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"What the hell is going on? Isn't it the engagement date of Luo Mingzhu and Jin Fucheng?"

"I don't know! What shall we do now? So embarrassing! Will they directly fight with each other?"

"Shit! What're you worrying about? It's not you who are about to engage, so just enjoy the farce! What big scene hasn't Luo Tianwei seen?"

The whispering of the guests made Luo Tianwei look extremely pale. He had never felt so humiliated in his life. So many people were laughing at him, and what was more, they were inferior than him. 

"Security guards, throw these two…" Luo Tianwei raged and was about to throw them out. But Yu Sheng was ready to take action with a few poison needles in his hands. 

He was looking for another person, one of today's protagonists—Jin Fucheng.

There were only few persons with golden hair in the venue, so Yu Sheng immediately focused on a man at a corner of the second floor. That man with golden hair was handsome, and could be regarded as a pretty young boy.

There seemed to be nothing wrong with him except for his shoulder-length hair, and if there was, it would be his extreme beauty. He was much more beautiful than some so-called beauties. He was undoubtedly a gorgeous beauty if not wore men's suit.

"Damn it…What a freak Luo Mingzhu is! She loves Shi Hu rather than this handsome boy. Shit! Even if she doesn't like handsome boys, how should she like Shi Hu?" Yu Sheng kept taunting in mind since he saw Jin Fucheng at the first glance.

Right at the moment when Luo Tianwei ordered to throw Yu Sheng and Shi Hu out, Jin Fucheng pressed the guard bar with one of his hands and easily jumped down from the second floor. He landed on the ground with no footstep but grace, making people astonished and even shocked.

He was obviously not easy to trifle with.

He directly walked to Shi Hu. Their eyes met, and Jin pressed his faces close to Shi Hu's.

Seeing Jin Fuheng was about to fight, Luo Tianwei thought he was getting angry. And if they fought, he would truly be a joke of the banquet, so he said in hurry: "My good boy, freeze! I'll let the security guards…"

But Jin Fucheng totally ignored Luo Tianwei. "Hey, I now give you the chance to get the hell out of here! Right away!" Jin Fucheng directly walked to Shi Hu with just two light-footed steps, and yelled at him to his face.

Shi Hu seriously glared at Jin Fucheng and retorted: "It's not me but you who should get out of here. I'll definitely marry Mingzhu today."

"Are you here to make fun? Bloke, do you know what place this is? You guys shouldn't come to such a place." Jin Fucheng sneered and took two steps backwards.


He wanted to directly kick Shi Hu on his head.

"So mighty!" Yu Sheng said in astonishment as freeze blew over his ears.

But Shi Hu slowly raised his hand and stopped the kick with his arm. He said intactly: "I mean it!"

"Good for you! Then let's compete! The one who wins three games out of five is the winner, and the loser should leave directly! Do you have any complaint? After all, the loser won't be good enough for Mingzhu!" Jin Fucheng sneered and said calmly.

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