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“Qi Zihua?” He Muyun’s face sank, he looked at Ye Shaohua. When the other person mentioned Qi Zihua, a gorgeous light submerged her eyes.

But in his eyes, there was an incomparably harsh light.

The cigarette had now reached his fingers and was burning that area, but he did not realize it. He just looked at Ye Shaohua. “Are you serious?”

Ye Shaohua lifted her eyes and looked at him conscientiously: “Yes ah.”

After hearing this sentence, He Muyun's sight lowered and he resolutely smoked two more cigarettes.

After a long while, Ye Shaohua heard his lowered hoarse voice, “Sorry.”

“If there's nothing more, I will leave first.” Ye Shaohua had still not changed out of her big red dress yet. With one hand, she moved her pitch-black hair and looked at He Muyun with her head slanted.

Even these red clothes couldn’t outshine her excessively delicate face.

"Kacha" The door closed.

Then it was opened by the small assistant, twisting his fingers. He secretly looked at his boss. “Bo… Boss?”

He Muyun crushed the cigarette in his hand. He raised his eyes and looked at the assistant, and those eyes were very cold.

The assistant almost knelt down on the spot.

“Ah,1” He Muyun sneered. He took out a document from inside a drawer and threw it at the assistant's face. Then he turned his head and said one word at a time: “From today on, you can’t take a vacation for two months.”

The assistant took the document in a hurry, it was “The overbearing president fell in love with me” sponsored by his wife. When he listened to He Muyun’s words, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes: “Boss, listen to my explanation!”

“Three months.” He Muyun opened the window, scattering the smell of smoke from inside the room.

“No, boss I have better…”

“Half a year.”

The assistant, in deadly earnest: “Okay, I got it boss. If there is no other command, I will leave first.”

“Wait,” He Muyun took a deep breath. He took out a chair and tapped the table with his hand. “Give me the information about Qingyun's gang.”

Hearing about this matter, the assistant looked at the other person strangely. Didn’t boss always not feel like bothering himself with this annoying matter from Qi Family?

However, after being ridiculed again and again, he didn't dare say any other words.


Ye Shaohua changed out of these good clothes and returned to the nanny car holding a tablet.

The nanny car was not a company car. The company gave her and Shi Xue a nanny car to share, and that nanny car was currently used by Shi Xue. The car here was a deluxe nanny car handpicked by Father Ye.

Its configuration was not worse than the one from an average first-line star.

Ye Shaohua's assistant unscrewed the thermos cup for her, she was still in a daze. She did not expect that Ye Shaohua's acting skills were this good, especially for her first time, and even more it was Director Zhou's film.

While thinking, her cell phone rang.

“It's Liang Ge2.” The assistant picked up the phone and showed it to Ye Shaohua. Liang Ge was the agent she shared with Shi Xue.

He was also a gold medal agent of Starry sky. In his hand, he had taken Shi Xue who had huge unlimited potential. She would develop into a first-line star short term.

Ye Shaohua glanced lazily at it, casually saying: “Answer.”

There was an irresistible loftiness in each movement of the current Ye Shaohua. The assistant naturally did not oppose her.

“Ye Shaohua, what about your side?” Now that Shi Xue had finished participating in the opening party, they wanted to go participate in the small dinner party arranged by Qi Zihua that night.

The eyes of Ye Shaohua's assistant shone: "Liang Ge, our Shaohua just passed the audition for Director Zhou…"

“Okay, hurry over.” Liang Ge was too lazy to listen to the assistant. He directly interrupted her, and then hurriedly hung up.

Ye Shaohua leisurely leaned back on the car door. Looking at this act, the corner of her mouth raised into the trace of a smile. It was three points mocking, three points chilling and four points indolent3 as she looked at her assistant forgetting to ridicule Liang Ge.

This kind of dinner party was very common in the circle.

When Ye Shaohua got off the car, there was just one car parked nearby.

The door of that car also opened. Ye Shaohua did not look, she simply lowered her eyes to play with the phone in her hands. However, the eyes of the assistant next to her shone. Her voice was shaking “Hea…Heavens! It's Film Emperor He! Miss Ye, you look if it isn't Film Emperor He! My mom ya, I can go up to him and ask for an autograph!"

As the youngest movie actor, and also a member of He Family, He Musheng's identity had never been a secret in the entertainment circle. His fans were too many to count. They ranged from old to young and it was not unexpected.

He, this individual, was not arrogant. He was very gentle to his fans. Any picture or video of himself would immediately become a lead story on the news.

It could be said that he is a rare Emperor Superstar with both strength and exposure.

“Your fan, I'll go give her your autograph.” He Musheng’s agent grabbed a signed photo that he had already prepared before.

