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Spring Once More ch34

Translator: ayszhang
Editor: Marcia
Beta reader: Dairytea

 chapter 34

(Traditional Chinese cover scanned by Dairytea)

Chapter Thirty-four

Master Su turns out to be an excellent companion – easygoing comportment, moderate walking speed, and brief commentary on interesting sights. If he were a dish, he’d be steamed dumplings dipped in vinegar: a person of any background would be able enjoy it, and it has just the right amount of flavour and stimulation.

At the end of the main road, we turnback, having seen all the festivities. When we return to the inn, the servantfrom earlier is sitting by the door munching on a handful of sunflower seeds.

“Did you sirs enjoy yourselves?” Hestands up and greets us enthusiastically.

“Not too bad,” I reply, nodding. “Itwas indeed festive.”

Looking rather proud, he continues,“It’s a pity you will miss the race tomorrow. Now that’s a real swell time!Even the masters from the city come here especially to watch. Is theresomething urgent that demands your immediate attention, sirs?”

I chuckle dryly while Master Suanswers, “Some family matters, not of significance but urgent nonetheless.”

The tactful servant changes thesubject. “Where is your hometown, sir?”

“This gentleman here is from thecapital,” he replies casually. “And my ancestral home is Huizhou.”

“A good place, Huizhou.” The servantbrushes his hands. “I’ll fetch some hot water for you sirs to wash up. If youhave any other commands, just call for me. I’m on night shift this evening.”

I head upstairs with Master Su andrun into Moyu, Fu Qingshu’s boy, standing at the top of the stairs lookingrather anxious.

“M’lor-... My sirs, have you seen myyoung master?”

I frown. “Didn’t your master say hewould go to bed after dinner since he wants to get back on the road first thingin the morning? What are you waiting here for?”

Moyu shakes his head and steals anervous glance at me. “My young master asked this servant to fetch him a tub ofgood wine from the front, then he left for a while before coming back. Then he leftagain and hasn’t been back since. I assumed that he went with you two sirs, butsince I see he isn’t with you, I had to inquire.”

I can barely hold back my laughter.“Your young master isn’t a girl who’s never left the house. He probably wentout to drink or something. He’ll come back when he’s ready.”

The pathetic servant scrunches hisface. “But my young master has been in a bad mood these days, not to mention hedoesn’t even know this town well. If he drinks too much, he won’t be able to findthe inn’s door!”

Cannot find the inn’s door? Who thehell is training these idiots in the Anguo manor?

“Did your young master bring anythingwith him?”

“A-a tub of wine.”

I rub my chin. “Go take a look at therooftops in the courtyard.”

An hour later, Moyu and the roomservice come knocking with hot water.

“I’ve come to express my thanks. Howdid you know my master would be on the roof?”

So I was right!

Then in another hour, another knocksounds at my door. Groggily I open the door to find Li’l Marquess holding a tubof wine. Without a word, he barges in and drops the tub on the table.

“Say, Li’l Marquess.” I frown at him.“If you can’t wake up in the morning because of a hangover, we won’t hit theroad in time.”

Fu Qingshu flips over the two bowlson top of the tub and places them on the table.

I shake my head. “Not even going tohave a few side dishes?”

He tips the tub and fills the twobowls. Sighing, I take one and down it. It enters smoothly with a pleasanttaste but stings like fire after. Good wine. Putting the bowl back, I wipe mylips.

Fu Qingshu glances at me and downshis bowl. I reach out for the tub at the same time as he does. I clap hisshoulder.

“Yeah!” I guffaw.

He cocks a brow with a coy smile.Then he breaks into laughter, too. “Yeah!”

The tub isn’t that big to begin with,so we reach the bottom after five or six rounds. I lean on my chair cravingsome more, and soon I lose control of my stupid tongue.

“Say, Brother Fu...”

Fu Qingshu is a bit pink since healready drank a tub before.

I lick my lips. “I still haven’tfigured out how I upset you.”

His expression darkens a little, andhe asks a seemingly unrelated question. “Where the hell did you come from?”

