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It was okay when I got used to my acts. Even though my body still felt heavy when I tied my beauties around my legs, but do I have a choice.

Honestly, I wanted to live here forever like this in Ruby palace. This kingdom, however, had a time bomb called Claude…

Even though I want this life to keep on going like how it was ‘till now, but I possibly can’t risk my life for this. Nope, not worth it.

That’s why these beauties… More specifically my insurance for the future. Yes, so that I can leave this Palace anytime, it is the insurance for the d-day of whenever.

I walked through the familiar garden I’ve crossed through five times. And soon after that, I was able to get in the soundless palace like always.

But I didn’t go straight to the garden where the bush is, and went the way I had kept in mind since the last time I’ve visited. Gasp! It’s still there!!

Last time I’ve visited, I was far away so I weren’t sure but in the well organised palace first floor were what I saw last time, the cupid statues.

The size depended so there were the ones bigger than be, and were ones that was my arm size. To add, they were all gold! My gosh! If I can find anything most valuable in my palace, it’s only some gems and jewel stones but gold!

I was drenched in excitement. There were too many cupid statues so it seemed to be unnoticeable if I… kinda fill my hand with one of them. It’s too much for now, but wif I get bigger I might be able to take one. This is gold though, right?

I went towards the closest statue from me and bit the butt of it (?) that was around in my height. My teeth are pretty strong now, so.. Bite.


Just then, I sensed a dangerous aura behind me along with a big shadow that was big enough to cover me up. I froze up in place, still in the position of biting the cupid’s butt.

"Since when did this kind of scumbag started living in my castle?"

What went through and never out my ears was the cold sentence with the coldest voice and tone.

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