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Here it is, the probable end of this series. This has been a good run.

I will have a session later where I check the terminology (especially the capitalisation of demons, elves, magical beasts, and so on).

Also, please, everyone, comment if you find any errors in the English!

Volume 2, Afterword

Because the place of employment seems to be my home for this work, I feel that I am becoming a shut-in.

As I won’t go out for weeks, let alone months, as I lose focus, I have gone out on a walk to both reduce my lack of exercise and think about my manuscript, as if to say that enough is enough. However, if you take a walk in this day and age, families with small children can especially be alerted if an adult male loiters around the entire neighbourhood during daytime on a weekday, creating a problem. For this reason, I wander around when I don’t meet people, such as late at night or at dawn.

Since it would be unbearable to be hit by a car, my course is mostly the deserted riverside area. Nevertheless, you may encounter someone walking in a similar manner once every three or four days. Because I wordlessly pass the other person without exchanging greetings, I feel tense. Of course, seeing as the river side doesn’t even have street lights, one can’t even see the other people’s faces.

No, rather than faces, I can recognise them as nothing but faint, blurry shadows. I have written that they are, however I wonder if what I think to be “Human-sized shadows” sure enough truly is of people. I have recently noticed that there is a graveyard in the middle of my course.

These are two volumes of “Senketsu no Elf” written while thinking about that, as I take my healthy strolls.

(Setting aside the preface), I would be glad if you enjoyed them.

This time too, as they have been published, I am very grateful to a lot of people.

Mr. kona, who has been in charge of the illustrations. I am glad that I once again could see the faces of Imina, Ellis, and Milifica. I believe that they are characters which the illustrations have breathed life into. Thank you very much.

The ones in charge of editing, Mr. Satou and Mr. Hirai. I am sorry for creating a lot of work for you this time too. I will try harder so that I can proceed with my work a little smoother……

Once again, thank you very much to all the proof-readers, the designers, and once again to every departments of my publisher too.

And, even though I say that every time, more than everything, thank you to all of you readers. “I would be glad if you enjoyed them” is truly such an ordinary phrase.

However, I never use it as a stock sentence only used for flattery. If you read this book, and enjoy it even a little, I will, truly, be happy through only that.

Even though I wrote the same thing at the time of the first volume, it is a strict world where the amount sold decides whether the series can continue. In any case, anyhow, I hope to see you again in the next book.

Well then, later.

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