized when he opened his mouth.

“Nan Nan, no milk.” His tone was full of regret.


This son of a bitch!!! No wonder why he recently liked to rub my chest and often nibbled on the two buds. There were a few times where he nibbled on them until they were swollen red! I couldn’t even wear my clothes in order to prevent them from painfully rubbing against the fabric. So it was all because he wanted me to produce milk?!! Fury overwhelmed me. If I could move, I’d rush up and fight him to the death.


Naturally, I couldn’t say the truth out loud. “You’re right. I have no milk…. Just keep the doe here for your son.”

Psycho chuckled and went out to prepare the rabbit meat. Only the doe and I remained, staring at each other. It sadly cried out to me. Its round eyes were filled with dread.

I coldly smirked. “Cry all you want. Can’t you see that we’re in the same predicament?”

The doe seemed intelligent. It eyed me from head to toe, stopped crying, and turned its head the other way to lick its wound.

After eating the roasted rabbits and resting for about half a cup of tea’s time, Pyscho walked over to pick me up.

My heart skipped a beat. I knew what he had in mind so I quickly hollered, “WAIT!!! Put me down! I can do it myself! I don’t need you to help me…. Psycho, can you hear me?!! Put me down!!!”

Even though this kind of thing had happened every day prior, it still made me embarrassed. It was like crushing dignity, trampling it into the dirt, and pretending as if nothing had happened — But every time this process was repeated, I would find back my lost dignity.

I didn’t know if Psycho didn’t allow me to do it or didn’t believe that I could it. He didn’t stop. His footsteps were steady as he carried me to some dark corner of the cave. This area was very distant from the cave entrance. If one carefully smelled this area, there existed a foul odor. This was where Psycho solved his ‘life’s problems’.

Psycho easily switched me to another posture. His arm hooked the back of my knees, pulled my pants down, and spread my legs apart. He then squatted down and held my member in the other hand, treating me a like little child who needed to pee.

“Nan Nan, ssssh —”


I was the Evil Sect’s sect master! At this age, I couldn’t believe that I still had to have someone help me relieve myself!

I was furious to the point where my entire body was shivering. He thought that I really had to go so he nudged my cheek with that annoyingly bushy chin of his. “Ssssh —”

I shivered even more uncontrollably and then…. the clear sound of liquid trickling down was heard. I suddenly felt better. My dignity had lost to a quick piss.

“Enough! Let’s go back….” I said to him in a hoarse voice.

Instead, he shook his head and maintained his previous expression. “You not pooed…. two days.”


After a period of two incense sticks burning, Psycho was very pleased. He buried my ‘dignity’ with the dirt and then carried the dejected me back to the brightly lit, large cave entrance.

I lay weakly on the ground. He had begun to strip my clothes off and then kissed me on the neck. This was a habit of his before sleeping. I felt a strange gaze in my direction. I looked up and saw a pair of dewy eyes staring back. At that moment, my heart leaped out of my chest.

Psycho noticed my strange behavior and then looked over to where my gaze was. I didn’t see him move at all but a strong wind from out of nowhere headed for the doe, eventually knocking her over.

Afterward, he impatiently rubbed his member between my legs. My thighs grew red hot.

[Sigh…. What a beast. And he isn’t afraid of it getting dirty.]

I needed to quickly recover so that I could finally leave behind this nonhuman lifestyle! Then, I would return back to the Evil Sect and reestablish my might. I would make those righteous sects’ Taoists, who had knocked me down the cliff, suffer the same way that I had gone through. I would give them a taste of what it was like have to their four limbs crushed and their dignity trampled upon!!!

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