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Posted on November 30th, 2018

Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner: Chapter 58

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Making Irresponsible Remarks Would Get Your Tongue Pulled Out

The surrounding students suddenly felt the temperature turn cold as if a frosty wind blew over. Their backs chilled and goose bumps abruptly rose as they unconsciously shivered.

They discovered this chill seemed to be coming from the white clothed girl before them.

They saw her cherry blossom lips slightly pressed and black eyes submerged in cold. The look she gave everyone seemed like it could kill.

Everyone unconsciously retreated a few steps.

"Classmate Yang ZiMei——"

Huang YiFeng cautiously called out to her, "Don't be sad, I'll get the teacher to explain the truth of the matter. At that time, everyone'll understand. I'm sorry, this embarrassed you."

His voice caused Yang ZiMei to sober from that unexpected vicious coldness.

Just then, she almost stirred her murderous intent.

Master had already warned her more than once. Although practitioners could kill without a trace, but they must uphold the most rudimentary principles of regarding life. Otherwise, burdened with too many evil deeds, the one suffering in the end would be themselves.

Sure, these students blabbering without understanding truth or gossip were indeed loathsome but not to the point of deserving death. Just then, she had almost strayed into evil, it was a good thing Huang YiFeng called out to her.

Her fingers slightly moved and collected the malignance that had already been planted in the few people. However, they couldn't go without punishment.

"Everyone's a being of this world, to incite disunity and alienation, harming someone with slander, would get your tongue pulled out by little ghosts when they break open your mouth. Pincers will be used to grab the tongue, stretch it, slowly twist, pull out——"

She said these words as if casting a curse on them. Her voice wasn't very loud but it transmitted clearly into everyone's ears.

Finished, she turned around and sauntered away, drifting white dress unmarred by any impurities.

A chill went through the hearts of the ones who had been gossiping. They shortly felt that their tongue became stiff without warning and unresponsive, moreover, there seemed to be something unceasingly pulling it. They tried to talk but no sound came out.

Promptly remembering Yang ZiMei's words from a moment ago, they were shooked and quickly extended their hands to cover their mouth as if little ghosts would really come to yank tongues out.

It was a while before their tongue returned to normal.

Hearts filled with unspoken complaints: Before, had it all been psychological or were there really been little ghosts pulling tongues?

Thinking about it, they felt horrified and swore they wouldn't talk irresponsibly again.


Huang YiFeng caught up to Yang ZiMei and continuously apologized as he followed along.

"It's not related to you, you don't have to apologize for the others' wrongs." Yang ZiMei impatiently said.

"I'm sorry, if not because of me then it wouldn't be like this."

"You were just one of the excuses, what will happen will eventually happen." Yang ZiMei lightly said.

"I'll definitely find the person!" Huang YiFeng said between gritted teeth.

"No need to find, I know who it is." Although this involved herself, she couldn't infer who's the vile person trying to cause her harm but she had already seen all her classmate's physiognomy the previous day and knew a few harboring evil intentions.

"Who?" Huang YiFeng's fists were tightly clenched with a stance ready to beat the person.

Yang ZiMei didn't reply to him as she continued to enter Year 3 Class 5.

The class was in an uproar. Xia Mo was in the midst of trying to maintain order, her hands held torn photos and papers. Moreover, she had a very angry appearance, striking the table with a teacher's ruler: "If I find out who's the one making up scandals to humiliate ZiMei and YiFeng, I definitely won't let you go. YiFeng already said ZiMei was treating him with acupuncture but unexpectedly got spread as illicit relations, completely unreasonable!" [1]

Yang ZiMei straightforwardly advanced forward.

Xia Mo saw her and quickly came over to say, "Classmate Yang ZiMei, don't worry. As class leader, I will absolutely find the culprit and get justice for you."


Under the watch of everyone in class, Yang ZiMei tranquilly went to her own seat and took out a book to read.

1. I.e. The sturdier kind of ruler for the purpose of possible beating.)

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Come Read it at Dark Circles Translations . com instead

Caaaammmm rweeeeeedddddd iiiiiiiiit atttttttttt DarkCirclesTranslations (dot) com *insert zombie claws* Reading at the source of translations to keep translators motivated.

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