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Fang Shen kicked the door open. Why was the door so heavy?

He broke into the room. There was a man under the door plank. Fang Shen took a close look and found it was Liu Bo. When Fang Shen kicked the door, Liu Bo was standing behind it. As a result, the door fell on top of him.

Liu Bo was an ordinary person who wasn't engaged in cultivation. He had dissipated his father's fortune by spending it on drinking and women and he was in poor health. After being knocked down by the door, he passed out and was dying.

Fang Shen ignored him and rushed to the other people.

There were many people here. Fang Shen dared not think little of them. He first dashed to the ten men in black who had guns.

Although these people were not cultivators, there were so many of them and they had guns. If they shot at Fang Shen, he was able to dodge the bullets, but Qin Lan might be killed.

With the help of the Clairvoyant, Fang Shen clearly saw their flesh, meridians and acupoint.

He ran towards them and knocked them out before they could even realize what happened.

He spared no strength this time and hit their vital acupoint.

These ten men fell down to the floor without uttering a single word.

Chen Ri was not a cultivator. When Fang Shen broke into the room, Chen Jiu dragged Chen Ri aside to protect him.

After the ten men were killed, Chen Jiu took out a dagger from his back and flew towards Fang Shen.

Tiger's Nine Strikes!

Chen Ri's eyes lit up.

It was Chen Clan's special martial art.

The user could stab nine times in one breath.

It was an amazing martial art. When the user stabbed his enemy the first time, his enemy would dodge and then be stabbed by the second stabbing; if the enemy was somehow able to dodge the second stabbing, the third stabbing immediately followed. There were nine stabbing in total.

If the enemy was stabbed by the dagger, no matter how tiny the wound was, the enemy would definitely die because there was highly toxic chemical on the dagger.

Chen Jiu was at the top of Inner Force. In Chen Ri's eyes, Fang Shen would be killed by the Tiger's Nine Strikes.

As expected, Chen Jiu was about to kill Fang Shen just with the first stabbing.

His dagger was only three centimeters away from Fang Shen's chest.

How could Fang Shen dodge the dagger in such a short distance?

"Normal people are nothing comparable to cultivators. These people from Tiger Guard look invincible at normal times. But they are so useless at this vital moment!" Chen Ri thought to himself.

But his eyes widened at the next moment.

Chen Jiu's dagger stopped as if there was an invisible wall in the front.

That was because Fang Shen stretched out his hand and held Chen Jiu's wrist tightly.

"How is that possible? Fang Shen is merely some lowest cultivator who knows a little about some magic arts. How could he tell the routes of the Tiger's Nine Strikes!"

Chen Jiu tried hard to shake Fang Shen's hand off, but failed. He looked at Fang Shen in terror.

Fang Shen looked fearless at him and said, "You are too slow."

After saying that, he kicked Chen Jiu heavily on his stomach and sent him lurching backwards with a yelp.

Chen Jiu fell forward as if in slow motion, and landed in a crumpled heap on the floor. His body spasmed twice, and then he was still.

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