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Chapter 8 Thousand Jin Force

Boom …...

A heavy sound rung out, an enormous rock steadily smashed the ground.

“Good, ten minutes!” Seeing Wang Chen, Ling Zhan exposed a satisfied smile.

Using only ten minutes, Wang Chen was already able to pull three hundred jin weight rock from down the mountain to above. Compared to when he took more than half a day in his first time, progress of this half a month could be clearly seen.

“Okay, this is already thirtieth time, no need to continue anymore! Go soak in the cask.” Looking at the slightly gasping Wang Chen, Ling Zhan continued to speak.

As before, it was the milky white hot water, but Wang Chen was already accustomed to it. Half a month of cultivating like this made him enjoy this feeling.

Although the process was still very painful, the result was very good. After soaking, he would feel very refreshed and energetic. Moreover, the result was outstanding which was clearly reflected through the recent progress.

“Your strength should have reached seven hundred jin, now!” Ling Zhan said after muttering to himself for a while.

“En. Almost.” Wang Chen nodded his head.

Body Refining fourth tier could reach five hundred jin force, and fifth tier could reach seven hundred jinforce. However, Wang Chen was only a Body Refining third tier martial practitioner and he didn’t even have the support of True Essence force, but his strength already reached seven hundred jin force! Thinking of this, Ling Zhan also couldn’t avoid secretly clicking his tongue, this was somewhat abnormal beyond the limits.

Looking at the cultivating Wang Chen and sensing the Yuan force continuously enter his body, looking at the milky white liquid medicine gradually turn fainter, Ling Zhan muttered to himself.

“It should be almost there.” As he thought of the current Wang Chen, he nodded his head, should almost be at that level.

Now, only a turning point was lacking. When the opportunity comes and Wang Chen could condense the True Essence force, they could begin the next stage of the cultivation.

Ling Zhan was thinking of this when he looked ahead, his eyes widened as he looked at Wang Chen who was inside the cask.

“Damn it, already breaking through the bottleneck?” Ling Zhan found it inconceivable. Yuan Force was suddenly accelerating towards Wang Chen and the medicinal liquid inside the cask seemed to be boiling as it bubbled up.

It really was ‘what you want is what you get’, he believed it would still take few days of time but it seemed the child gave him another pleasant surprise again.

At this moment, Wang Chen suddenly felt the speed he absorbed the True Essence force increase not only by twice the previous times, but great amounts of True Essence were already condensed in his meridians, in less than a moment. The True Essence slowly flowed through his meridians, giving him a warm sensation.

Outside, the medicinal strength of the liquid seemed to have gone insane, as it rushed forth into Wang Chen’s body and tempered every cells of his body. He could clearly feel his own strength had again rose up rapidly in a short period of time.

Every muscles and every inches of the skin of his body, all began to squirm at this moment.

In a twinkling of an eye, he felt the True Essence force inside him reach the level of saturation!

Boom ……

A loud sound echoed in his mind like the universe had exploded and Wang Chen felt pitch darkness.

After a while, he gradually calmed down. He suddenly felt the world was different, he seemed to be able to clearly sense the Yuan Qi.

Yuan Qi existed in every nooks and corners of this Continent, it was colorless and tasteless, but it existed, just like the air. Only after taking a step into the Body Refining fourth tier, condensing the True Essence, could a martial practitioner sense it. Even though Wang Chen could condense True Essence previously, he never had experienced this feeling.

Now, he felt like he had entered a brand new world.

Body Refining fourth tier! The concept flashed through his mind, he was unable to suppress the excitement in his heart for a while. That’s right, the loud sound he had felt just before was not imaginary. It was the sound of opening his spiritual cavity!

To enter the fourth tier, one would have to condense True Essence after reaching a certain level of strength and with the help of the True Essence, they would have to break through the True Essence spiritual cavity in their body, this would thoroughly complete their break through to the fourth tier. After this, True Essence would flow in the meridians through the spiritual cavity and could be used to fight.

