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C31: Spirit Summoning

This time, the condensed spiritual energy in his body was mixed with the demonic energy. He didn't know how much effort he had to put into expelling it this time!

Yang Junshan sighed, this was something that he had no choice but to do. Originally, he planned to use the "Bloody Spirit Summoning Technique" successfully to advance to the Immortal Summoning Realm before accepting the inheritance of the eight pictures. This way, even if he had to absorb the demonic energy as a medium to receive the mysterious inheritance, Yang Junshan would still be able to use his cultivation to advance to the Immortal Summoning. In turn, it would be much easier to expel the demonic energy that was mixed into his body.

Unfortunately, Yang Junshan had used the "Bloody Spirit Summoning Technique" twice in a row to push his body almost to the brink of collapse. In order to successfully circulate the "Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula" in his body, Yang Junshan had no choice but to absorb the demonic energy from the stone wall before he reached the Spirit Summoning Realm.

In his previous incarnation, Yang Junshan had never had the opportunity to obtain this mysterious demon clan inheritance, but he had heard people mention it more than once. The way for a cultivator to obtain this kind of heritage was extremely simple, and that was to absorb a certain amount of demonic energy into the spiritual energy in his body during his cultivation process, so that he could pass himself off as a demon clan cultivator to obtain the recognition of the inheritance.

After all, demonic spiritual energy was different from the natural spiritual energy absorbed by cultivators, and human cultivators were not part of the demonic beasts. The demonic spiritual energy could not be seen in a short period of time, but as a cultivator's cultivation level increases, the demonic spiritual energy would grow stronger and stronger like maggots in the bones of a cultivator, making it more and more difficult to expel.

With the help of the Tiger's Diagram, Yang Junshan immediately became much more relaxed. The endless stream of spirit energy from the < Earth's Spirit Art > could finally open a small crack under the pressure of the mountain to communicate with the two spiritual cavities.

Perhaps it was due to the integration of a trace of demonic energy within his body, but as Yang Junshan continued to move the spiritual energy in his body, the < < Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula > > circulated more smoothly.

When the < < Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula > completed a cycle in Yang Junshan's body with great difficulty, Yang Junshan suddenly felt his body shake. At the place where the two spiritual cavities were located, two dense streams of Spiritual Qi rushed down from the mountaintop and smashed into the two spiritual cavities with a 'boom' sound.

The dense Spiritual Energy turned into mountains and torrents as they rushed into the immortal spiritual cavities. However, the two Saint Spirit cavities did not move at all, instead, they shattered the surging Spiritual Energy tides and flowed along the meridians in his body, causing the orderly circulated Spiritual Energy in his body to become a mess.

This collision made Yang Junshan's mind waver. The complete cycle of the spiritual power that he had built up with great difficulty was almost about to collapse.

However, Yang Junshan was not surprised, instead, he was happy. He quickly gathered his attention and tried his best to maintain the circulation of the Spiritual Energy in his body. At the same time, he borrowed the power of the < < Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula> > and tried his best to merge the Spiritual Energy that entered his meridians, causing the Spiritual Energy stored in Yang Junshan's body to increase significantly.

With the addition of this spiritual energy, the circulation of the spiritual incantations in Yang Junshan's body became even more powerful. Every time the spiritual energy in his body circulated for a cycle, two streams of violent spiritual energy would surge out from the two immortal spiritual essences in his body, charging towards the immortal spiritual cavities. After being smashed to pieces, the spiritual energy would enter his meridians and fuse with the spiritual energy that the spiritual energy was carrying around, strengthening his body bit by bit.

The essence of the spiritual energy contained in the two top grade immortal spirits was melted by the earth spirit energy in Yang Junshan's body. This also meant that Yang Junshan had successfully awakened his immortal spirit, and his cultivation had also successfully stepped into the second layer of the Mortal Realm.

However, because the two immortal spirits that Yang Junshan had awakened were high grade ones, although a rich amount of immortal essence could be absorbed into their bodies every time they were transported, the two immortal spirits still felt like mountains when compared to the spiritual energy circulating in their bodies. It was as if they wanted to completely melt the two immortal spirits and reach the peak of the Immortal Summoning, this would be a long and arduous process.

Originally, the process of summoning an immortal spirit was for a cultivator to hold or hold an immortal spirit in their hand, then slowly refine the cultivation technique they cultivated, causing the essence of the immortal spirit to gradually merge with the spiritual energy in their body.

This process was much slower than the process of Yang Junshan using the secret technique, but it was better than the whole process of cultivation. It did not directly affect the spiritual energy in a cultivator's body, nor did it affect Yang Junshan like this. Every time the essence of the immortal spirit was melted, he would try to launch an impact, and each time the returned spiritual energy merged with his body, it would cause a series of turbulence. A little carelessness can put one in danger of going berserk.

However, once Yang Junshan was able to properly deal with the dangers brought about by this secret technique during the process of summoning immortal spirits, it would be of great benefit to him when he opened his immortal meridian and advanced to the third level of the Mortal Realm.

