Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru Chapter 33 part1

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"I ended up calling you this time, I am really sorry Shinozuka-san"

"No. . . . ."

It was only me and my homeroom teacher Sudo-sensei who were left behind, all the other teachers went home. It was only Megane-sensei who suspected me of cheating while the other 2 only wanted to talk to me.

Himuro-sensei once again said thanks for his wife. He went home as soon as it was over saying that his wife is waiting, he really loves his wife. How nice, they are a happy couple. It is heartwarming.

The weak teacher wants to hear more from me. I was told that those two wanted to talk to me thoroughly, i will call it off if there is an chance since I am sure that something terrible will come out!

It looks like Megane-sensei did not yet understand. Upon leaving she said "I am looking forward for the next test.", I have to work hard so that my rank will not fall next time.

"I think that Mito-sensei would probably not back down unless she talks directly with Shinozuka. She still doubts a student even though there isn’t any evidence. The talks will be settled if I apply pressure but, it would be troublesome if something would happen somewhere where I cannot see. There is a slight problem, Himuro-sensei is very dependable. It would be nice if you were to rely on someone."

The vice principal said, there seems to be other teachers expressed their doubts about my grades suddenly rising. No words can express it.

"It is hard to regain trust that was lost. But it can recover especially woth the current you Shinozuka, I expect many things from you."

"Expectations is it?"

I felt as if theeyes the vice principal were shining.

"In fact to tell you the truth, this time there were two important matters to discuss. Shinozuka, why don't you join the volunteer club?"

Volunteering huh. It participates in social activities and do volunteer work with no charge. In other words, it is to help people. It is such a wonderful club!

"I want to join!"

I wanted to enter the sports club and enjoy my youth but, going to school is enjoying enough already. I am thankful that I am able to spend each day happily.

"I am glad to hear that."

"The volunteer club,  what kind of activities do they do?"

“Yes. They clean up the local area and  help revitalize the local nursing care facilities. They also do other various welfare activities."

I can even do some cleaning. To be trusted on such a big role such as helping revitalize the area. . . . kuu~, my motivation is bursting out.

"Volunteer work will surely be useful for Shinozuka-san's future. Do your best. I will leave Sudo-sensei the procedure."


"And there is another thing, I want you to talk with Sudo-sensei. "

"Wha, Vice Principal?"

Sudo-sensei was surprised at the words of the vice principal. It was the same as me.

"Certainly there is a big divide between Sudo-sensei and Shinozuka. It cannot be buried so easily even if we talk about it. But, nothing will start if no one talks. I think that you should approach this little by little."

The vice principal said so with a smile, he then left the classroom. It was only me and my teacher that is left behind, there is an uncomfortably awkward atmosphere.

Ofu. . . . it is heavy. I miss the vice principal's healing smile.

"U, uhm. . . ."

"It is already late. Let's go home before it gets dark."

It felt like I was rejected, he did not even say a word. I can't see Sudo-sensei's face who was  looking out the window. I wonder what he is thinking, I do not know what he thinks of me.

It wasn't seen, as I reached out for the door, I remembered.

Sundo-sensei saw me clearly , he saw me instead of Aika.

"Sensei," thank you for your time today

Sudo-sensei did not move.

"I am happy that sensei is looking at me seriously. I will do my best in studying, doing student council activities, and as well as club activities. I will be in your care."

He has had a hard time up till now, let's do our best to become Sudo-sensei's strength. Speaking of what I can do, I will continue to persevere at school. The vice principal said that my reputation recently is on the rice. Sudo-sensei's sever criticism had became gentle with this condition.



Someone called my name while I was about to go home, I turned my head around. I saw Sudou-sensei with his back still turned and head looking towards sky.

". . . . you are doing so well. Good luck."

I did not know what he said in the beginning but gradually I was able to understand what he meant and my cheek loosened.

"Ye, yes! I will do my best!"

Isn't this what being supported is? It is isn't it? I. . . . will . . . .do. . . . it!

I noticed that my motivation is rising. Now,  it was only me and Sudo-sensei. I wonder what happened to Aika-chan's past, I might be able to hear it.

"Sensei. There is something that I wanted to hear this entire time."


"What happened between me and sensei?"

". . . . ."

There was no response. His body moved as if wanting to respond. The atmosphere became awkward again, Sudo-sensei turned around with a troubled expression.

There are no feelings in his expression. I mean, I just cannot read it. It is not even a cold gaze that he showed me when I first came here, it is expressionless. Why do you have such a face?


". . . . you do not have to know for now. Go home already."

I tried to go out the opposite door, he was the only one left inside the classroom.

I thought that he was willing to compromise because of all the effort. Vice principal said, Sudo-sensei and I have a deep relationship. I will work hard little by little.

When I went to pick up my bag in my classroom, there were still classmates that were in the classroom.

"Huh~, Shinozuka is going home now too?"

"Yes. How about you two?"

"Well yeah. Shinozuka-san would you like to go home together?"

"Is that really ok!? Then please."

Translation Notes:
Uhm soo I was not able to meet the deadline. I was taking care of my records for my OJT. orz I am sorry.

So this is half a chapter since there are 10 pages on this one.

I will release Sage Reincarnation today and Slime Tensei tomorrow. Once again I am sorry for the delay.

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