He Musheng good temperament was famous in the circle. The agent naturally did not think that he would reject this person from the same circle.

Unexpectedly, for the first time, the man with an always good temperament unexpectedly did not move. On the contrary, he closed the car door. “Don’t go.”

“What’s wrong?” The agent was surprised.

He Musheng’s good-looking brows pursed. “That person always liked hype. She is holding this year's popular/hot search, thinking up every possible means to attract the netizens' attention. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and discover I'm in a relationship with her.”

"Is there anyone who would dare to take your hype?" Hearing this, the agent put down the signed photo and sat back in the car. "These guts are really big."

“She bought that hot search, she is an embarrassing person,” He Musheng said this because Qi Zihua was not concerned about Ye Shaohua. He hooked his lips faintly. “If I appeared on the same Weibo as her, people would laugh their head off.”

He Musheng was sitting inside the car. He thought that the 'obsessed by the hot search' Ye Shaohua would take some action.

He didn’t expect the other party to not even look at the car at all, and then turn around to the entrance door.

Leaning sideways, his expression seemed excessively cold.

He Musheng paused. It was somewhat unexpected.

But he didn’t think about it much. Rather, he got off the car, passed through another entrance and finally reached the upstairs banquet hall.

“Good news, my eldest brother is going to help you.” As soon as he entered, he patted the shoulder of a person sitting on a sofa.

Qi Zihua's hand was still injured, but it was not particularly serious. Hearing this, his eyes shone. "You say the truth, your eldest brother really wants to help me?"

The people of He family were all expert under the sky, especially this newly promoted He Family's Big Young Master, He Muyun. Not only was he capable of producing clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another in the business world, no matter whether it was the rightful world or the underworld, they all gave him face.

If He Muyun was willing to step in, Qingyun would not have to worry about this matter anymore.

“en, he just contacted me and asked about some of your affairs.” He Musheng leaned on the sofa. “But it's strange, my eldest brother was too lazy to manage this kind of matter before, how could he suddenly take care of this annoying matter?”

“You may not believe it, but our family's Xue-er can really bringing me luck,” Hearing He Musheng's words, Qi Zihua's smile became even more satisfied. “Since knowing her, I have always had good business. And because of her signing under Starry Sky, we signed several hardworking newcomers with good potential…”

“Looking at you like this, are you serious ah?” He Musheng raised his eyebrows.

Was this that Big Young Master's dissolute way of spend time and money? However, if he was serious, it would not be good for Qi Family ah.

Qi Zihua smiled. “If not, what do you think?”

While the two were talking, downstairs, Ye Shaohua had found Shi Xue and Liang Ge.

Ye Shaohua wore a very ordinary dress today. She didn't look like any of the other richly dressed people here, but despite this, the crystal light hanging from the top of her head could not cover her gorgeous face.

That hand holding a red wine glass was like sheep-fat white jade, delicate, slender and white.

The truth of the matters in the circle would always come out.

In particular, the fact about Qi Zihua’s relationship with Ye Yuhua, which had originally stemmed from bad intentions. Naturally, it had not been excessively concealed. Instead, intentionally or otherwise, it had been leaked to several friends. On one side, it let Qingyun's gang take note that his current girlfriend was Ye Shaohua.

Therefore, when Ye Shaohua appeared, several well-known people paid attention her.

Qi Zihua had always been known as a dissolute man in the circle. Although his reputation was not good, the people around him were not treated miserly.

It was no wonder that Ye Shaohua had been continuously in the hot search. It could also be attributed to gold medalist agent, Liang Ge.

A group of people who knew how to look at their interest immediately advanced towards Ye Shaohua to chat, leaving Shi Xue on the side.

Qi Zihua, who went downstairs with He Musheng, saw that director and Ye Shaohua talking very very happily to each other. What's more, Shi Xue was snubbed, left cold and pitiful on the side, not talking to anyone.

She seemed incompatible with the people at this party.

Seeing this scene, Qi Zihua’s complexion immediately turned black.

This small dinner party had originally been organized for what Shi Xue had done. What was going on with this Ye Shaohua, did she become addicted to climbing poles4 ? Was this party her work gathering place?

When he saw a waiter give Ye Shaohua a glass of wine, but not give one to Shi Xue, Qi Zihua snorted coldly. How could he bear with it, he walked directly in the direction of the two people.

His complexion was very unsightly.


1. sound of breathing out/sighing

2.Big Bro Liang

3.3/10, 3/10 and 4/10 you can also think of it as percentages

4. rising up in society

Translator note

There is actually some foreshadowing concerning Qi Zihua’s business here. It will come to light at some face slapping/ critical moment hehe


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