The third level of the Mortal Realm could be considered the threshold for a cultivator's cultivation level to increase. If a cultivator was unable to accumulate enough spiritual energy at the Immortal Soul Stage, then breaking through the barrier of the immortal spiritual cavities would be a wild dream.

Many cultivators were able to quickly refine their immortal spirits to reach the peak of the second level, but they were all trying to break through to the third level of the Mortal Realm, attempting to open the immortal meridian. They had no choice but to spend more time to nurture their spirit energy and accumulate energy to break through to the third level of the Mortal Realm.

Yang Junshan had infused the essence of immortality into his body using a secret technique, and every time the essence of immortality melted, it would have a powerful impact on his spiritual cavities. After the essence of immortality completely melted and Yang Junshan's cultivation had reached the peak of summoning immortality, the essence of immortality would already be at the edge of loosening up, and at this time, Yang Junshan could also gather enough spiritual energy with his two high-grade immortals. The process of opening the immortal spiritual cavities would definitely be twice the result with half the effort.

By the time Yang Junshan woke up from his cultivation, another day had already passed. There were only four days left until the Hundred Sparrows Mountain sietch closed, and Yang Junshan's luck was pretty good. When he was at his weakest, no one had noticed the cave he was in.

At this time, Yang Junshan's body was still weak, but he was no longer as exhausted as he was yesterday.

Yang Junshan examined the two wounds on his body with his body, only leaving a blood scab an inch long on his abdomen. The tiger fang fairy that was originally exposed on his back also seemed to have shrunk a bit.

Yang Junshan heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that his secret technique was quite successful. However, he had to rely on the help of the crouching tiger, otherwise, it would be impossible for Yang Junshan to recover so quickly.

Yang Junshan turned around and looked at the eighth painting on the wall. He pondered for a moment, but he did not immediately accept the inheritance of the other seven diagrams. His body had not fully recovered yet, so he was bound to absorb more beast qi from the other seven diagrams, after all, he was already here, so it didn't matter if it was earlier or later.

On a straw mattress beside him, the cub was sleeping soundly. Yang Junshan could clearly feel a faint demonic aura emanating from the wall surrounding the cub, slowly seeping into its body as it breathed.

This was the cultivation instinct of a demon beast. As time passed, the demonic energy stored in the cub's body would finally open up its intelligence and turn it into a demonic cultivator that knew how to cultivate by itself.

In his previous incarnation, there was a rumor that those famous demons had already activated their spiritual wisdom to train before the great change had occurred. Although the cub had only just been born, it had already started to absorb the demonic energy to train instinctively. At this time, it was still a few decades before the great change occurred, so it was unknown whether this sworn brother of the demon race would become a powerful demon clan expert that would shake the entire world in the future.

Like this, another two days passed. Yang Junshan's body recovered extremely quickly, although his face was still pale from the loss of blood, at this moment he had completely solidified the second layer of the Spirit Summoning cultivation. His abdomen was only left with a shallow red line, and the Fanged Fairy on his back was slowly melting, completely disappearing under his skin, even though walking would still bring pain. However, Yang Junshan could completely ignore this secret art.

As he circulated the < < < Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula > >, Yang Junshan felt a much denser spiritual energy flowing through his meridians. He immediately felt that his body was filled with energy, and he was sure that when the two wounds healed completely, his physical body would reach a new level of strength.

However, at this time, Yang Junshan was looking at his sworn brother with a furious expression. This little thing was lying on the grass with a lazy look, and its posture was exactly the same as the crouching tiger on the stone wall.

However, Yang Junshan was naturally not angered by this, but by the fact that the backpack that he had left by his side had been turned into a mess, and the three paws that he had placed among them were now only two. The missing bear paw was already in the mouth of this tiger cub with a pair of innocent eyes.

"You, you, you little bastard! This paw of a bear is worth at least one stone spirit valley, at least ten jade coins! How did it end up in your stomach!"

Yang Junshan stepped forward and pushed aside the straw mattress on the cub's body, revealing a few bones. This cub actually knew how to hide the evidence. The cub let out two groans, seemingly embarrassed.

It was also due to Yang Junshan's negligence that, in order to make the best use of his time to cultivate and consolidate his cultivation base in the Spirit Summoning realm, he did not care about the cub for three whole days.

Under the influence of hunger, the cub was unable to resist the enticement of the bear paw in his backpack. In the end, it was only because the cub could not eat two of the cubs that it was able to leave two for Yang Junshan.

However, a plump bear's paw weighed at least a dozen pounds, almost as heavy as the cub itself. How did it eat so much in two days?

However, after seeing that not only was the little guy's round belly, but it also grew to a foot long during just two or three days. It seemed it's possible to eat a plump bear paw was acceptable.

"Alright, now we need to go out for a walk and make some preparations to leave Hundred Sparrows Mountain!"

Yang Junshan placed the quiver and quiver back on his shoulders and said to the cub while holding the bow in his hand.

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