“I told you already,” I reply as I roll up mysleeves. “You wouldn’t believe me even if I said it. I shouldn’t frighten youanyway.”


I squint at him. “Why are you sostuck on this one thing like a girl? I know, you must be still mad at the timeI offended you when I got drunk. Oh well, it was my fault after all. You can dowhatever you want with me, as long as it’ll appease your anger.”

“What was that?” His head snapsaround.

I pat my chest with certitude. “Youheard me. As long as it cheers you up I’ll take whatever you throw at me.”

He scoffs and rises from his seat. Iget up too, instantly feeling regretful – Hero Batwing is a martial artist. I’mprobably going to get a cast or at least physiotherapy no matter where he hitsme.

AsI expected, he approaches and grabs me by the collar. Knowing it’s what Ideserve, I let him. He stares into my eyes, and his grip tightens and then…

Youreap what you sow. Karma is real, and karma is a bitch.

OhBuddha, I will remember your teachings by heart.

Soit’s only fair that I get bitten back by Li’l Marquess. An eye for an eye, akiss for a ki…

Waita damn second!!! How the hell did I come up with that? Because this is simplytoo much to handle for my little heart!

FuQingshu removes his lips from mine, fuck, no, that’s not right! He lifts hishead from my face, no, damn it! How the fuck am I supposed to tell this damnstory?!

What’seven more embarrassing is that the moment our lips touched, I felt thiselectric current run from the crown of my head down my spine, and I… No,impossible. Although he’s good-looking and his lips are super soft, I can’tpossibly have any reactions to a man… I must be hallucinating…

Anyways,he releases me. Fuck, wrong again… So after he and I separate, I’m gazingstraight at him like a deer in headlights. He looks pretty amused having takenadvantage of me.

ButI, Ma Xiaodong, have seen many things in my lifetime, and I won’t take thislying down. I steady myself and adjust my collar.

“BrotherFu,” I remark with a smirk. “You haven’t dated many chicks, have you?”

Hisdelighted smirk stiffens.

I cross my arms, shaking my head, andstep towards him. “Kissing requires technique. From what I saw, you’re stillgreen.”

I draw even closer. He’s completelyglued to the spot. Hah, child. He’s a couple years too young to play with thisbad boy.

Now it seems I’m much bigger than him.I grab him by the collar, wicked grin spread on my face. “If you want, BigBrother here can give you a few pointers, show you what real technique is.”

Before he can even react, I bare myteeth, aim and fire.

I wasn’t lying about kissing beingall about technique, and one must continue practicing in order to improve.After all, I’ve dated more girls than I can count with my fingers. Dealing withFu Qingshu is a walk in the park.

From the dragonfly skittering acrossthe pond to a dragon tumbling in the deep ocean blue, from the drill to theblender – Fu Qingshu succumbs to my techniques and loosens his grip on me, hisbody falling limp. When he finally lies in the crook of my elbow, soft andpliant, I wrap up my work and shoot him a smug look.

“What did I tell you? Pretty good,eh?”

I find his reaction very amusing.Face flushed red, eyes wet and dewy... Damn I almost felt something there.

No wonder the little prince was acut-sleeve; it’s definitely got its perks.

Fu Qingshu’s face instantly darkens, hiseyes glaring holes into me.

“What did you say?”

Oh shit. Oh fuck. I accidentally let my thoughts slip when I got lost in hiseyes.

“No wonder the little prince was acut-sleeve. It’s definitely got its perks.”

His expression gets gloomier by thesecond. Then he starts chuckling. Then WHAM! I see shiny gold stars in my lefteye. As my hand reflexively reaches up, I feel a draft whip by. By the time Ilook up, I’m lonely ol’ me again.

After the numbness came the burningpain.

Iheave a long sigh. “Why does it have to be the left side again?”

A historical administrative region comprising modern-day southern Anhuiprovince and a town in Jiangxi.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dairytea: Hehe. He's soo cute! Manhua pic time!

I draw even closer. He's completely glued to the spot. Hah, child. He's a couple years too young to play with this bad boy.

Chapter Thirty-five

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