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Fang Shen would be unable to do anything to help if he was the person he once had been before he had the life and death eyes.

But now he was totally different. Though his parents were new to this village and there was no his ancestral grave in the mountain, he grew up here and had a deep feeling for this village.

While having the meal, he heard a sharp squawk of trumpets.

Liu Huihe's face sourced at the sound. "Damn! Xiao Chengyu is here again. He is so annoying."

"Xiao Chengyu?" He gave a murderous look without being noticed by her.

Xiao Chengyu, Xiao Dazhuang's son and Xiao Yuzhen's younger brother, had been a local despot since a child.

Fang Ran and him were classmates in middle school. He used to tease her when they were middle school students.

Fang Shen had hit him several times, and then he gave up on her.

That's the reason why Xiao Dazhuang detested Fang Shen.

Xiao Dazhuang always stir up troubles for Fang Shen, and the latter could only collect Chinese herbs in the mountain to make a living.

The mountain behind the Jianghai Village was very steep and dangerous. Countless people lost their lives in the mountain after all these years.

Luckily, a lightning hit Fang Shen while he was collecting the herbs.

He then had the magical life and death eyes, and his life was completely changed.

Since Fang Shen had taught Xiao Chengyu a lesson, the latter gave up on Fang Ran and turned his eyes to Liu Huihe.

Xiao Chengyu was about 16 to 17, but Liu Huihe was almost 30.

Well-developed women are completely addictive for boys at Xiao Chengyu's age.

Fang Shen was infuriated as Xiao Chengyu appeared everywhere he went.

Dropping the bowl and chopsticks, he pushed the door open and got out.

Sitting on his motorcycle, Xiao Chengyu was pressing the button. The moment he saw Fang Shen, he trembled with fear. Obviously, he recalled those days being hit by Fang Shen.

In order to give Xiao Chengyu a lesson, Fang Shen had hit him hard in the past, leaving him indelible emotional shadow.

"Fang… Fang Shen… Why are you here?" Xiao Chengyu plucked up some courage.

Fang Shen didn't even bother to talk to him. Arguing with him was useless, and the only way was to hit him hard.

Fang Shen walked up to him and slapped him right in the face, sending him and his motorcycle lurching backwards to the ditch.

Of course, Fang Shen didn't use his full strength. Otherwise, Xiao Chengyu's head must have been broken into pieces.

Xiao Chengyu struggled to his fee and propped up his motorcycle. "Fang Shen, just wait and see. I'm calling my dad here. I'm calling my sister and my brother here!" He yelled, crying.

"Xiao Chengyu, you have no brother!" Fang Shen laughed.

"I have a sworn brother! He has dozens of followers." Xiao Chengyu left, without turning his head.

"Fang Shen, you didn't need to do that. It was not a big deal if you hit him in the past. But now, you might get into a big trouble." Liu Huihe said worriedly.

"Why?" he asked.

"Our village was flooded and needs to be reconstructed. It all depends on Xiao Dazhuang to allocate the reconstruction fund. More importantly, Xiao Dazhuang has some kind of relationship with the thugs in Jianghai Town. They always drink together. Fang Shen, you know the thugs. They are ruthless and even kill people."

Thugs in Jianghai City? These thugs were Zhang Lu's followers!

Recalling Zhang Lu's flattering face, Fang Shen smiled and comforted her, "Huihe, don't worry. I'll be fine."

She stood on tiptoe and patted his head sighing, "Fang Shen, you have grown up."

"Huihe, I'm going to the mountain." said Fang Shen.

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