This was the fundamental difference between the Body Refining fourth tier and the third tier; the True Essence force could increase the strength by a great margin and the martial practitioner would then genuinely take a step into the Martial Dao. Previously, the True Essence force inside Wang Chen would disappear after he stopped his cultivation, this was mainly because his spiritual cavity wasn’t open which caused the True Essence force to not be able to exist.

Stopping his cultivation, the True Essence force in his body no longer disappeared like before and was rather, existing in his meridians.

“Broke through, I entered Body Refining fourth tier!” Wang Chen felt like it was a dream as he muttered to himself.

Opening his eyes, he slightly trembled, he had finally achieved what he had only dreamed about the previous years. He was clearly feeling now what he had only felt in his dreams.

“Child, how do you feel?” Feeling Wang Chen’s excitement, Ling Zhan asked, smiling.

“Body Refining fourth tier, I broke through, I entered Body Refining fourth tier, hahaha! I can condense True Essence!” Jumping out of the cask, Wang Chen clenched his two fists and excitedly said to Ling Zhan.

He was too excited and it led to his face flushing very red, the veins on his temples slightly emerged.

Tears rolled down his eyes, the humiliations he had endured the past years, the energy he had spent, the pains he had suffered, they all seemed to have finally paid back now.

“It is a good feeling, isn’t it?” Seeing Wang Chen so excited, Ling Zhan said with a sigh. From his experience, he understood Wang Chen’s current mood, that mood of after being suppressed for too long.

Nodding his head, Wang Chen rushed ahead and suddenly lifted his leg, he turned his waist and sending in a little amount of True Essence force, he kicked the tree ahead of him.


A crisp sound echoed, that thigh thick tree broke in an instant and slowly fell down.

“En, your strength should have reached thousand jin threshold!” Ling Zhan said, he was slightly surprised.

One thousand jin was sufficient to match up to the Body Refining sixth tier’s standard, this child’s progress was truly not small.

Wang Chen also felt very surprised, he didn’t think with the help of True Essence force, his strength would have increased by a such a big margin in a flash. And this was still just the beginning, what about the future?

“Good, since you already entered Body Refining fourth tier, first stage of cultivation ends here. We will enter the second stage of cultivation!” After waiting for Wang Chen to calm down, Ling Zhan said to him.

Wang Chen saw the corners of his mouth changing to an absolutely horrifying smile, the smile was very sinister and this was the first time Wang Chen had seen such a smile since he began his cultivation. His intuition told him that he would suffer badly in the next stage of the cultivation.

However, he thought of his strength which was continuously progressing since he condensed the True Essence and he calmed down. Only by investing in his energy, he would get returns, and more effort meant more returns, this was his firm belief.

“Oh, it would be good if there was a Yin cold area, balance in Yin and Yang will give the best cultivation result!” Seemingly having thought of something, Ling Zhan said with a sigh.

Martial practitioners, steal Yin and Yang, seize good fortune! Balance in Yin and Yang could maintain the best cultivation condition! But how many people were there that could accomplish this simple thing.

The medical prescription he had used for Wang Chen was classified as extreme Yang medicine which has already made his body incline to fire attribute! Hence, some medicine strength were still in his body and would need time to be digested, this was also the reason why ordinary people couldn’t use external stimulus many times unless you had a way to balance these medicine strength. Otherwise, the effect from the medicine would not only become less, it could even result in after-effects.

But if one could accomplish the balance between fire and water, the Yin and Yang would balance which would thoroughly stimulate those medicine strength. At the same time, cultivation would also be more simple and there was no need to worry of after-effects.

“Yin cold area!” Wang Chen contemplated and muttered to himself.

His eyes suddenly brightened, a flicker of excitement passing through them: “I know of an area like that!”

“What? You know? Really!?” Ling Zhan was originally sighing when he suddenly heard Wang Chen’s words, his whole spirit shook as he rushed before Wang Chen and said like he had heard the most inconceivable thing.

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